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Folk Hats iReally seuels Seuels where the relationship to the originals obliue slippery p152 Which First Steps Painting Watercolors is accurate The uote aboves Popular Woodworking Pocket Shop Reference in reference to What a Whopper a real 1962 Sid James film that loosely connected to the real 1961 Sid James film What a Carve Up I ll try to keep the exclamation marks to a minimum here on out but I also really liked Number 11 Theresn t much of a plot It s basically an overview of 21st century Britain Rachel a young Oxford graduate who can t find work becomes the private tutor to the children of an obscenely wealthy "banker Her friend Alison becomes the victim of one of the "Her friend Alison becomes the victim of one of the surviving Winshaw family members Josephine Winshaw Eaves whose online right wing column lands her Dyeing to Spin Knit: Techniques Tips to Make Custom Hand-Dyed Yarns in jail Alison s mum Val a one hit wonder tries to rejuvenate her singing career with a stint on a reality show akin to I m a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here Rachel s former teacher Lauras studying the Loch Ness Monster for an academic thesis an My Old Lady intellectual copper called PC Nathan Pilbeams Broken Prince and Mismatched Eyes investigating a series of murdersnvolving comedians and something terrible has been awakened deep underneath London The title pops up throughout There s a Number 11 bus a Number 11 table the massive basement being dug by Rachel s rich employers Follow Your Dreams is 11 storeys deep and the official residence of the Chancellor of the Excheuers Number 11 Downing Street and the story Fractured Truth (Bone Gap Travellers is heavily focused on finance and the economy You couldf you suint even see Maigret and the Wine Merchant it as the Roman numeral for 2 asn the second book Knit Together in the Winshaw series Number 11 could be a reference for any or all of the above Coe s previous novel slightlynforms the structure of this novel It too Treacherous (Stepbrother is a satire aimed at conservative politics the targets are either Winshaws or connected to the familyn some way there s another chap obsessed with a movie this time He, An Irreverent Look At The American Male it s Laura s husband Tim searching for a short pre war German film called The Crystal Garden and there are references to another Sid James movie Some of the digressions feel a bit tenuousn terms of the supposed satire like what does obsessing over The Crystal Garden have to do with the state of Britain today Maybe something to do with nostalgia SELL IT LIKE SERHANT informing contemporary politicsthe national mood Andt didn t need the Whopper movie references either as they didn t really add much or were that nteresting I suppose you could also say some of the targets reality TV Twitter hate mobs are obvious and that Coe doesn t have anything original to say about them but I m really just reaching to figure out for myself why I didn t totally

this book as opposed to enjoying t a lot Because most of the book s really really excellent It s witty and unpredictable and compelling t effectively mixes together disparate elements like realistic drama with comedic farce meaningless tragedy astute political commentary and unexpected horror like briefly Favorite Fairy Tales Told in Czechoslovakia (Favorite Fairy Tales, Book 10) in The Black Tower opening chapter and latern the final act I really enjoyed the The Missing Link irreverent tone at times I felt like I was reading part of a lost Terry Pratchett s City Watch story with the antics of the clownish DCI Capes who fruitlessly tries to get others to call him The Caped Crusader and the vastly sober PC Pilbeam and his chaste love for ultra religious school teacher Lucinda Givings It s all wrapped upn Coe s smooth confident prose making sure that Working Girls it s never a chore to read I liked the glimpsesnto the lives of the super wealthy The character portraits of Sir Gilbert s demented wife Madiana and the perpetually furious newspaper magnate Sir Peter were fun even Hands of Flame (Negotiator Trilogy/Old Races Universe if the accuracy of London properties being bought asnvestments and then left empty s both a depressing reality and an absurd state of affairs Coe cleverly contrasts the ghostly ualities of both the super wealthy and the poor n their absences to the sight of the general public I can t really blame Coe for opting for a fantastical ending which Sinister Sprinkles (Donut Shop Mystery, is at odds with everything precedingt because I don t think Earthly Delights (Corinna Chapman, it s fair to expect him to come up with solutions for the current state of things and at least he madet an entertaining finale taking things nto an unexpected but not unwelcome as I m a fan of the genre horror direction Maybe because Number 11 was shorter than the Previous Winshaw Book And Winshaw book and maybe because this book s contemporary and relevant maybe Coe s just become a better writer and storyteller The Valhalla Prophecy (Nina Wilde Eddie Chase, in the 20 years since the last Winshaw book and this whatever the reasons I had a blast with Number 11 Thought might not be the most successful satire this Suffer the Children (A Gardiner and Renner Novel Book 4) is a very entertaining well written andmaginative novel brilliantly capturing a snapshot of early 21st century Britai. City where bankers need cinemas Mindhunter in their basements and others need food banks down the streetIts Jonathan Coe doing what he does best ­ showing us how we live .
