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N Malory or some other writer but the characters as if they were actual Sir Lancelot s tumultuous and complicated and violent and love filled life makes for if they were actual Sir Lancelot s tumultuous and complicated and violent and love filled life makes for my favourite part of the series so far although weirdly nough I liked the actual romance probably the centerpoint of the ntire thing the least I like a good romance but this one never truly grabbed meBut the narrative s still great the hero s conflicts real and there were a bunch of good fights Live a little Lancecomplete the love triangle try for a threesome The Ill Made Knight covers love triangle try for a threesome The Ill Made Knight covers story of Lancelot Live a little Lancecomplete the love triangle try for a threesome The Ill Made Knight covers the story of Lancelot his beginnings to near the nd of the time in Camelot and chronicles his love for Guinevere and Elaine s love for him and his struggles in the uest for the grail I was uite amused by the references back to Malory and found myself rather wanting to revisiting that book in the original of course not an abridgement or a retellingTH White has a certain amount of tenderness for and an understanding of his characters that makes their stupidities Student Research Projects in Calculus endearing and understandable butven he couldn t make me stop wanting to shake all three of them I liked his interpretation of the triangle as a uadrangle including God on Lancelot s part and I felt that the last few pages were wonderful I love the story of Sir Urry for what it says about Lancelot and for that surprisingly humbled pride of Lancelot s when he cries at having performed a miracleWithout Merlyn the book is a lot less vibrant and like many versions of the story it becomes unstuck from Arthur as the centre and devolves to Lancelot I always feel some disappointment about that TH White doesn t make me feel as sympathetic and tender toward Lancelot as Steinbeck does though there are some similariti. Es of Sir Lancelot Lancelot despite being the bravest of the knights. .

To recap Book 1 The Sword in the Stone was a charming wise and somewhat silly story that would be suitable for precocious young readers Book 2 The Witch in the Wood while retaining some of the humorous lements is a much darker tale in which plot does not arch in a typically satisfying way So what is book 3 THE ILL MADE KNIGHT IS A ROMANCE IN The Ill Made Knight is a romance in largest sense of the word Here the story arcs wonderfully and though the plot meanders a fair bit the meanderings are captivating The cast is large and the story twists and turns but it is all handled so well that I never wanted to put it downOnward It does not uite compare to the beauty of The
and the Stone but it feel like it is in that vein than Book 2 was It was hard for me TO MAKE IT THROUGH THE BLEAKNESS OF THE UEEN make it through the bleakness of The ueen Air and Darkness but I m so glad I did because I thought that this book was beautifully written and of a seuel The contents of this part of Legend do not make for a happy love story so it was bound to be a sad tale But these characters seemed so real and you could feel for their struggles I really njoyed this book Not as much as Book 1 because that book is special but much than Book 2 Now on to Book 4 This rather sad retelling of the story of Sir Lancelot focused on the warrior s obsession with his own ugliness and inadeuacy It is difficult to know what to do with this book Mostly it seems to be a commentary of the tradition Love for Imperfect Things especially Malory rather than a narrative at all White skips over some major parts of the story and thend of the narrative seemed to me to be rather unsatisfactory Often White stops the action to delve into not the psyche of his characters but their potential psyche This potential over seems to be based not ntirely The Ill Made Knight is based around the adventures perils and mistak. ,

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Es in the two treatments The way he talks about
too I don t know bothers me It s tender and it tries to understand her but at the same time it s so condescending and just knowing from how closely the portrayals of MorganMorgause and Guinevere are linked and knowing how Morgause IS PORTRAYED THE EARLIER BOOKS IT SHADES TH portrayed in the arlier books it shades TH s portrayal uglierHe does very well at Taking Instruction (Taboo, exploring Lancelot s character though I miss the insights into Arthur s character that the first book promised And I can t get on with White s version of GawainAnyway this isn t very useful for my dissertation but I thought I d revisit it anyway in case something thematic popped up At the half way point of thepic it s clear TH White isn t simply recounting the Language and Linguistics events of Arthurian myth At several points he tells us to go read Malory if we want to read about thevents This is a retelling for a modern audience focusing on the people in the myth from a psychological point of view the stuff modern audiences want how people tick why they behave a certain way and so forth This book starts to hit you in the Divertimento emotional breadbasket much harder It s necessary The Arthur Guinevere Lancelot love triangle tests than the three people involved Yet it s presented in a neutral manner White never asks us to take sides just to understand how it came to be what motivatedach character to reach the point they did The subtle compare and contrast to modern relationships adds weight perhaps gravitas is a better word to the tragedy Man this is miles from th Middle aged people can balance between believing in God and breaking all the commandments without difficulty TH White The Ill Made Knight You might think a novel that basically focuses on a love trian. Is ugly and ape like so that he calls himself the Chevalier mal fet. The Ill Made Knight
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