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W that a relationship with a significant other can make things better Received this book through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review 25 StarsI love a good road trip book but sadly this one just didn t wow me Excellent YA story and I read my signed copy from NCTE Thanks Brendan Kiel s Kiely *s had me since his first novel I look forward to being with him for many Here he does *had me since his first novel I look forward to being with him for many Here he does uniue with the road trip novel such a huge fixture of YA books he doesn t just pay attention to the uirky pit stops and what being in different places brings out of the different characters He makes the history of the land sneak up on them makes their movement across land lend itself to realizations of privilege The privilege to traipse across this country and what that means Whose land it actually is and was and how that lingering violence is manifested in the micro ways nowadaysThe larger focus deals profoundly with a subject we "don t see enough coping with the illness of a loved one How do ou " t see enough coping with the illness of a loved one How do ou care for them For not just the body s medical needs but for the needs of the mind and soul still trying to survive while the body degrades And what if ou have to make some hard choices to feed their soul over their bodyKiely packs in much great character interplay and thematic meditation with his characteristically gentle humor and fun to balance the bleaker aspects It s a really wonderful book Wow this book is good It is about a 17 Death Goes Shopping year old boy named Hendrix who breaks his grandfather who is suffering from Alzheimer s out of the nursing home to go on a road trip from LA to Ithaca NY to the place where the grandfather married the love of his life Along for the ride is snappy and troubled Corrina who Hendrix falls in love with duhThe book has beautiful moments full of real emotions Kiely doesn t write in a pandering or condescending way instead he captures true emotions falling in love hatingourself having Alzheimer s etc Scattered throughout the book are countless music references that are the backbone of the road trip and the trip of self discovery for all three of the characters exactly like a road trip playlist There are a few moments where I wished the author would have spent time attention with and one or two moments where I felt he spent too much time Although the ending was not what I expected at all and came far too soon it was a beautiful ending I wish I owned a copy of the book so I could underline all of my favorite lines and moments I would highly recommend to any big music fans especially rock and roll and to anyone who feels like falling in love at 17 again. Arzy a także policję Hendrix i Corrina mogą się przekonać na własną rękę czy Dziadek ma rację – to jest czy jedynymi historiami zdolnymi przetrwać są historie miłos. But to me the true love story is the one that exists between Teddy and his ailing grandfather Gpa and Gpa and his late wifeAnyone who has known and loved someone diagnosed with Alzheimer s knows what a devastating and cruel disease it can be It steals everything most precious to the individual memories recognition a sense of awareness And it steals the person away from his or her loved ones In The Last True Love Story Teddy breaks Gpa out of his assisted living facility to embark on a cross country road trip with Corrina in an attempt to help Gpa relive his memories of Gma one last time This is a moving and deeply personal book one that fans of Matrimonio a la Fuerza (Saga Londres, young adult literature and I think particularly fans of John Green will enjoy and appreciate Wow where do I even began with this bookA book about two loneroung adults who want to find themselves in a world they know nothing about all the while trying to save a soul that really can t be saved This book was full of emotions love and true happiness Take a moment and read this book I hope ou find the love and happiness in this book that I did It s Patterson s The Notebook and every YA road trip book with the heavily overdone John Green trope s The Notebook and every YA road trip book with the heavily overdone John Green trope crazy artistic girl that a boy pines after Am I getting a bit bitter Maybe Because I was IN LOVE with this book for the first few chapters A boy Teddy and his grandfather slowly dying from Alzheimer s and his want to give him one last thing to remember because really Teddy is losing his only family With a disconnected mother who has stuck her father in a home and leaves freuently on trips Gpa is his only friend and confidant as well as family This relationship is absolutely beautiful in its realism and beauty But then the girl with all the problems has to enter the picture And boy does she have a lot of problems Then she comes in and renames Teddy to Hendrix and they both decide to go on a road trip to bust Gpa out of his home and bring him cross country to Ithaca NY where he had his first kiss with the woman his late wife whom he loved and adored The message is spot on but I couldn t take it I got a headache from *all of my eye rolling i think it *of my eye rolling I think it over the top with his romance where Teddy and Corrina can begin to fall in love in the forefront of Gpa being able to say goodbye literally and figuratively And of course there s the sweet message that love is always in our heart and if they re there ou ll always be home But I justcouldnot with Corrina which is why it fell in rating for me And it wasn t that I disliked Corrina and that skewed it I just want something from a YA book no. Adną samochód wyciągają Dziadka z apartamentów dla seniorów na tylną kanapę ładują psa i wyruszają w podróż z Los Angeles do Nowego Jorku Ścigani przez rodziców lek. ,

Original review can be found at I received an advanced readers copy from Simon and Schuster Canada in exchange for an honest review Thank ouIt was the synopsis that made me want to read this book The idea of a boy TeddyHendrix springing his Gpa from his assisted living facility to take him back to where he had his first kiss with the love of his life before Alzheimer s wiped his memory completely sounded so endearing On top of that add the possibility of a new and oung budding romance and I was all in It sounded incredibleWhat I liked about this book was the relationship between Ted All the love for this story Beautiful Heart wrenching Hopeful I think the blurb sounds amazing doesn t it And cover Gorgeous I was totally taken by Kiely s writing style right from the beginning So when I started this I had huge hopes I still think this is a good book It s beautifully written has a lot of insight and carries a wonderful message For me personally however I found the whole Alzheimer scenes really hard to read I think simply because it hit too close to home I totally could identify with Teddy In fact he is an awesome character I adored my grandfather and kinda could see myself running off on a road trip with him I had the most amazing time with him when I was a child and still feel the loss of him keenly My grandmother had Alzheimer So I am sadly rather well acuainted with the disease Kiely s descriptions Gpas fears and all of the surrounding factors were too much for me to read It made my heart ache Kiely did an amazing job He got it just right It s simply astounding But for me personally it was torture to read Sadly Which is kinda tricky because in the end while I *think this is well written and absolutely on point I ended *this is well written and absolutely on point I ended not enjoying it very much I would have happily rounded up to 4stars but then Corinna happened I am not a fan of her character Too much dramas too many issues and I felt I would rather hear of Gpa Gma s story than about her mess I also would have savored Gpa and Teddy time I do like the end I love the message and I am uite taken by Kiely s prose This was the first novel of his I read and I am going to Read For Sure Thoughtful Beautiful Message But Some Unnecessary Dramas for sure Thoughtful beautiful message but some unnecessary dramas m a huge fan of oung adult literature 4 out of 5 books that I read are written for Wretched Moments younger audiences but honestly they re my favorite books to read perhaps because so many of them really touch on real life issues The Last True Love Story is a story about just that love But it s not the storyou might expect Yes a oung romance does blossom between Teddy Hendrix and Corrina. Oto książka o muzyce przyjaźni pierwszych i ostatnich miłościach i wszystkim co pomiędzyPewnej upalnej lipcowej nocy Hendrix i Corrina postanawiają zaryzykować wszystko Kr. ,

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