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[Brien Michaels] Not Like the Movies Sexy College Studs #2 [burundi Book] PDF – TXT and Kindle

Erawkward virgin Jay and his seemingly straight jock roommate ChrisThe story had a solid start showcasing Jay and his antisocial tendencies and ways he dreamed up a perfect romance based on movies And thankfully were get alternating POV between Jay and his roommate after 22% in Story s just piling on the cuteness Uh oh there s a stalker calling the boys But he s not extremely creeptastic story s still good All good Up until about 40 45% of the story I was in light cute fluff happy joy joy and then both guys started dating Then my of the story I was In Light Cute Fluff Happy Joy Joy And Then Both light cute fluff happy joy joy and then both started dating Then my bubbles started to pop slowly There s some weird and random stalker that s been calling has learned personal details not as fun And roommatessighChris For some one who blatantly stated he didn t define his sexuality he didn t mind who he fell forhe sure did worry about putting a label on his sexuality And he did worry what others thought so how is that not caring He came across as a selfish lover He didn t want to reciprocate in giving head or analI mean what did he really offer some lame strip tease I think Jay could have done better In fact at times I wondered it his feelings for Chris wasn t some form of hero worshipI wanted depth added to Chris and Jay s relationship I wanted the ending with some form of definitive answers Who s the stalker How is Chris okay with being such a selfish lover Why is Jay settling And the ending was HFN pouts And besides my issues there were some good parts Sometimes the dialogue between Jay and Chris worked and there were bits of cute speckled across And weighing the issues with the parts that worked I m leaning towards favorable pasturesbarely The first half of this novella is brilliant The tension builds smoothly it comes on like a satisfying friends to lover #story and it s sexy as all hellIt sets up different directions the story could go in but #and it s sexy as all hellIt sets up different directions the story could go in but doesn t follow any of those routes and just peters off Although the characters get together there are just too many loose ends and it finishes so abruptly that as a reader I wasn t satisfiedI honestly wish this story could be withdrawn and the ending rewritten There is so much potential awesomeness which could be played on to make this a five star erotic romance Part of a series but readable as standalone though the mystery element must have started in book 1 and is not resolved here eitherJay uses a phone sex hotline in place of a social life not realising the guy he talks to is his straight ish room mate Cue a lot of tension and banter between the two until they actually meet as their alter ego s I enjoyed the story it flowed well though as others have said it did finish a bit abruptly maybe saving something for book 3 I think someone forgot to actually finish the story. ExWhen Jay and Chris find out each other’s true identities it’s weird for both of them but Chris is up for the challenge He wants a month to prove to Jay that true love isn’t what you see in the movies But he falls for Jay harder than he expected If he wins he gets the relationship he’s always craved but if he loses he could lose Jay forever. Is there Did I get a dodgy copy I m assuming this is a series so I get leaving the mysterious caller plot thread hanging but is that it for our MCs Straight Chris just slides right into a gay relationship like it s nothing despite the hints of angst we saw This book just stopped which is a particular pet peeve of mine I like my loose ends tied into a pretty bow by the end of the storyOther than the abrupt ending this was a decent read but lacked emotional depth and connection Both between the MCs and between characters and reader All the components of a great story were there but the author seemed to misread the instructions when putting it together None of that will stop me reading the next one as I really was intrigued by the creepy caller and I NEED CLOSURE I m sorry but what There s no resolution to the stalker thing except Oh yeah other guys are getting the calls too We re going to change your phone number Jay determines he s in love with Chris but we now nothing of how Chris feels other than 1 he thinks up good dates 2 Doesn T Want To t want to down on Jay cause penises are scary and 3 doesn t want to deal with foreplay And let s talk characters Jay s previous bfs were so deep in the closet they were finding Christmas presents and didn t want to be seen with him in public yet his ex got all of their friends in their break up except one that conveniently pops up when Jay needs a place to crash and the ex gets him drunk and hits on him in a public place Also Jay doesn t drink and was #Apparently Saving Himself His Previous Bfs Have Broken Up With #saving himself his previous bfs have broken up with because he won t have sex with them and he has never gotten off in the presence of another person because he wanted it to be special but he gets smashed with previously mentioned ex and also wants a one and done Perfect Girl Evolution Vol. 6 kind of thing with Chris Honestly the only reason this is getting two stars from me is that the writing isn t bad at all I mean sure there were enough plot holes and inconsistencies to use the book as a strainer but general writing style made meeep reading I didn t even think why am I wasting time reading this book until the very end That s a good thing right I love the book really i do but its hard when you re getting into it and then you are like WTF the end OMG seriously this book just ended view spoilerNo resolution to the creepy stalker dude no shared I love you s between the MC s hide spoiler 35 starsLet me state for the record that I hate blurbs so often they give too Much Away Ok So Now away Ok so now you read the blurb you now the premise of the story However the blurb does fail to mention the mysterious caller element who seems to be stalking both Chris and Jay I feel it is rather an important plot point because for me it ept the Jay has spent the last decade in front of a computer He watches movies taking everything he nows from them But lately he’s started to want Including a one night stand with his super hot roommate Chris Starting off slow he’s called the Sexy College Studs hotline and the sexy sounding DukeChris has had everything handed to him his entire life but. ,

Not Like the Movies Sexy College Studs #2

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Ovella from being the same old gay for you out for you run of the mill Plot Line That Grows So line that grows so after you have read one or two In fact the caller gave an edge to the story that happily carried me along for uite a whileI also really like the character of Chris He was funny with a bit of snark and really believable I found it easy to imagine a college student doing a sex talk hotline job after all we do desperate things for money and he certainly had found a niche where he could disengage himself from the call process and mindlessly rant on the standard sex dribble reuired to do the job until Kyle or as we find out Jay Here the phone sex became heat was added and unchecked desire made the calls sexy and fun Add to that mix the angst ridden Jay and you have a delightful foil from which these characters are able to play off of each other Yes this book was a tight little story complete with heated moments funny smart dialogue and a promising relationship build that truly had me turning the page with anticipation to see where author Brien Michael was going to lead his two delightful main charactersAnd then the book stoppedStoppedcoldas inno pagesno solving the mysteryno clear definition of where Chris and Jay were headed relationship wisejust stoppedthe endturn off the indle the fat lady has sungWhat I sat and stared at the last page and shook my the fat lady has sungWhat I sat and stared at the last page and shook my I wanted to turn and see the author next to me so I could give him a good shake and ask him to get back on the computer and write the ending NOWI understand this is a series I understand as well that these characters may pop up again in a later novella However neither of those possibilities can excuse what to me was an unfinished story That is simply frustrating And to be honest I like this writer s prose His pacing wording and ability to immerse you in the setting of campus life was solid The story simply was not complete and because of that it feel in the ratings like a stoneSo I give you Not Like the Movies and ask you to make your own decision Perhaps a dangling ending is something you enjoy I will say that I feel the author has some real talent in the mm romance writing genre and I hope he continues to give us novellas with just a bit polish I liked it as far as it went The characters were likeable and the writing was good Ii think there needed to be story after the two main characters got together It was better than the first book in the series A Hearts On Fire Review THREE STARS Not Like the Movies is book 2 in the Sexy College Studs series I m a newbie to the series and author but based on the blurb I was expecting a light rom com type of romance with cute new adult fun There s a comedy of errors mix up between two roommates a gay lon. College life is tough In an effort to earn cash he’s been working for Sexy College Studs On the phone he goes by the name Duke and is in high demand with repeat customers than any other guy in the company But his clients bore him Except the mysterious Kyle the guy with the strange fascination with movies who wants him for companionship not just ,