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Wrote the book for a general audience so she s careful not #To Get Bogged Down #get bogged down technical jargon or theoretical psychology but for each chapter she includes footnotes to the studies and reference materials she uses and at the end of the book she includes a comprehensive Cooking Light Lazy Gourmet list of detailed resourcesRecommended for anyone man or woman that wants to better understand the attitudes expectations social s and internalexternal pressures that shape male perspectives on relationships and sex Consumed with sex Always initiating and begging for sex against the alwaysower desire female in heterosexual relationships Impervious to sexual rejection These myths in addition to others obliterate the best healthy sexual relationship between couples in relationships Inaccurate pictures of male sexuality Arise lock men into a gendered prison where authenticity and intimacy surrounding sexuality is blocked These inaccurate pictures have sadly not beenimited to popular mediaMurray developed her doctoral research based on seeing gaps in the academic Archies Americana, Vol. 1 literature on men s experiences and discussion of their sexuality Ering myths about men's sexuality and helping today's couples connect deeply and authentically than ever before One by one Murray examines the most detrimental deep held beliefs we as a society promote around men and their desire and dive into how they affect our intimate relationships daily and what to do about it Do men actually crave and enjoy sex than women Do men do the wanting and prefer the chase Where do they stand on sexual rejection What's the deal with porn Answering these uestions and this is a book for modern women and men alike Moving beyond typical here's what heike. .
Not Always in the Mood #by Sarah HUNTER MURRAY IS A FREE NETGALLEY Murray is a free NetGalley that I read in mid JanuaryRight #Sarah Hunter Murray is a free NetGalley ebook that I read in mid JanuaryRight the author corrects and slows their roll by saying that their book is not meant to be exclusionary on gender despite referring only to the cis heterosexual male In reviewing 10 different myths there s ver Based on Western pop culture and tradition most people believe that men are simple creatures or said another way robots when it comes to sex Murray addresses this belief as well as various other stereotypes myths and assumptions that men and women hold regarding male attitudes towards sex and relationships Murray starts by acknowledging that while there is a considerable body of research regarding how women approach relationships sex and intimacy there is ittle on the same topics with respect to men Instead when it comes to men most researchers have proceeded under a number of generally accepted assumptions Murray combines her empirical experience with the existing research and studies to conclude that most of these assumptions are not broadly applicable at best and outright wrong at worst Murray. If there is one thing we know about men and sex it is that men are always in the mood Any time any place RightWrong Men's sexual desire has ong been depicted as high simple and unwavering But the new research around men's desire tells us this is far from true; and that good sex and relationships are suffering from these ong held misconceptions In Not Always in the Mood The New Science on Men Sex and Relationships sex researcher and relationship therapist Sarah Hunter Murray presents a ively timely and critical exploration of the newest most surprising science on men and sex shatt.

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Not Always in the MoodOt only were men not being asked to discuss their sexual
desire most of 
most of research was being done on 18 25 year old men Murray found her niche in interviewing men from all decades of ife about #Their Ualitative Experience Of Sexual Desire These #ualitative experience of sexual desire These have yielded rich information and normalcy for the authentic nuanced view of male sexuality as compared to the our culture s mythology After the introductory chapter Murray devotes each subseuent chapter to reality checking each myth Each chapter cites scholarly research insights and profiles a real or composite couple Murray saw in therapy that dismantled the enduring myth The uickest summation would be that men are susceptible to stress and fears in expressing and acting on their sexual desire They also need to feel oved for who they are as people in order to truly have the best sex They need to feel desired and aren t happy to just be desiring of another This book opens up the possibility of freedom and integrated human sexuality for men and couples who open freedom and integrated human sexuality for men and couples who open book For reviewed relationship information please see my website wwwthecouplessyllabuscom. S sexual tips the book empowers readers and offers a completely new perspective on sexuality that will validate men's experiences and help their partners to a greater understanding of the psychology and emotions surrounding them Kathryn Hall PhD Author of Reclaiming Your Sexual Self How You Can Bring Desire Back into Your Life Co editor of Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy 5th Edition Co editor of The Cultural Context of Sexual Pleasure and Problems Psychotherapy with Diverse Clients President Society for Sex Therapy and Research Private Practice Princeton NJ The Good Men Proje. .

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