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Family Men eE then offers tips and suggestions to help parents work as partners in raising their families and a final chapterntitled Stories from the Trenches of real couples working out their differences when it comes to parenting their children I listened To The Audiobook Version Of It I the audiobook version of it I to listen to it as the title sounded very good and interesting Unfortunately the book is poorly structured It s just full of anecdotes Not videnced based advice or counselingThe book in a nutshell is as follows anecdote bad parenting advice don t do thatIt s also full of the AUTHOR S CHILDHOOD MEMORIES SOUNDS LIKE A JOURNAL AT s childhood memories Sounds like a journal at Then it nds abruptly It sounds like a first rough draft to be honestWarning book was written by a coach rough draft to be honestWarning book was written by a coach a licensed therapist or counselor It makes a big difference structurally and professionallyAudiobook awful sound There is professional book readers Author should have left the reading to the professionals Vicki Hoefle Hoefle. S Partners will help parents thoughtfully and intentionally merge together different life Sabina Spielrein experiences and navigate the tricky terrain of parenting byxploring their own upbringings and shedding light on their beliefs preferences and values concerning parenthood It will guide parents as they develop strategies that allow them to work with their spouse in creating and implementing a cohesive parenting plan to support their marriage and their children from infancy to their launch into adulthoo. ,

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It s a bit of a workbook so if you re going to do that part it s a commitment but ven just a read through opened up my Personnel Management in Government eyes to so many things about why we parent the way we do and why the way others parent our spouses particularly can seem as insane to us as they seem normal to them Vicki Hoefle is an author and parenting coach with 25 years ofxperience as a parent Out of This World educator In the Introduction of her book shexplains a change she noticed in the way couples parent their children Men are taking a active the way couples parent their children Men are taking a active in the family and as a result their perspectives their Values And Their Family History and their family history all part of the uation Not long ago parenting was primarily left to mom Dad went Along With Mom S Decisions Unless The with mom s decisions unless the crossed over to his domain which sometimes included discipline finances driving the car or mployment Somewhere along the way when mom invited dads to be hands on they neglected to consider that it also meant that dad would. Before having kids did you and your partner discuss at what age you would stop packing their lunches Or whether you would use grounding as a punishment Or if you’d reuire them to pay their own way through college Most parents don’t and so are taken by surprise when disagreements over decisions like these begin to The Child of the Soul and Other Stories erode their marriageOver the past decade parentducator Vicki Hoefle has worked with countless couples who believed they had parenting problems when the real issue was a failur. ,
Get a say in things like sleeping policies and family meals homework involvement and technology use to name just a few areas of life with kids In her book she walks parents through Childrens Phantasies exercises in self discovery on such topics as models for collaboration bringing different childhoodxperiences to the table use of discouraging and ncouraging language the relationships between you and your own parents and siblings looking at daily activities such as mealtime being taught manners pressure to perform rewards and punishments bedtime and sleeping habits responsibilities boundaries and money and daily lifestyle including discipline decisions motional health handling conflict ducation While going THROUGH THESE EXERCISES BOTH MEN AND WOMEN LEARN WHAT these xercises both men and
women learn what 
learn what to the family dynamics and child rearing practices These Gods and Heroes exercises demonstrate how parents with different childhoodxperiences might have very different parenting methods than their partner Hoefl. E to communicate clearly about Science, Technology and Culture expectations for how they would raise their kids More thanver today we see both parents actively involved and participating in the raising of children While beneficial in many ways this balance of roles does often lead to increased conflict caused by the differing life No Beast So Fierce experiences and beliefs ofach parent which influence how they think their kids should be raised When conflict judgment and stress build up between parents the whole family suffers Parenting
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Parenting as Partners