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One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of .com {Télécharger Lire} Auteur Richard L. Brandt – Livre, DOC or Kindle ePUB Libérer

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Claim The Crown eOmination there must have been much in fightingtc and dark and unattractive aspects of Bezos s character that was outside of the picture painted in this book The book lacked a bit of colour and gutsiness that would have added to the overall impact not least of which would have brought a touch of reality to this somewhat sanitised workBut still a good and worthwhile read Richard Brandt s One Click Jeff Bezos and the Rise of great name is about the company than the man It tracks the rise of from its genesis in a garage albeit converted to the modern Kindle Nerds era Itnds however not surprisingly given its publication date of October 2011 before the introduction of the fourth generation of Kindles the Touch and the Kindle Fire Readers interested in an insightful profile of the man behind the mpire will be disappointed but i wasn t as far as i m wasn t As far as I m Bezos is a modern Prometheus who s stepped away from Olympus for a bit to improve the lot of man If he s doing something bad in his spare time I don t want to know about itIt s interesting to re watch grow up in Brandt s pages alongside the use of the internet itself I placed my first order on for Alison Weir s The War of the Roses I STILL HAVEN T READ IT on October 25 1997 I had always thought of myself as an arly customer but my bubble has now burst was already pretty far along its path with its initial public offering of stock already in May of 1997 when my book shipped And "It S Nice To "s nice to reminded of the things that have changed along the way s old logo A9 search zShops There is a weird gap in the book when the author skips from 2002 to 2007 I also would have liked to see some pictures maybe screen shots of s front page over the years a picture of the original logo so I didn t have to look it "up online Perhaps also a timeline to tie it all together There are a lot of details stock "online Perhaps also a timeline to tie it all together There are a lot of details stock and Bark expansions into new product lines that some may find boring however readable the author s prose Certainly if the book were about any other company on the planet including Apple I would not have had patience for the minutiae But since it s Debra Hamel I still purchased the hard copy however Invisioned Jeff Bezos cursing me out for not buying it through the KindleI found the book to be readable and insightful about Jeff Bezos and What I found most intriguing about the book was the clear vision and fearlessness in which Jeff Bezos ran the company He clearly is a risk taker who really knew what he was doing well ahead of other companies He was also modest On Such a Full Sea enough to say we do not knowverything and have to work harder than Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! everyonelse to achieve our goals This did not work out well for Borders B N and some independentsOne of my favorite uotes at the beginning of chapter 8 is as follows We know two perce. With Jeff Bezos the founder and CEO whose uniue combination of character traits and business strategy has driven to the top of the online retail world Richard Brandt charts Bezoss rise from computer nerd to world changing ntrepreneurThroug.

summary One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of .com

Nt today think com may "know as much as any other company about commerce but I bet we know two "as much as any other company about Mastered (The Enforcers, e commerce but I bet we know two of what we will know two years from know This is the Kitty Hawkra of Man, Son of Man e commerce and most of the interesting stuff has not been invented yet That is Jeff Bezos from 1998Another uote which I picture from Google is We used to joke that the ideal site would not show a search box navigation links or lists of things to buy Instead it would just display a giant picture of one book the next book you want to buy This uote was from Greg Linden a former ProgrammerThe book naturally has some good insight on the development and growth of the company but like books on Google and Apple it tends to fly at a very high level not a lot of new insight if you are modestly familiar with the companyA One will not learn how to run a website from reading this book but some good tips I paused to think about some of the keylements Alter Ego employed think One Click continuous improvement and the Kindle if Iver ran or had controls in a companyDefinitely recommended reading for some big box stores or older book stores that need to carve out a real niche to survive The reminder and moral of the story is to think about how best to serve your companies needs and challenge the status uo We are definitely past two percent of our knowledge of commerce but a lot xcitement to come As other reviewers have indicated this book is very shallow with no new insights For Uncommon Wisdom even the casual reader of The Wall Street Journal any national business magazine or any form of media that reports on Bezos or the stories andxamples covered in this book would be familiar This is not an informed insider s account and I did not get the impression that the author had any interaction with the people in the book including Bezos himself This is simply a book that has been put together from various common knowledge storiesThe writing throughout was overly simplistic and at times downright bad ie from page 149Borders Group Inc the second largest bookstore chain is suffering like a CEO with swine flu I don t ven understand the premise of this statement Companies apparently live and die by the actual health of their top xecutive It is a ridiculous analogy a sophomoric simile that Art ends up being an insult to the challenges that any of the big box book stores were going through as the industry they had once mastered changed before they couldven understand what was happening At the God Is in the Crowd end of the day I guarantee the CEO of Borders only wished he had contracted the swine fluI am sure that is far less painful than filing for bankruptcy and laying off thousands of hard workingmployees across the countryThis book s usefullness is limited to being source material for a high school business class Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard essay and not muc. H interviews withmployees competitors and observers Brandt has deciphered how Bezos makes decisions The story of s ongoing The Matriarchs (The Family evolution is a case study in how to reinvent anntire industry and one that businesses today ignore at their peril. Interesting to see how he s created the giant we all know of A combination of genius timing luck and derring do I d like to see the all know of A combination of genius timing luck and derring do I d like to see the chapters covering the next three or four years though For Notes for the Everlost every opportunity he has creatednabling serial vultures to sell the ideas and When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) endeavours of realntrepreneurs I suspect another business has folded and with it the "ideas and innovation they would have brought to the market Clever but to some a destructive boy Painfully dull The "and innovation they would have brought to the market Clever but to some a destructive boy Painfully dull The lacks depth or intrigue The whole thing reads like a children s fairy tale than a hard hitting account of the life and times of the world s second richest man If you re looking for a one dimensional sicofantic summary of Bezos s life then look no further Should be titled the No Biggy! early years only as the period this book coversnds than TEN years ago The narrative is very dry and the book seems to be a compilation of materials already in the public domain This is a book of only around 200 pages I read it in a weekend It s Crush It! easy to pick up and read despite some little oddities of speech in the text the author refers to something falling like spit from a bridgeI m a big fan the site isasy to navigate prices are good and Attracting Birds to Your Backyard everything arrives in good time and as described If I was rating the company I d have to give it 5 stars 3 stars only for this book I d recommend it for anyone that wants a taste of the story It reads and feels like anxtended magazine article than an in depth analysis of the rise of I d still like to read a deeper analysis of the development of and of Jeff Bezos who has steered it to its present pre Deep Listening eminent position s success has possibly lead to the closure of bookstores as it has attracted so much on line business On the plus side it has also provided cheaper books I live in England and until recently book prices wereffectively fixed also Makes It Easy To it Bird-by-Bird Gardening easy to out of print books again at reasonable prices There s plenty to write about A competent informative albeit a bit one dimensional account of Jeff Bezos s building from nothing to the world leader in not only book sales but virtually all types of consumer products and in the process creating a mega computer facility of boundless complexity that is used at a cost of course by many other unrelated concernsThe book runs through both the chronological progression of andxplanations of the various Bezos mind sets that moulded the different aspects and directions of the roller coaster particularly his take and The Works of Saint Augustine explanation that for the first few years huge losses were for the long term benefit of both the company and what must have been very nervous investors However he was right and both the company and it s investors have prosperedHowever during this fast moving race to world commercial S business model is deceptively simple Make online shopping soasy and convenient that customers wont think twice It almost can be summed up by the button on very page Buy now with one clickWhy has been so successful Much of it has to do. ,

 One Click: Jeff Bezos and the Rise of .com

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