Number 11

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What s happened to Jonathan Coe Did his publisher nsist he write another book and Coe shrugged his shoulders and said Oh Sweet Stallion if I must Or has he simply run out ofnventive steam This book reprises many of the themes that made his previous novels so entertaining and The County And The Kingdom incisive biting satires on all the evils of modern life greed capitalism political ambition and here admittedly he comes up to date and adds a few reality TV bullying on social media and so on So the satires still there but t s grown so tired Or perhaps Coe has grown so tired "Cartoonish characters lazy writing obvious targets attacked without a shred of subtlety and "characters lazy writing obvious targets attacked without a shred of subtlety and ending that descends nto absurdity Tedious and disappointing This book Crushed Ice is a fierce criticism of modern society withts absurdity It s tragic and comic at the same timeIn the short stories that come up with the books Coe faces different themes and heats different literary genres It s however a uick reading This s a funny and mildly disturbing state of England and coming of age novel I d only read one previous book by Coe Expo 58 an unrepresentative 1950s set comedy so this s a better example of his usual pattern multiple loosely linked storylines Here the theme Risking It All is the absurdity of modern culture encompassing many aspects unjust wars the excesses of the uber rich the obsession with celebrity and suspicion and exclusion of those who Jonathan Coes always entertaining so Dog Food 2 its no surprise that this book Santa In Montana (Calder Saga is a page turner Its also an ncisive satire that says much about The Strangeness And Ineuality strangeness and neuality the heart of modern Britain This Emmas Orphans is a seuel to his earlier book What a Carve Up which was part satire of Thatcherite values and part homage to 50s and 60s British film comedies In the earlier book the Winshaw family caricatured many of the venal aspects of the society of the dayn the same way as the D Ascoynes Saints on Stage in Kind Hearts and Coronets and met the same fate This book has a complicated structure almost a loosely linked set of five novellas exploring a similar set of characters who are effectively heirs of the original Winshaws and meting out the same form of justice to them The situations Coe places themn allow him to explore aspects of modern society that did not exist at the time of the previous book such as social media reality TV the abuse of migrant workers the way police procedure Fading Echoes (Warriors: Omen of the Stars, isnfluenced by the media and the lives and building aspirations of London s super rich elite He also childhood happy hours introduces a further set of film references notably uatermass and the Pit and What a Whopper which was an apparently risible seuel to the What a Carve Up filmnvolving the Loch Ness Monster This makes for a very enjoyable read but t has ts flaws Some of the comedy Publish and Perish is just too blunt and simplistic the ending seems very sillyn a way that was only just about forgiveable because of the uatermass reference and the characters are often superficial and symbolic for example the one legged black lesbian on benefits who Given Time is constructed as a perfect tabloid target but as Coe himselfn a postscript that explains many of the The Book of Lamentations inspirations advertised as an exclusive for the Waterstones paperback edition this book was partlyntended as a tribute to the late David Nobbs and Guide Through the Old Testament in that he has undoubtedly succeeded A follow up to What a Carve Up both In style a social satire on the times mixed with levels of farce and ending with a horror B movie style mass murder of the guilty In characters with the key villains all being linkedn some ways to the legacy of the third generation Winshaw s the daughter of Hilary a online columnist The Best-Case Scenario Handbook in Hilary s tradition Mark s wife who has turned his arms firmnto a profit making aggressively entrepreneurial arms clearance business the head of an arts prize set up The Last Days of the Romanovs in Roderick s honour and which awards a prize each year to the best other prize a Lord whos following On In Henry S in Henry s to dismantle the NHS and further to put a monetary value on all aspects not just of health but now of arts and life the director of a food firm which The Fate of the Romanovs is the largest part of Dorothy s food conglomerate annvestment banker colleague of Thomas who took the bank Miss Julia Takes Over (Miss Julia, into derivative speculation And even the wayn which many of the other characters find their lives and the lives of those they care for negatively LOSER impacted by the greed and amorality of the villains In this case the two main protagonists are two childhood friends Rachel and Alison Rachels Home-Ec 101 initially successful studying at Oxford but ends up as a private tutor to the children of a super richnvestment banker and his foreign wife and living Exterminating Angel in their Knighsbridge mansion being excavated for an. Thiss a novel about the hundreds of tiny connections between the public and private worlds and how they affect us allIt's about the legacy of war and the end of Eleven floor basement which ends up becoming the killer spiders lair Alison Culture and Customs of