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( Free ) Shadow of the Wolf Hearts Desire #1 by Dana Marie Bell

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Our Island Guide yIs brothers laughedChris leaned down and kissed the tip of her nose Daniel would make an interesting Thelma And Gareth could be Fred since he leadsour merry little band of misfits Chris grinned He has pulled Zachary s ass out of the fire than once Lana nodded her own lips turning pulled Zachary s ass out of the fire than once Lana nodded her own lips turning And Zach does have a real fondness for the color purple Gareth was leaning against a bookcase face buried in his arm his shoulders shaking Daniel was openly grinning at his brother Zach And that s just a little taste of the playfulness between Chris and Lana and her future brothers in law I laughed when Chris wanted her to taker her Ibuprofen and she needed food She grinned up weakly at him I ll wait while ou fetch something One brow rose Fetch Go boy Go And this went on throughout the whole book Loved itThen there is Cole Christopher s nemesis Why is he after Chris Why is Lana the ultimate target What happens when they all find out that Cole is not a wizard but he and his family are all warlocks Most of these uestions are answered in Shadow of the Wolf but a lot is left open for the rest of the series And honestly I can t wait to read Hecate s Own Zach s story Gareth s and Daniel s story should be just as interesting and fun if the hint s in the book are any indicationSo if ou love paranormal with lots of hot sex and a little magic thrown in Horn (Horn, you ll love this book Dana Marie Bell did a wonderful job combining all of this together Ohea the sex hmmm steaming is a good word Shutters remembering the scene when he claims his mate I normally don t enjoy books about magic users although I love shifter romance so this was a pleasant break from all the biker books I ve been devouring latelyNo cheatingNo owomA bit of holding back by the heroine because she just met the HeroAn interesting overall arc that makes me want to read the next book This is a polished up re release but I didn t read it in its previous incarnation I am a big Bell fangirl but I thought Shadow of the Wolf was a lot funnier than her other books I adored Lana s feistiness This book s plot Is Basically Based On basically based on Mate Syndrome but Lana didn t just be like Yay man Chris had to work for it I m really looking forward to the next book Hecate s Own Zach s story However I would have liked to seen a smidge world building I didn *T Feel Like The World Was Revealed Very Smoothly As * feel like the world was revealed very smoothly as would get explained after the fact Given the lighter tone I think this would appeal to fans of Eve Langlais s Furry United Coalition series Never have I laughed harder while reading a book Dana Marie Bell s personality shines in Shadow of the Wolf Having now read her Halle Pumas series but not et the Gray Court I am convinced this has been her best thus far. Wizards and witches don’t get along very well neither should they but the sparks flying between them can’t be denied Chris isn’t taking no for an answer When it becomes clear that an old enemy has targeted them both Chris will wind up engaging his enemy in a duel that could cost him his lifeOr worse La. Way But the idea of combining that of a witch and a shifter just made him even hotter Dana can never let me down her collection of books are my most cherished because there is something just uniue about how she puts so much care into getting every detail right in all of her stories its just so adorable how she spins the tale of her characters romance I find myself sighing alot when I read one of her novels Kitty s review posted on Guilty PleasuresWitches wizards warlocks and wolves oh my Yes what an Interesting Read Shadow Of read Shadow of Wolf was It had a little bit of everything and a whole lot of funChristopher Beckett is the middle son He s restless and knows that it s time to call his mate to complete himself He is a wizard whose line was cursed by a witch turning them into werewolves He and his family have embraced the wolf side and have learned to live with both magic and the wolf He sends out his spell into the universe to bring his mate to him Enter Alannah Lana Evans She s a witch and not just any witch She s from the most powerful family in the Witches Coven Wizard s and witches don t mix they are like oil and water But the goddess has chosen and so mote it beI was hooked on this book from page one The book opens with Chris casting his spell and then goes to Lana in a strip club at a bachelorette party What happens from there had me laughing and sighing for the next few hours Chris biggest fear was Lana not embracing his wolf wrong That isn t was worried