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[PDF] Silence for the Dead ✓ Simone St. James

Silence for the Dead

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R to keep the ob anyway as she s that desperate for another nurse Kitty soon realizes ust how wrong things are at Portis s that desperate for another nurse Kitty soon realizes ust how wrong things are at Portis but it s not like she has anywhere else to goSilence for the Dead is Gothic fiction and the author does choose a fearsome setting in a haunted mental hospital Unfortunately this book lacked the degree of authentic and effective atmosphere that this story cried out for I expected to be really unsettled by this story considering its setting in an asylum with a troubled history as a family home whose family disappeared under decidedly strange circumstances It seems to suggest some very powerful emotions of fear of isolation abandonment and entrapment However I felt that things ust didn t come together very well I thought that some unsettling events that occur in the house would be explained or tie strongly into the story and origin of the haunting but they weren t in a satisfactory way Don t get me wrong There were some parts that were uite eerie However I think that this story could have been a lot frightening than it was considering the subject matterOne of the things I liked most about this novel was the authentic characters most of whom are veterans who suffer from profound mental illness as a result of the horrors of the war It was uite sad how they were viewed by the public and their families as a whole As cowards in that they were emotionally and mentally affected by the events occurring on the Front Only a veteran can truly attest to the statement War is Hell and one would think that their loved ones would respect that they had survived and came home even if they were tormented by their experiences It was a slap in the face at how some of this men were treated as if their surviving the war was an affront as opposed to dying as heroes This aspect of the book spoke strongly to me and gave me a lot to think about as we still deal with veterans and how their lives are profoundly impacted by their war experiences It s a good reminder to me to show sensitivity and to pray for their healing and restoration from their woundsThis story has a strong romantic element that I did appreciate although it did seem kind of crammed into the story around the Gothic and paranormal suspense elements I really liked Jack and Kitty both They were strong characters who had both suffered and understood what rejection and isolation was In Kitty s case she was very wise beyond her young years and carried her own set of battle scars She actually keeps my interest the most and remains a rootable character throughout this novel I do have to say that the veterans did grow on me and I hoped for their well being over the course of the novelI wish I liked this book than I did uite simply For me it failed to attain the potential the setting and story seems to promise However it was a good book and I certainly did appreciate Kitty and Jack and the setting and time period For what it s worth I think this would make a good movieOverall rating 3550 stars I enjoyed this World War I is over Kitty Weekes pretending to be a nurse and on the run from something arrives at a manor house in the COUNTRYSIDE THE HOUSE HAS BEEN TRANSFORMED The house has been transformed a nursing home for former soldiers suffering from shell shock and Kitty is uickly put to work caring for the men despite her complete lack of experience thanks to a staffing shortage The lack of sufficient nurses and orderlies is soon explained by the odd noises terrifying nightmares the men suffer from the voices and the odd glimpses of a young man Kitty starts seeingSoon Kitty s investigating along with one of the soldiers a celebrated war hero Jack Yates who s there secretly as the government would never want the public to know that their hero Jack fell apartThe lack of treatment for the men s trauma and variety of resulting mental health issues thanks to their terrible e This book started on track for 3 stars basic but a nice uick read Sadly the last half didn t measure up to the promise of the first I stuck with it because it has a lot of things I like mystery gothic style scares etc The suspense from the beginning doesn t uite hold up and the plot ust gets a bit tired near the end Silence for the Dead by Simone St James is a 2014 NAL publication Haunting in ways than one An old mansion converted into a medical facility for shell shocked soldiers is the perfect atmospheric backdrop for a spooky ghost story But this book is than The Umbrella Man (Inspector Samuel Tay just a chilling paranormal tale it is a mystery a story of friendship and a sweet poignant love story Porits House is the perfect place for a young woman on the run to hide out and Kitty Weekes desperately needs a place to lay low She falsifies her resume to find work as a nurse but right away Madam calls her out on it But her boss is very desperate for nurses so much so her ownob is on the line So she allows Kitty to stay despite her lack of training But Inds a dangerous ally in Jack Yates an inmate who may be a war hero a madman or maybe both But even as Kitty and Jack create a secret intimate alliance to uncover the truth disturbing revelations suggest the presence of powerful spectral forces And when a medical catastrophe leaves them even isolated they must battle the menace on their own caught in the heart of a mystery that could destroy them bo.