Norway it becomes clears a right wing cliche a black one legged lesbian living on benefits and exposed as a benefits scrounger by Hilary s daughter Issues satirised The Billionaires Secretive Enchantress (The Berutelli Escape, in the booknclude Food banksThe super rich and their basementsReality TV Alison s mother a faded ex pop star Shake, Rattle and Roll is lured on to one at short noticeLeft wing stand up comics and their role as a safety valve preventing actual action against the blatant unfairness of what they rail against leadingn a sub plot to an online activist who becomes a serial murderer of themThe financial measures used by the NHS to judge of treatments can be fundedChinese A Private Midnight immigrant workersThencreasing focus of the police on high profile cases featuring media stars and on their own media coverageAusterityThe bile of online commentators The book can be uneven at times and features lengthy digressions which do not entirely fit an attempt to shoe horn The Weavers Idea Book in the death of Dr David Kelly and an odd story about a man obsessed with finding a short film he sawn the 1960s and associates with the stability of his childhood and which after his death causes his wife to be unsentimental with their son so that he does not suffer from the same lethargic nostalgia when he The Mission of Mooney Rooney is older Overall though a very enjoyable read What the what the what now I loved the Jonathan Coe of What a Carve Up and The Rotters Club but thiss as far from that The Road to There intelligent warm humour as you may find yourself on a misty winter s nightn Chelsea I can t begin to describe what this book Templars in America is Butt Used (Getting Inside of V, is a mess Maybe Coe was under pressure to produce a book by Penguin and found six notebooksn his drawers and gaffa taped them together and handed Inside a Barn in the Country itn to his editor That The Simple Guide to Freshwater Aquariums is about as plausible as the tale he tries to telln this book and the ridiculous ending with a complete change of tone halfway through Mismatched stories characters with a half hearted attempt at modern satire of Austerity Britain n which we find ourselves Please Mr Coe find yourself again I miss your "writing Farce treats the mprobable as probable the mpossible as possible George Pierce "Farce treats the mprobable as probable the mpossible as possible George Pierce s t seems that nothing s Det ordnar sig impossible Boris Johnson as Foreign Secretary I went online to check the date of that appallingncident of THE CHINESE COCKLE PICKERS WHO DIED Chinese cockle pickers who died Morecambe Bay The Admiral it does play a rolen Number 11 and found that someone wants to make The Homunculus itnto a musicalAnd while a lot of the British press have gone Basic BASIC (Hayden computer programming series) into meltdown over the fact that a woman shaped humans now leading the country this particular piece of news disappeared Source NHS ended 2015 with the largest deficit Socialist Construction and Marxist Theory ints history three times last year s We seem to be living The Succubus in a post farce ageSo I have to admire Jonathan Coe for still having a go And at the same time posing some very pertinent uestions about how laughter at public figures might just remove some of the fully justified rage that we ought to feel at their callous disregard for the people whosenterests they are supposed to represent And writing a damned enjoyable book at the same time This was truly fantastic I d forgotten uite how much I love Jonathan Coe s writing I felt so despondent when I finished this book that I literally lay on my bed The Bitchy Waiter: Tales, Tips Trials from a Life in Food Service in the darkn a state of what I can only describe as existential despair thinking well what do I do now That was how much I enjoyed Dictionary of Misinformation it so much that I felt distraught when I knewt was overCompletely addictive and what a fantastic return to form after the lacklustre Expo 58 I read this at breakneck speed barely able to tear myself away from Rosettas Dress Mess (Tales of Pixie Hollow, it It tellsnterconnected stories that revolve around two women Rachel and Alison childhood friends whose lives go Shadowtech (Shadowrun, 7110) by Karl Wu (1993-01-09) in very different directions after what might be a life changing encounter with the Mad Bird Woman when they re both ten years old It s also a very loose seuel to Coe s What a Carve Up and makes numerous callbacks to that novel but you don t need to have read What a Carve Up to enjoyt Politicalsocial commentary mingles with satire mystery and a touch of horror My favourite section was The Crystal Garden which tells of a man s obsessive search for a magical film he watched as a boy I was about fifty pages How to Build and Detail Model Railroad Scenes, Vol. 2 into this book before I realisedt was an unexpected seuel to What a Carve Up Jonathan Coe s acclaimed 1994 novel satirising the Thatcher years Archetype (Archetype, in Britain which was surprising as I always assumed that book was a standalone Having read What a Carve Up I can tell you that you needn t have readt before picking up Number 11 and even Coe himself seems to be subtly describing this book as Seuels which are not. NnocenceIt's about how comedy and politics are battling t out and comedy might have wonIt's about how 140 characters can make fools of us allIt's about living n ,