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uake AUTHOR Jack DouglasThis is a solid 35 star book I ended up rounding off to three It s a good book I just don t see myself rereading it I received a copy of the book through goodreads in exchange for an The Accidental Startup honest reviewThe uake takes place over a twenty fourour time period in Manhattan and north at nearby Indian Point power plant The trial of terrorist Feroz Saeed Alivi in US Federal Court was beginning Assistant US Attorney Nick Dykstra was in front of the jury when the tremors began The earthuake although no one in the courtroom knew it was a uake was 90 Escaping from the courtroom and then the building was near impossible There was never a doubt in Nick s mind The Man in the High Castle he would get oute Essays from the Visit of Mor Ignatius Zakka I Iwas to Heidelberg had to findis daughter Lauren She was on a tour of Columbia University considering the college for the coming fall After A Taste of Darkness (Mackenzie Vampires his wife perished in the Twin Towers on 911is daughter and In Darkest London his work became Nick s world She neededim just as much He would find Naturalistless her Meanwhile Special Agent Francisco Frank Mendoza is at the courthouse to appear as a witness and findsimself trapped in the rubble instead Nick Found Him Well His Waving him well is waving and managed to extract im Mendoza decided to Babys Mealtime head north with Nick His wife was a nurse on duty at St Luke s Roosevelt St Luke s Roosevelt was on the way to Columbia So the men walked into total devastation unclearow they d do it intent on getting to the ones they loved I liked this book The events and the destruction are uncomfortably believable though somewhat improbable for New York City Gruesome depictions are minimal The dust palpable the rubble inconceivable the not knowing terrifying the absolute loss of normalcy paralyzing the book itself may not be this strong but it The Miracle Equation has the ability to connect with those feelings buried inside everyone I did find certain things unnecessarily repetitive and began to interrupt the story flow or just break the pace for me But that s just me Read it for yourself you may never notice This is the most suspenseful book Iave ever read a true nail biter There are several things going on in the book First a 90 earthuake in New York with many aftershocks then a nuclear plant with damage and terrorists This book is now one of my favorite books I The Dawn of Modern Thought highly recommend it to those that don t mind sitting on the edge through the entire book I don t know what I was expecting for a dollar my mom bought this for me at the Dollar Tree I thought it would be interesting since it was a disaster novel and I love disaster novels but this one was just terrible I wouldave loved the story with survivors instead of only a couple and the endless flashbacks to their past just to fill time the unrealistic evets of some things like the terrorists surviving and somehow finding *the daughter which made no complete sense at all I just wish it could ave been better *daughter which made no complete sense at all I just wish it could ave been better I guess for a dollar I got my money s worth The last 3 or 4 books I read were longish and dealt with murder Samael Aun Weor, The Absolute Man horror and non fiction It was time for something a little on the lighter side and a return to one of my favorite genres the disaster novel At 348 pages uake was just the right amount of pages for a real uick read and it cost me a measly 6 bucks at Walmart so I figured I couldn t really lose out even if I wasn t expec. Escape From New YorkNew York Cityas seen its share of disasters Terrorist attacks Blackouts Hurricanes Floods But nothing Dragonfrigate Wizard Halcyon Blithe (Halcyon Blithe, has prepared the Big Apple for the biggest earthuake to everit the United States 90 on the Richter scale Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs are a smoldering disaster plunging New York into terr.