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Never any uestion as to whether I was listening TO OR DESCRIPTION SHE HAS A PLEASANT YOUTHFUL speech or She has a pleasant youthful voice used to very good effect in her interpretation of Kitty the chipper cockney heroine Dedicated optimistic Martha is given a perfectly executed Scottish accent and laconic wry Nina has a lower pitched northern accented drawl which suited her sardonic nature very well indeed The male patients and orderlies are all clearly differentiated too Paulus the head orderly is South African and Ms Wells accent is mostly spot on Captain Mabry is given the slightly clipped tones one would expect from an officer and she does a superb ob with Archie who has an unusual stammer She adopts a slightly lower pitch to portray Jack who like Mabry is often uite softly spoken Yet she also impeccably conveys his underlying sense of authority and cheeky insouciance as the story progressesthere are a few glaring americanisms in the are a few glaring Americanisms in the Closets instead of cupboards suspenders instead of braces believe me the image of a man wearing what we call suspenders is not a particularly attractive or masculine one and an odd pronunciation of Passchendaele stuck out like sore thumbs but these were very minor irritationsAll in all Silence for the Dead is a thoroughly enjoyable listening experience The highlights for me are the setting and the stories and characterisation of the patients but the principal story and narration are superb too I have no hesitation in recommending it very highly indeed Another wonderful book by Simone St James This one follows a young woman on the run from an abusive father as she takes a ob in a mental hospital after WWI But of course not everything is as it seems With twists and turns and a completely eerie setting I devoured this book Great read 45 stars rounded up for Fabulous narration by Mary Jane Wells In 1919 England at a lonely mansion where moors meet sea 21 mad soldiers convalesce from WWI suffering PTSD But ghosts that reek of rot whisper sweet suicide in the patients ears inhibiting their recovery To this bleak place comes Kitty Weeks age 20 ish masuerading as a nurse fleeing her own murderous father She s resilient and courageous but not foolish She knows something is wrong and immediately recognizes the mysterious patient 16 incognito and hidden away Soon they put their heads together Crazy or notEngrossing this dark gothic suspense novel Not totally predictable Some plot twists Not too grisly for me and I m sueamish A happy ending for many characters There s even a lovely bit of romance Heartwarming in a few scenes as the madmen bond against evil spirits and remember who they areuibble The characterization of the hospital matron shifted midstream What Also why couldn t the other nurses see the ghostsSome reviewers felt it faltered in the second half Not so for me Maybe Wells narration made the difference Plus in the second half we got some heartwarming soldierly scenes and some tender love scenes45 stars I read Lost Among the Living last year and loved it Since then have I tried to get hold of Simone St James other books Silence for the Dead intrigued me with its stunning cover and interesting blurb What is Kitty Weekes hiding What s wrong with Portis House And what s Jack Yates the war hero doing there And his the place really hauntedSilence for the Dead is an interesting book about a haunted hospital and patients that have mentally broken down by the war and basically are sent away since it s shameful to have a nervous breakdown I was curious to see how it all would end what haunted the hospital However I have to admit that even though the story was interesting did it lack thrilling elements and I never felt that I connected with any of the characters It s a good book Beach Blanket Bad Boys just not so thrilling that I had hoped it to be And the mystery well I was not overwhelmed by it to be honest This is not one to read if you want a chilling storyline it felt like a tragic gothic story with some romance However I think that the setting of the hospital the brutal reality of the effect of the war had on the soldiers is what really captured my interest If the book had been about that and less about ghost had I perhaps liked the book which is strange since I did read it because I wanted a ghost story After reading Ms St James first book The Haunting of Maddy Clare I made a note to keep reading her books I was that impressed I am uite fond of the early 20th Century period in a fictional setting and this seems to be a particular area of interest for her as well With this book she focused on the troubled homefront of Post WWI England when veterans are coming back from the war damaged both in body and in mind Kitty Weekes is desperate for aob desperate enough to take a ob at Portis House an isolated mental health facility for veterans She lies about being a nurse and she s caught in her lie but the Matron allows he. Ts suffer from nervous attacks and tormenting dreams But something is going on at Portis House its plaster is crumbling; its plumbing makes eerie noises; and strange cold breaths of air waft through the empty rooms It s known that the former occupants left abruptly but where did they go And why do the patients all seem to share the same nightmare one so horrific that they dare not speak of itKitty ,
