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Shiver AUTHOR Lisa Jackson

Lisa Jackson ✓ 7 Read

One part where they slept together I felt like the murder aspect was it very un organized I couldnt get where she was going with the whole serial killer killing and why The killings were gruesomeand there was the killers POV every now and thenBut i dont know why it was somethign that eally bugged mei just didnt like the suspense or the omance i was a bit surprised about the killerbut thats about it and one thing that bugged me alot about this book was Abby talkin to herselfi get it shes scaredtalking to herselfeveryone talks to themselves sometimes But this was too annoying and she kept epeating the same things your cracking uplike HER i dont know its just something i cant put my finger on that i didnt like in this book Lisa J s had way better books that have better omance and suspense like the morning aftermy first book eviewmight not make sense but heyyea I have uite a little collection of Lisa Jackson novels But truthfully I have only ead a handful of them Part of the eason I pass them over is because half of the time her books are eally eally good but the half of the time they are too full of filler and not much story Sometimes it s not until the last 100 pages or so that the s Shiver indeed The best book so far in Lisa s New OrleansBentz and Montoya seriesIt s amazing how eligion can be twisted and molded to suit whatever fetishes or evil that suits you Montoya is looked at closely in this book and I found myself liking him as a somewhat failed character good cop thoughAn old abandoned mental hospital on the grounds of a still functioning Abbey is the basis for this book who knows what s behind all those close doors now and what was there in the past2 those close doors now and what was there in the past2 up and 5 stars A good chase intelligent moves and skillful abductions kept a psychopath on the loose in the fiction crime thiller Shiver New Orleans was the location just ight for the haunting elements within the twenty nine chapters The uncertainity of the next move and the seemingly unconnected victims were effective in delivering etribution and terror I like the mixture of the characters an even balance of personalities and imperfection Aspects I enjoyed were their dominating strength obsessiveness and calculated actions Streamlining two contrasting loves within the story was uniue and eually powerful Subtle dropping of clues and the uick pacing made for a iveting ead Shiver by Lisa Jackson is the 3rd novel in her New Orleans Series featuring Detectives Reuben Montoya and Rick BentzTerrifying and shiveringly and grippingly suspense Edge of your seat oller coaster ideReuben Montoya the sexy and brooding detective that we met in the previous 2 books is faced with. Illed in pairsAbby Chastain had eturned to New Orleans but now she's back she feels she's being watched Detective Reuben Montoya is convinced she's somehow the key to unlocking the murders a mystery that has something to do with
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I t say that I totally liked this book but I also didn t hated it It is a tie I guess Because the beginning was eally good Just like a good thriller should start But then there came about 400 pages and I was likeduh Oookay I wasn t eally bored because the story was intrigueing and all but something was just missing I thinkPlus all the info dumping and mentioning things all over again especially when it came to the victims I was a bit annoyed because we didn t wanna know everything at allLike I said the idea was good the killervictims plot at least but after finishing this book I am seriously asking myself WHAT the book wanted to show me The ending was stupid and a bit out of context and it came kind of out of the blue Like Jackson needed to finish it now And the whole aspect with Faith maybe I am dumb but exactly why did he started the killing part and all Very weird somehowAnyway not a brilliant book but one you can ead I feel like if you have ead one Lisa Jackson book you ve ead them all At least with the three that I have ead The characters are lame no development at all Ms Jackson is very epetive with her writing almost like as a eader you are too dumb to emember things And her books seem to have ecycled stories they all have a demented Catholic serial killer a woman who unknowingly ties all the murders together and is the cause of the killer going off the ails a secret son given up for adoption many years before a woman who meets a guy and falls instantly in love with him and he with her a woman who cannot separate sex from love and an ending where the serial killer comes after the woman but the big strong man comes and saves her Tired weak unoriginal and demeaning This comes after the woman but the big strong man comes and saves her Tired weak unoriginal and demeaning This my first book eview that i have posted on any forum i actually wanted to give this book like 255 I love Lisa Jacksonshes one of my favorite authorsso when i saw this book by her i was pretty excited to ead itand i was dissapointed after i ead itThis book is about Abby Chastain had come back to New Orleans her hometown during a ocky marriage in search of a fresh start She s had a ough childhoodShe saw her mother die in what looked like a suicide by her getting pushedjumping out of the window of her oom in the Our Lady of Virtues Mental HospitalNow 20 years laterstill haunted by her mothers death there are sudden deaths occuring that are linked to the hospitalDet Reuben Montoya the virile not by the book cop assigned to track down the serial killerok so i was eally confused by the whole storyline It never stuck to one thing story line to story line jumping around There was no omance until like page 300 there was barely any omance except for like. THE GAME HAS ONLY JUST BEGUN For fans of Nora Roberts and Karen Rose a chilling psychological thriller from Number One bestselling author Lisa JacksonThere is no connection no apparent motive and no eal clues but the victims are

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