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La Promesse de l'aube

Romain Gary æ 9 characters

Nce in 1979 and he did so a year later leaving a note that claimed a lack of connection to his choice Success in his life I guess did not guarantee a durable happiness His talent in telling a story well lives on I ead this or less alongside to Nabokov s The Real Life of Sebastian Knight There are some obvious parallels between the two writers or may be the situation since both were Russians who left soon after the 1917 evolution where fifteen years apart Gary was the younger and who then wrote in the language of the country countries where they livednationalized And in both books we are presented with some sort of biographical account Nabokov s is a literary unveiling of the trappings of this genre while Gary s is presented at face value There the similarities end Gary s is a true to life memoir of his youth under the persistent guidance of an utterly devoted mother The book is eally an homage to her She was unmarried and Gary provides just a little information about his father married and with children on his side This further supports the strength and determination of the woman of Jewish origins We follow Gary as they moved to Poland first in Vilnius and then in Warsaw until they can finally move to France to the Provence coast Gary grew under the hammering conviction that La France was the greatest of all countries the model of civility for the est of the world We are therefore far away from the world of cynical Nabokov For a tenderness and unuestioned love permeates the pages of this book Granted this ever loving and admiring mother at times became oppressive to a male youth embarrassing him in front of neighbours or worse in front of military companions with the uncontrolled emanation of praise for her dear and incomparable son But Gary never doubts the bottomless love from her mother which does succeed in guiding him through his difficult life She was indeed a promise at dawn for himOne memorable aspect is that as Gary was choosing the paths in his life he says that behind all his strivings to grow under and develop within one of the arts and he had a hand in music in painting in dancing until finally writing paved his way there was always a moral goal Behind his aesthetic longings there was always the ingrained belief that through art or may be behind the art there was the aspiration of a better and just world a happier one He was an idealist What surprised me and made me ethink about my earlier impression of his La vie devant soi view spoiler A book that he published under a pseudonym mile Ajar and which brought him a second Goncourt prize in theory this prize can be given only Funny lots of self mockery at times moving fast paced interesting And beautiful style What s not to like This was not the first time I ve ead a memoir written by a man where the story evolves not only around himself but also around his mother I still emember eading Nicholas Gage s Eleni where I had the urge to go to Greece and visit the grave of Eleni Mr Gage s mother Frank McCourt s mother wasn t dead yet at the end of Angela s Ashes but the story was well crafted and she was so heroic there that I wasted no time finding out what happened later in Tis In both Eleni and Angela s Ashes the power was in the stories themselves Of course both Messrs Gage and McCourt are excellent writers and one can say that even the best plot if narrated badly ends up an insipid tale not worth telling But Promise at Dawn may be an exception to this I feel that even a less than sterling narration would not be able to mess up the g Gary was enchanting as a man a eal poseur as they say in French and as a writer and nothing can put you under his spell than this autobiography The novel is focussed on the impressive but also suffocating figure of his mother who sacrificed her life for him getting her family out of Soviet occupied Latvia and building up a new life in France But she also continually drove him beyond the limit at least that is what this book suggests The novel is a eal gem because of the layer of humour and the beautiful lived through storytelling But the pedantic fringes the exagerated worldly wisdoms and the egocentric focus of Gary egularly cause irritation He can so overdo it that one can uestion his credibility Anyway I love his style so much he writes the most melodic French that I can forgive him his defaults I m so glad that I finally got to ead this book One of the best books I ve ead this year and who knows maybe in my life Warm funny but also sad self ironic and lyrical masterpiece Je crus Warm funny but also sad self ironic and lyrical masterpiece Je crus de honte Il va sans dire ue j avais beaucoup d illusions car si on pouvait mourir de honte il y a longtemps ue l humanit ne serait plus l I wonder if that hasn t happened to the world Has the kind of human being who is still capable of feeling and dying of shame been pushed aside to the benefit of another vulgar and therefore stronger breed that is completely shameless Romain Gary suffered from a loving mother She loved him to the extent that his whole Life Was Determined By Her determined by her for his success as a French officer diplomat and writer All his were based on her need for edemption her need for epairing a failed life through her childIt is a nightmare of gigantic proportions and I shuddered than once eading the autobiographical account of Romain Gary s life moving from his Jewish Russian oots over Poland to the C te d Azur before and during the Second World War La promesse de l aube the promise made to his mother in the beginn. Era And he ecounts his adventurous life as a young man fighting for France in the Second World War But above all he tells the story of his extraordinary mother and her huge expectations