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[PDF] No Good Deed Lancaster Daniels #2 By James Swain

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The second book in the Lancaster Daniels series by James Swain Jon Lancaster specializes in missing persons investigations He is a ex SEAL and ex cop who volunteers with Team Adam in addition to working private jobs Beth Daniels is a FBI agent who works missing persons investigationsIn No Good Deed Lancaster and Daniels work an investigation

find missing women Lancaster and have some personal issues with one another but they have to put their personal lives on the back burner and work together to find the women The investigation involves angs and human traffickingThe characters are stereotypical but I still found it an entertaining read Lancaster is especially annoying since he seems to know everything and be perfect in every way His only flaw is a medical condition that makes him appear out of shape Of course he s not out of shape he s the most fit and toughest uy aroundThis is the second book in the series but it can be read as a standalone I do recommend reading the first book The King Tides to better understand Lancaster and Daniels characters and relationship Personally I found this book to be slightly entertaining than the first one In both #The Actions And Events Taking #actions and events taking are a bit unbelievable but they still make for uick and entertaining reads Action packed and exciting I received a free advance digital copy from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review Former Navy SEAL and retired police detective Jon Lancaster is on his way to Key West when he hears of a kidnappingmurder of Skye and Elsie Tanner is on his way to Key West when he hears of a kidnappingmurder of Skye and Elsie Tanner arrives just as the local police are iving up and makes some major progress with a mall store receipt He sees the two bad Pregnant Man guys and recognizes one who is shot to death by his accomplice saving Jon s life The FBIets involved include Jon s friend Special Agent Beth Daniels who has ignored his contact attempts since their last case Jon and Beth are a ood pair and tie Skye s disappearance to many others As always the FBI doesn t play nicely with local law officers nor Jon who puts the lives of abductees above procedure I liked Jon s use of Beth s niece s forensics class to help him research the criminals The book moves at a nice pace 35 stars No Good Deed is the second book in the Lancaster and Daniels series however it works perfectly well on its own Just like the first this is an all action high stakes thriller that had me hook line and sinker right from the very beginning Once again ex Navy Seal and former police detective Jon Lancaster teams up with FBI Special Agent Beth Daniels when it is discovered that women are oing missing without a trace from the Tampa Florida area These kidnappings ha This was a fun fast paced and exciting thriller The second in the Lancaster Daniels series this one was even a notch higher than the first I love the irreverence of Jon Lancaster his shrewd and sometimes devious approach all for ood His drive to take down the. A human trafficking case hits dangerously close to home in a heart racing thriller by the Charts bestselling author of The King TidesA disturbing missing person case reunites ex Navy SEAL Jon Lancaster and FBI Agent Beth Daniels Skye is just one of a dozen young women who have disappeared from Florida without a trace Beth can do than .

No Good Deed Lancaster Daniels #2Ory but with time running out they have to set their differences aside to try and find the missing women and reunite them with their families And put these bad people away for ood No Good Deed is an action packed thriller taut writing excellently crafted fast paced with twists and turns that #will make you turn the pages overall a #make you turn the pages Overall a and entertaining read Thank you to James Swain NetGalley and Thomas Mercer for an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review No Good Deed the second in this series by James Swain is arguably engaging than the first The King Tides The protagonist Jon Lancaster continues to be an enjoyable character Imagine Jack Reacher but toned down and much willing to abide the laws and law enforcement personnel with whom he interacts Jon a former Navy SEAL is dedicated to rescuing kidnapped victims Once again this story places him in partnership with Beth Daniels a rather unlikable FBI agent with whom he has an on again off again relationshipFrankly the story is better when focused on Jon and his efforts to rescue the kidnapped victims His willingness to bend rules but not flagrantly break laws makes him a sympathetic character with whom the reader can connect Conversely Beth is capricious aggressive and The House Girl generally unlikable Her adamant need for control in all situations is annoying and begs the uestion why Jon would continue to be interested in a relationship with her They are both alpha type individuals and their relationship simply doesn t ring trueThe story progresses uickly provides some interesting plot developments and isenerally entertaining throughout At one point John enlists the help of a team of former SEALs but Swain misses an opportunity to explore who they are and the relationship they share with one another Another flaw that appeared in The King Tides as well as this novel is the surprisingly stilted dialogue Some exchanges seem wooden and interrupt the flow of the story Additionally there are far too many
where the author describes events are extraneous and unimportant such as explaining why someone Might Like A Certain Beer Or Having Jon Proceed To like a certain beer or having Jon proceed to hotel s business center to use the printer These small nits served to bring down the story a half star rendering it a 35 but leaving room for improvement I have read all of James Swain s books I really like the writing All the main characters are The Accursed good people with flaws This is the second book about Jon Lancaster who is a former Seal Detective and now works for Team Adam which is an organization that helps with kidnapped and exploited people This one has him in his home state of Florida he is trying to help find missingirl He is helped by a lot of people from different walks of life He works with is Beth Daniels an FBI agent that he helped in the first book and dated briefly I highly recommend this book and in fact I recommend any book by this author Thank you Net alley I enjoyed this story. R Logan to shed his demons is to come clean For Lancaster and Daniels that means being drawn secret by secret into a dangerous underground worldWith time running out three damaged pasts will collide; secrets will spill; and Lancaster Daniels and Logan will have to fight to save themselves first if they ever hope to find the irls alive.