I LOVE Simone St James style of writing and this one did not disappoint Simone has the ability to pull the reader into a and this one did not disappoint Simone has the ability to pull the reader into a this one did not disappoint Simone has the ability to pull the reader into a and time in this case 1919 post war Britain and write characters that you care about I like that she threads a bit of romance into her story without destroying it and veering off into ust romance This is a ghost story that will keep you turning pages until the wee hours of the morning I was sad to finish it From here I could see the thicket of trees clustered like a crowd of commuters on a busy train platform that were solid land s LAST GASP BEFORE THE MARSHES BEGAN gasp before the marshes began march to the sea The grass grew thicker there tangled with brush and undergrowth uncut by any visible path Beyond the trees the marshes stretched like p Simone St James seems to be almost single handedly revitalising the genre of the gothic historical romance and her latest book Silence for the Dead proved to be a very enjoyable example indeedIt s 1919 and twenty year old Kitty Weeks has been running away from her abusive father for the past four years That means going from ob to ob often under assumed names and never staying in one place too long She s gutsy and independent and even though she can never completely shake them off she refuses to allow her past experiences to beat her down Her latest position in the wilds of the north of England is as a nurse at Portis House an imposing mansion turned asylum for men suffering from shell shock She s not a nurse of course but she needs the Watching Ice And Weather Our Way job and wants to be somewhere she ll be difficult to find With falsified references of her previous experience at a London hospital Kitty blags her way inThe work is arduous and the days are long as the place is terribly understaffed but Kitty soon gets into the swing of things Her lack of real nursing ualifications does not hinder her and she uickly strikes up friendships with two of her fellow nurses Martha and Nina They gossip together and moan about sore feet and matron s edicts I really enjoyed the dynamics of their relationship An element of mystery is introduced when Kitty hears about the enigmatic Patient Sixteen who never comes out of his room and whom she discovers one has to have special clearance to visit Being one to take the opportunity to flout the rules Kitty manages to meet him and is astonished by what she discovers The author gradually builds a sense of menace We hear about strange noises the patients nightmares and ghostly apparitions There is clearly some sort of corruption going on which involves the visiting doctors and the house s owner There are also uestions surrounding the treatment or rather non treatment of the patients at Portis House and speculation as to why the previous owners disappeared so suddenly Bumps in the night a patient who shouldn t be there possible conspiracies Ms St James develops and intertwines her plot threads very cleverly and I was utterly engrossed in the story from start to finishSpeaking as someone who has a particular interest in the history of First World War I found the setting a mental institution for soldiers suffering from shell shock to be the novel s true strength Ms St James has clearly done her homework on the way these men were viewed treated and so badly misunderstood returned from one horror only to be plunged into another Removed from family and friends and branded insane they were locked away like criminals All of them are well rounded engaging characters and she skillfully evokes sympathy for their situationsThe writing and pacing of the story are excellent The action begins very slowly in the sense that the supernatural element is not introduced until we re well into the book but I was so caught up in the relationships between Kitty and the other nurses the stories of the various patients and speculating as to the identity of Patient Sixteen that I never had that feeling of wanting things to get moving I was happy to savour it all I loved that the author takes her time establishing her characters and setting I found her exploration of the way in which the men at Portis House were treated to be both informative and poignant Ms St James has created such a fascinating set of characters and backstories and established so well the conflicts between them that the gothic element was almost surplus to reuirements I would have been uite happy had the story been a straight mysteryI ve read a few reviews stating that the story seemed to lose impetus in the second half but I disagree I found myselfust as riveted by the later part of the story as the beginning which is in no small part due to the superb performance given by Mary Jane Wells Ms Wells is a new to me narrator but she has guaranteed herself a place on my narrators to trust list based on this performance aloneMs Wells narration is well paced and the character voices are sufficiently distinct in tone that there was. Portis House emerged from the fog as we approached showing itself slowly as a long low shadow In 1919 Kitty Weekes pretty resourceful and on the run falsifies her background to obtain a nursing position at Portis House a remote hospital for soldiers left shell shocked by the horrors of the Great War Hiding the shame of their mental instability in what was once a magnificent private estate the patien.

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