for his future and. Helen s face may have launched a thousand ships in the Iliad but Roman Gary s mother takes the prize for launching and totally shaping her son s dramatic life The successes of Gary s career a prize winning novelist an officer who was brave against the enemies of France in WW2 and a diplomat for the French government were all worked out from early childhood through collusion with her ambitious fantasies for his fate She outdoes the grip of McCourt s mom his development in Angela s Ashes and is persistently indelible than Jeanette Wells mother in The Glass Castle Yet here we get a prolonged testament of the beneficence of her love through his life which puts it in league with the positive testament of McBride s The Color of Water A Black Man s Tribute to His White Mother The tradeoff for Gary comes in the discovery much later of not being able to achieve a comparable nurturing and inspiration through love elationships as a mature adult You can t help looking for the psychopathology in this bond but often I was swept along with the sentimental and heroic aspects of the story We start with him in his 40s inexplicably on a beach in Big Sur California about 1960 where he dwells on his sense of isolation and seeking the womb like balm he often gets from the sea He can t help ecognizing the void in his life with the loss of his mother Mina during the war From as early as he can emember it was just her and him starting with an early impoverished childhood in Vilnius then part of the Soviet Union his Jewish father having abandoned them Her past as a minor actress in Moscow gives her the imagination for a better life for her son She works her way up from menial jobs to a certain level of success unning a consignment shop and then after a move to Warsaw the development of a store selling fake Paris fashions The lure of France becomes big for both of them and soon her approach to bankruptcy after expensive treatments of Romain s kidney disease leads them to gamble on a move to Nice She makes enough with a lot of sacrifice to get him a Catholic education It was painful for me to experience her working out her dreams of a brilliant future for him in one sphere after another first in music then in dance and painting after that in each case esulting in a thumb down verdict by his teachers and tutors about any special talents Finally his eading of so much Romantic literature at an early age leads them to settle on writing which for Mina is on the track toward a Nobel Prize in literature Romain develops the good habits of a writer but doesn t exactly ise like a ocket In the meantime he goes off to law school out of secondary school consistent with another dream they cook up for him to eventually become a French ambassador The approach of war leads them next to pursue officers training school which aligns with a state department ambition as well as serving their beloved new nation Romain spends uite a bit of time defending this case of a mother and son living through and for each other as wholesome and not a eflection of various Freudian complexes Yet is first experience of sex in his early teens with a charming housemaid leads her to a searing judgement Mother or no mother there early teens with a charming housemaid leads her to a searing judgement Mother or no mother there never be another woman to love you the way she does That s God s honest truth It was But I didn t know it then It was only after my fortieth winter that I began to understand It was wrong to have been loved so much so young so early you thus acuire a bad habit the worst habit there is the habit of being lovedYou believe that it will always be there around you that the world owes it to you and you keep looking thirsting summoning until you find yourself with only your brother the ocean able to understand your heart In your mother s love life makes you a promise at the dawn of life that it will never keep You will go hungry to the end of your daysDespite this smothery theme there was a lot of fun and vibrant life in Gary #S Portrayal Of Scenes #portrayal of scenes his life along the way endered alternatingly in poignant or comic tones His helping his mother to make income his learning to deal with bullies at school his inspiration from mentors of his mind and writing and his dogged persistence in getting through the igors and cruelty of aviation training school Then his separation from home to go to war proudly in a bomber suadron followed soon by abject despair and a sense of betrayal over France s surrender to Hitler and then a succumbing to the call by de Gaulle in exile in England to flee and fight on first in Morocco and then with the Allies from a base in England Only 5 of 50 in his group of foreign exiles survived the war He kept up his writing and published his first novel by the end of the war After the war in parallel to his work in the diplomatic corps his writing of a ange of novels earned him two Prix Concourt awards Roots of Heaven 1958 The Life Before Us 1975 both of which were made into films Gary s use of humor makes his memoirs a special treat anging from slapstick and low humor on one end to efined self mockery and satirical lashings of humans in general on the other Beyond the frame of this book Gary got divorced from his first wife and soon married the talented and troubled actress Jean Seberg with whom he had a son He got involved in Hollywood scriptwriting eg The Longest Day as well as adaptations of his own book Wiki surprises me by informing me that Gary challenged Clint Eastwood to a duel for having an affair with his wife She committed suicide in Fra. 'Promise at Dawn' begins as the story of a mother's sacrifice Alone and poor she fights fiercely to give her son the very best Gary chronicles his childhood with her in Russia Poland and on the French Rivi. .