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Bad Powerhouse: The Untold Story of Hollywood's Creative Artists Agency guys is deep seated for personal reasons He s not averse to using unorthodox ways toet even with the bad Swing Sideways guys even if it ticks Beth Daniels off no end James Swain has created a character we root for In this storyline Lancasterives up a vacation to invest his time in solving a human trafficking case With a blend of smarts technology and experience we race through the pages alongside Lancaster and Daniels with some curveballs thrown in between resulting in a satisfied denouement for at least one of them With a case that triggers deep personal memories the author catapults this series into a serious Hollywood andor Netflix contender I m hooked and definitely looking forward to the next book in the series so when is that The Secret of the Great Pyramid going to happen If you re looking for an absorbing fast moving and take down the baduys thriller this is a highly recommended read Many thanks to NetGalley the publisher and author for the opportunity to read and review this book I would like to thank Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for an advance copy to thank Netgalley and Thomas Mercer for an advance copy No Good Deed the second novel to feature former Navy SEAL and retired police detective Jon Lancaster and FBI Special Agent Beth DanielsWhen Skye Tanner is kidnapped and her Dancing with Mr. Darcy grandmother Elsie killed Jon Lancaster now a missing persons specialist turns up in Tampa to help the police investigation He is not alone as Beth Daniels is already there leading a team investigating Fast and furious seuel to The King of Tides Dynamic characters ingenious plot and relentless pace hopefully portend additions to this highly entertaining crime fiction series I won this book in aoodreads drawingA former cop who volunteers for The Adam Project Lesca goes to Florida to investigate a murderkidnapping A teen agedirl is abducted and her randmother killed He finds that an FBI team #led by his love interest is involved Pretty heavy but exciting Jon Lancaster #by his love interest is involved Pretty heavy but exciting Jon Lancaster an ex Navy SEAL and ex cop who volunteers with Team Adam a special arm of the National Center *for Missing and Exploited Children comprising former law enforcement and ex *Missing and Exploited Children comprising former law enforcement and ex personnel They assist in missing kid cases when law enforcement falter An elderly woman was murdered in her home and her randdaughter is missing Three days after her disappearance the police and most of the volunteers have Punished given up on ever finding the missingirl But not Jon Lancaster Culling from his past experience in law enforcement Jon knows that if a missing person wasn t found in three days chances of finding them alive were pretty slim So Jon decides to take it upon himself to look into the case and starts investigating Meanwhile the FBI is called to investigate the disappearance of several women who have one missing in the past They all have one thing in common they are either middle aged or elderly Secondly they have testified and helped put away some bad people behind bars FBI agent Beth Daniels is assigned to handle this case Jon and Beth have had a hist. Ust imagine their fear She was a victim herself a trauma that’s strengthened her fight for justiceThen Lancaster uncovers a scrap of evidence and the mystery begins to unravel But the lead comes with a personal sting the involvement of his estranged brother Logan an ex con recruited into the shepherding of human trade The only way fo.
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