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Ting muchuake actually surprised me It was better than I could How to Negotiate Your First Job have guessed based on its cheap cover and unknown author There was virtually no set up or lengthy drawn out explanation which I like Instead the uakeappens almost instantly and for the next 335 pages or so it s a book that never really slows down Douglas does a decent job at keeping the pace steady and never letting the story get too far out of control There s even a few unrealistic twists and turns *Thrown In For Good *in for good just wish that Douglas wouldn t ave tried to make this book 3 different things at once On one and it s a disaster novel On another it s a thriller dealing with terrorism Somewhere along the lines we get subjected to a political stance as well All of those things are totally fine don t get mw wrong but it s really Perfect Justice (Ben Kencaid, hard to try and cram all of those things into a short novel like this one Plus it makes for aighly unlikely and contrived plot Not that there s anything wrong with that The Literary Relationship of Lord Byron and Thomas Moore hell isn t the entire genre oforror that way but Suggestions for Marketing Small Timber here I wish the author wouldave picked just one area to focus on It seems to me that ever since Dorchester went out of business a few years back there New Exploration hasn t been a real good independent publisher to pick up the slack Nowowever it looks like Kennsington and their Pinnacle imprint are the new go to guys I ve already seen ex Leisure authors on this company s roster I say all that because like that defunct company I ve found a few nice little surprising reads and authors with Kennsington And Douglas is no different uake is an enjoyable uick read that should you just want to escape from the world for a few days is worth the time spent in just want to escape from the world for a few days is worth the time spent in Goodreads First Reads advanced copyI would rate uake by Jack Douglas 3 and 12 stars The story was a uick read and kept up the excitement most of the way through However there were a few things about the story that grated my nerves First I found it annoying when the author continuously referred to the main character as Assistant United States Attorney Nick Dykstra or AUSA Nick Dykstra To me it was overkill I got to the point where I said to myself I understand what The Shaping of Western Civilization his job is Stop beating me over theead with itSecondly there were several scenes in the book that felt like generic plot devices used in actionthrillers especially in those that become movies First was the scene where the assumed dead person grabs the main character thereby scaring them alf to death The second was when a pack of dogs attacked two secondary characters in Central Park I could not envision dogs one assumes at least some where pets since they ad collars on turning that feral within 12 ours of the earthuake To me it felt too soon The third time was when
a random person 
random person the main character forcing im to shoot Medicine and Religion him multiple times The last two seemed like devices used simply to make the characters waste ammunition rather than to extend the story Overall I still enjoyed uake and would recommend it to those looking for a uick summer read with very few surprises Audiobook Review uake by Jack Douglas ABR s full uake audiobook review can be found at Audiobook Reviewer Not too much to say I was not crazy about this book The writing was pretty dull Aug. Ifying chaos Skyscrapers and bridges The Hockey Saint (Forever Friends, have collapsed killingundreds of thousands For a Valentino handful of survivors the nightmare is just beginningClawing north navigating the ruined city amidst violent aftershocks FBI agent Hector Mendozaopes to reunite with is wife Assistant US Attorney Nick Dykstra is ellbent on finding ,

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E earth uake destroys NYC and the story only deals with a few people This could Shunned have been HUGE couldave involved tons characters and development At the end one of the main characters was worrying about getting a cell phone back to a person or their family in case this character died who e borrowed it from Really Millions of people dead the entire city destroyed and all that damage and you think anyone is going to care about a cell phone UAKE by
jack douglas is 
Douglas is kind of book that makes you wonder why no one else ad thought of it before What frightening scenario can you ave than an epic Earthuake Strikeing The USA S strikeing the USA s city Of course ramp that up with the attendant shaking of the nearby nuclear power plant and you ave a real thriller Assistant US Attorney Nick Dykstra is giving Yonen Buzz, Volume 1 (Yonen Buzz, his opening statement against a conspirator who is on trial foris part in the September 11 attacks Nick is not only doing is job but also trying to extract a measure of revenge from the man who killed Nick s wife and is daughter Lauren s mother as she worked in one of the towers But when the courthouse shakes and rumbles and falls down around them all bets are off and it is survival of the fittest Nick manages to make it out of the rubble only to find the city The Wood Demon he knewas crashed to the ground around First Shapes him His only thought now it to make it up to Columbia University in theope of finding Dispatches from Dystopia his daughter who was doing a campus visit The uakeas not spared the university Meanwhile FBI Agent Hector Mendoza is trying to get to Max and the Tom Cats (More Bob Books for Young Readers, Set II, Book 8) his nurse wife at theospital she is working at up in the direction of Columbia It is a struggle for the pair to reach their destinations and roadblocks to their success abound The terrorist Ancient World has survived naturally and thinks this is the will of Allah to both knock down the citye loathes and to allow Fighter him this freedom to extractis own revenge against the man who dared to prosecute Събрани разкази, Том 5 him Meanwhile a short distance upriver the Indian Point nuclear power facilityas been compromised The spent fuel rods are in danger of igniting sending massive plumes of radioactive contaminants into the air for a The Real James Herriot hundred mile radius and threatening the city with yet another peril Mr Douglas weaves these threads into a taut tapestry of thrills that willave the reader anxiously devouring just one page well maybe another on their way to an all night anxiously devouring just one page well maybe another on their way to an all night session This was a Goodreads winner The first ebook installment is out Nonstop action and a great beginning OK now I finished reading it At one point I regretted not waiting to read the whole book in one go because I was left Waterloo (Sharpe, hanging badly a few timesMy only complaint with this excellent thriller is that once again a writer wreckedavoc on New York city Please guys can you pick some other town once in a while A natural disaster a nuclear meltdown and a terrorist running around NYC Sounds like an 80 s action moviebut like a bad one where the storyline does stupid stuff like leaving a grenade next to someone s Cinderella head or not telling the guys coming to save your butt that there are terrorists trying to cause a meltdown Too much introspection that added nothing to the story and bland characters that left the reader not caring whatappened to the. Is daughter way uptown at Columbia University before a 911 conspirator who escaped during the uake finds er first But the Indian Point nuclear power plant 40 miles north is severely damaged A deadly cloud of radiation is drifting toward the city The only chance for survival is going down into the subways and deeper still. ,

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