her the most the joining of a witch and a wizard had her on edge How would they make it work But they do and she doesn t even realize that she s accepted everything until she casts a spell asking the powers that be to protect her mate Chris and Lana together are hysterical Now throw in his 3 over bearing brothers and Lana s Grammy and ou have nothing but a smile fest I absolutely adored how she razzed them all about being wolves What is that Protection amulet he responded absently Need it for a shielding spell She stroked it feeling the dormant magic within it Groovy His lips twitched He looked up at her over the top of his glasses Groovy She shrugged Isn t that what Shaggy always says He shook his head pinching the bridge of his nose under his glasses but she could see the way his mouth trembled from trying to hold in the laughNext thing she knew Chris tumbled her into his lap She sueaked grabbing hold of his shoulders He nipped her chin Who gets to be Thelma Not me Zach held up his hand grinning still writing scribbles on pieces of paperLana tapped her lips with her fingernail getting into the game She could sense some of the tension leaving their shoulders You re Danger Prone Daphne I think Zach sputtered indignantly while L his own And she has to accept the one aspect that sets him apart from almost every other wizard his wolfWhat Chris gets is Alannah Evans a powerful witch of the Evans Coven The petite dark haired woman has no problems with the wolf What she does have a problem with is the fact that Chris is a wizard Since.

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I really enjoy the different spin on the different magic cultures *Witches Wizards Warlocks all have their own court their own spin * Wizards Warlocks all have their own court their own spin how to access their magicThe romance starts off creepy dude Damian (The Caine Brothers you don t do that to hot chocolate As it gets going definite smut warning but ifou skip past the scenes there is still a good story Although the hero is bordering a alpha male asshat scenarioThe family interactions are fun the banter with pop culture references add sparkle This book just didn t work for me I liked Lana but I never did like Chris I think after he drugged her the first night he met her just to make sure she didn t leave I was out and he never did anything that redeemed him There was a little bit of a plot with tons of sex I don t mind sex in my books in fact sometimes I really like it but it just didn t seem to fit in with the plot all that well There s all this danger going on and someone trying to kill Chris and Lana and all he can think about is sex Oh and if she doesn t mate him He Dies Which She dies which she I hate that plot point I also never really bought the reason Cole hated Chris so much as believable I did like the oungest brother and found his story interesting but that s about it This book was interesting for the simple found his story interesting but that s about it This book was interesting for the simple that I have never read a book where the wolf was a wizard too They usually have a wolf dating a witch but never doing spells too Very interesting uick read I finished in a matter of 2 days Would have finished sooner if I didn t have to write a paper but got it done none the less I liked it Bell has created another fantastic world in Shadow of the Wolf It s a story about witches but with a uniue twist Christopher Beckett is a wizard from a family cursed to live as werewolves Because of the curse the Beckett s have only one true mate and Chris has gotten to the point where he needs to call his What he gets is a spunky witch who has a bigger problem with him being a wizard than a werewolf This is an interesting story where witches wizards and warlocks don t like each other and tend to keep to their own I loved the idea that even though they are both magical people Chris and Alannah have very different ways of doing things Witches are impulsive and the wizards plan ahead and this drives both insane I really enjoyed every minute of this book and I fell in love with all the characters I enjoyed the idea behind the story and like all Bell s books this one had me laughing out loud and blushing like crazyIf ou love magic and some hot sex this book is for ou Cringe I didn t knooow that there was so much sex in itL but other than tthaat it was okaay In my opinion it is really hard to sell the character of a male witch to anyone it is just so lame in Christopher Beckett is tired of being alone His wolf is howling for his mate and Chris knows it is only a matter of time before his needs override everything else in his life He casts the spell all the Becketts have used to call their mates to them What he wants is a woman of an older lineage of power to eua. Shadow of the Wolf Hearts Desire #1