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A sad story but the writing was not very GOOD THIS BOOK SUFFERS FROM A LACK OF SHOW This book suffers from a ack of show t tell I felt Scandalous (Playing with Fire like the author was holding aot of stuff back including his emotions The pacing felt off and events and phrases were repeated often There were Brute Force (Nick Stone, lots of cliches which usually point to an inexperienced authorBy far theast few pages were the strongest but they alone weren t enough to make this book worth reading I hate to rate this one so ow because I really did appreciate His Story But It story but it tough to get through I got really bogged down with repetitive details It was a beautiful story of forgiveness that I wish could had been told with a bit panache Poorly written with scattered thoughts Also very repetitive I put the book down after 50 pages Well La Ti da Holds back a LOT EXPECTS A LOT FROM THE LAW ENFORCEMENT AND expects a ot from the To Risks Unknown law enforcement and no respect for them trying to do their job I stop reading on page 76 I just could careess about reading about his half story you can feel the fake he is presenting I feel he just wanted to When You Look Up look at me book When Stephen s mother murdered his fatherife as he knew it ceased to exist This powerful account chronicles how a son grows up without parents Stephen decides to follow the voice of Jesus into an excruciatingly hard place This story than any on my The Vampire Next Door (Strange Neighbors, list makes me uncomfortable with the cost of obedience I am persuaded Stephen was named well His forgiveness reminds me of Stephen the martyr I wasn t sure I wouldike this book when I started reading it but ended up hooked and read the whole thing It was interesting and made me think deeply about my own Christian faith Full disclosure I m working on this book But I must say that when it comes out this fall it is. “Gaile Owens is my mother I am her son Please do not take this from me There is no justice in taking her ife There is no justice in denying the healing power of forgiveness”Stephen Owens was 12 years old in 1985 when he discovered his father at home badly beaten and near death Evidence proved Stephen’s. ,
Set Free

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Ney Our Scandal! lesson should we choose toearn from it is his egacyI was immersed in the story from the beginning and felt very connected to Owens throughout the whole book The legacyI was immersed in the story from the beginning and felt very connected to Owens throughout the whole book The characters are well fleshed out so I felt connections there as well I appreciated the involvement of his Pastor and their church family and how much Owens his family and his mother relied on their faith in God on this journey A journey that was difficult at times to digest filled with so much emotion and pain So as not to make a spoiler a very poignant excerpt for me that really brings the author s oss home is the first two pages of Chapter
31Owens Is A Man Who 
is a man who violence and Pilgrimage (1920) loss early in hisife As an adult bolstered by his strong Christian beliefs he Shapely Ankle Preferrd learned how to forgive and it didn t just change hisife read the book to see how many people are affected by this single journey Owens makes a case for forgiveness in any kind of situation Who needs to be set free Anyone who has ever been wounded or hurt by the words actions or attitudes of someone else While most people will never experience the horror of violent crime among their family members everyone has pain from the past wrongs inflicted upon them times when they have been mistreated physically emotionally or spiritually The only remedy for those wounds is forgiveness True freedom can only be found through reconciliation between people who have Sword at Sunset long been at war physically emotionally or spiritually I believe that the words of Jesus are relevant for us today than ever The Great Physician said The truth shall set you free And if I set you free you will be free indeed John 832 36 author paraphraseThat my friends is theesson 5 out of 5 star. Ess the other from a Fair Play (Zephyr Ranch literal prison cellWhile the events surrounding Gaile Owens’ release made national headlines and have stirred widespread fascination Set Free far exceeds the experience and expectations of a modern true crime story proving to be much about God as theoving author of true forgiveness  . An incredibly dramatic story of forgiveness that is a must for any p Wow written by a teacher Hard to read Tho he is a better person than I Not sure I could have forgiven her So she was not executed and was taken off of death row Fine But she should never have been released The husband she had murdered didn t get to walk away did he A greedy manipulative thieving narcissist that have her husband brutally murdered for insurance money and allowed her 12 year old son to find his father brutally bludgeoned Like That Then She that Then she her ate husband by saying that he mentally and sexually abused her when he isn t here to defend himself and there is no proof at all Vile woman who should still be in prison until she dies At Cronache della famiglia Wapshot least she would die as brutal a death as she caused her husband Andisting herself as a widow on her face book page is disgusting She should have her status as murderer and thief instead I cried several times while reading this book on forgiveness Because my family has had uite a bit of tragedy and conseuently many things to forgive this book caught my eye I The Temple of the Golden Pavilion love how the son was able to forgive his mother and I hope the other son can do that one day Set Free A Story of Peace Found Through ForgivenessStephen OwensI received an ARC of this book from the publisher through Goodreads First Reads Giveaway program in exchange for my unbiased and honest reviewYou can read the back of a book to get a general idea of the plot thaties between the covers But until you open the book and start reading on page one you don t truly know This one caught me totally off guard I m not sure what I was expecting but what I got was a The Secret Life of Birds lot than I bargained for The story is Stephen Owens jour. Mom Gaile had hired a hit man to carry out the murder and she was sent to death row Stephen and Gaile did not see each other for decades but through an amazing series ofife transformations and revelations about the tragic event God opened a door for both of them to be set free one from a prison of unforgiven.