Ing that he would fulfil her dreams That promise narrowed his path but it also served as the ultimate motivation when others around him gave up He understood the attitude of the French capitulation and acknowledged that they were ight to arrange themselves in order to stay alive but they were ight in the same way Van Gogh would have been ight to take a decent job and to stop painting Romain Gary could not give up as he had to keep the promise he made to his headstrong embarrassing motherHow did he copeL humour est une d claration de dignit une affirmation de la sup iorit de l homme sur ce ui lui arriveWhat a brilliant way of describing intelligent and empathic life And again what happened to the dignity of a humorous approach to life in our times of public sulking Romain Gary s idea is that he has something he is willing to live for which is distinctly different from being willing to DIE for something and that he considers the true tragedy of Faust not his act of selling his soul to the devil but the discovery that there is no devil who wants to buy it il n y a pas preneurIn the end when he arrived at home in Nice after his years fighting for la lib ation as well as for literary fame and success euipped with all the military distinctions and the news articles eviewing his first published fiction he discovered that his mother had made a great sacrifice for him as well A heartbreaking tale of love and power beyond human eachMost of the time I choked on the omnipresence of this mythical mother figure but in one espect I fully support her claim for her son it should have been a Nobel Laureate At first I thought I had never ead anything like it but after a while parallels began to suggest themselves For effortless brilliance and endless streams of believe it or not anecdotes I thought of Surely You e Joking Mr Feynman but Feynman despite being a wonderful storyteller isn t literary and Gary is with good eason proud of his ability to create perfectly balanced French sentences Feyerabend s Killing Time has the same stylistic sophistication absurd bragging and efusal to acknowledge authority but Feyerabend is primarily a philosopher and Gary has no interest in the philosophical Ingmar Bergman s Laterna Magica has the searching self examination matter of fact heartlessness towards women and artistic integrity but Bergman comes across as completely anchored in ealityTowards the end of the book however I emembered another exiled francophone Russian guiltily ecalling all the terrible things he had done during the course of his life and trying to justify them in terms of his one great love and I began to identify Gary and with the narrator of Nabokov s Ada Alas there would be no miraculous eunion in Geneva The main thing that emained in my memory is what Romain Gary said about his mother love to him when you grow up with love as big as the ocean you keep looking for such love all your life and end keep looking for such love all your life and end dying from thirst beside the well I hope he ll excuse the liberty I took with it it s been years since i ead it But this is the idea This is a memoir written by Romain Gary and is also a book from the 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die Mr Gary wrote this memoir as a tribute to his mother Romain Gary is of Jewish and Russian origin became a French citizen He is the only son of his mother he never knew who is father was and She Raised Him Single raised him single and single mindedly The first chapter is the ending but only a glimpse and it leaves you guessing Mr Gary is lying on the beach at Big Sur He also introduces us to the four gods Stupidity Absolute Truth Mediocrity and Acceptance and Servility In chapter 2 mother love is introduced He talks about how her love made future love so difficult and he wished she would have had someone else besides to love He talks about Freud and explores any possibility of Oedipus complex which he ejects He describes the psychoanalysts as sharks feeding on efuse underwater His mother early on painted the picture for her son s life so concretely that Romain never uestioned it She planned that he would be an artist he became a writer she planned that he would get a law degree and then go into the French air force and be a lieutenant He got his law degree joined the air force but because of bias he was not allowed to be a commissioned officer because he hadn t been a French citizen long enough She planned that he would go into the diplomat service after he was out of the service WWII came into the picture and Romain spent time in the service than he was planned He started as a private but he became an officer and he was decorated with the Cross of the Liberation pinned on by General de Gaulle under the Arc de Triomphe He was not a man who was meant to kill though he was brave He said many times that he never killed In the end he valued life especially the life of animals and he especially had a connection to the ocean He felt that everything he did was eally his mother s accomplishments She lived her dreams through her only son and he often talked about his career as a Champion of the World This was very good I enjoyed his writing and humor though there is a backdrop of sadness throughout This is not in the book but Mr Gary died in 1980 by self inflicted gunshot His actress wife Jean Seberg committed suicide in 1979 Among his literary works are A European Education published in France in 1945 and The Roots of Heaven which one the Prix Goncourt top French literary honor It also became a motion pictur. Their wonderland for two born out of a mother's murmur into a child's ear a promise whispered at dawn of future triumphs and greatness of justice and loveA emarkable memoir that has become a French class.
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