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Th greed realizing the has endless chances to take an advantage f all this guileness Piece f cake But bit by bit these pieces f cake begin conuering him and he s and prompted to bring good and keep at bay all the muddy ugliness f his past His evolution is paced and credible and I followed all his steps his confusion and all those longings he starts to let himself have He s the ne that made me laugh the most We truly were DIY, Dammit!: A Practical Guide to Curse-Free Crafting on the same page bumps fistSo here we are a policeman that takes no bullshit from Cam and watches every step Cam makes waiting for the smallestf mistakes r any slip up he can find and an exreo who knows exactly what Jackson is doing and tries to push every button f his and find every reason to drive Jackson mad When the shit finally hits the fan and an unexpected turn f events drives the plot to a different direction things are put in their place and everything begins to fit between them I liked how natural their relationship is no forced nor rushed conclusion whatsoever but a nicely done ending I found than satisfying I could perfectly picture them both happily together in the following yearsI even loved the secondary nes even when they are going to be sappy they were not When someone was going to fit into a certain stereotype they demonstrated they weren t going to When I thought the rhythm Civil rights, tool of communist deception of the story would get stuck there was yet another surprise that kept the action going When I believed the scene was going to beverstretched material was given so it never got drained So all in all this was a winner You are a lot different than I thought you would be A pleasant surprise I agree wholeheartedlyMore yummy picsview spoiler hide spoiler 45 stars I loved this book Set in a small friendly southern community Snakes Among Sweet Flowers tells the story f two men from very different backgrounds Cam Sanders who had an abusive childhood and spent most f his adult live in jail and Jackson Rhodes raised by two loving parents and following his beloved daddy s career in law enforcement When Cam moves to Hog Mountain Jackson has a hard time believing that Cam has turned Cutthroat over a new leaf and at first he s partially correct Cam may joke that he had his conscience surgically removed but he finds himself caring deeply about Sadie May and Junior s threeldest whom he hires to help fix up the An Eastern Orthodox Response to Evangelical Claims old farmhouse he purchased He becomes a better man with the helpf Ida and Charles who The Claiming of the Shrew oh so lovingly and kindly help him to do the right thing He learns to enjoy the simple pleasuresf a good life clean soft sheets sitting Summoned on the porch at night being content at the endf a hard day f workCam and Jackson move past enemies to begrudging acuaintances to friends and it takes a while for them to connect in a slow delicious burn I d have liked a bit about just Cam and Jackson since I felt I didn t get to know Jackson as well as Cam but I liked how their relationship developed and grew without any Huge Misunderstandings r Miscommunication And view spoiler when the sociopath Cam has been running from turns up in town Cam realizes that everyone he cares about is a target and the last part f the book is gripping and terrifying as Cam and Jackson race across town to save the people he loves hide spoiler Can I tell you a secret I was afraid f this book Which sounds completely irrational when I say that Baghdad, Mon Amour: A Journey of Exile and Return out loud but we re all friends here right So I know you won t judge me when I tell you I really really wanted to read this story but I was chewing my lip before chapterne was Dead Inside over I was nervous it might be too dark for my mood I was scared I wouldn t like the tarnished MC and I figured it was going to swerve sharplyne way r the ther at the love hate intersection Barely a uarter in and all my fears came true I wasn t that I just didn t like Cam but I despised him My throat was tight my stomach roiled and I thought about taking a break However the writing was smooth and I held The Taste of Spruce Gum onto the hope that it was clever craftinessf the author which made me feel so ill Bravo If the goal was to have me hate Camden Sanders it was a success And then it happened My favorite thing Huffman Black twisted my disgust into affection and before I knew it I was picking up my pom poms and cheering for Cam People can change Faith trust and love are powerful and a potent combination And curve balls flying ut f books kick ass Right She Stoops to Conquer or wrong Goodr evil Perhaps I should exchange the Slow Getting Up: A Story of NFL Survival from the Bottom of the Pile or for and because I believe we allwn both good and bad Cam Sanders has made many mistakes in his life but his biggest mistake was thinking he could continue to feed his wicked side while surrounded by goodness It was easy to lie cheat and steal when his backyard was vast and unknown but when he decided to plant roots in a small uiet town his entire world shifted Orb on its axis Trustingld ladies should be an easy mark dirty kids with an empty belly should be an annoyance and the local boy in blue empty belly should be an annoyance and the local boy in blue be anything but a magnet Should should should Nothing is going according to his plan He had a great plan right Keep his head down keep running his shifty schemes and hide from his past Too bad his past is like a pesky shadow he can t shakeJackson loves his town and the people in it Admiring his father and his work it nly seemed natural for him to "follow his daddy s footsteps in law enforcement The crime rate in Hog Mountain has always been at a "his daddy s footsteps in law enforcement The crime rate in Hog Mountain has always been at a there mark and this suits Jackson just fine When a sexy heavily inked stranger moves into town Jackson itches with unease He can t tell if his assumptions are justified but he sure as hell can t deny his fierce attraction to this bad boy For a town with no secrets he s successfully hidden his and has no plans to reveal it But sometimes secrets have a way f slipping ut regardless f Multi-Family Therapy our desiresWhat s to like I can close my eyes and see Hog Mountain It s created with such fine detail I feel like I know it as if I ve been there I adore the nosy neighbors andverbearing family I love the lessons and the unconditional love I m so happy Cam mistook this community as National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America, 7th Edition one to vanish into because fortunately for him nothing goes unnoticed in Hog Mountain It was pure circumstance that brought him into the limelight and then his conscious got the betterf him I loved watching him suirm Babysitter Caretaker What Who do these people think he is Turns ut they know him better than he knows himselfWhat s to love Opposites collide as clothes are destroyed good vercomes evil in a heart stopping way and love prevails by the skin f their teeth The storytelling blew me away It s not an easy feat turning my stubborn feelings from ne corner A History of Prophecy in Israel, Revised and Enlarged of the ring to thether I was angry and anxious and finally awestruck What a phenomenal debut novel It was an intense emotional roller coaster Count in me for whatever s next to come in JHB s bookshelf Anda big shout Think good thoughts about a pussycat out for the gorgeous coverBewaref The snake in the garden Don t forget bookshelf Anda big shout One, Two, Three Me out for the gorgeous coverBewaref The snake in the garden Don t forget snakes shed their skin and have the uncanny ability to start anew A touch f religion plays a small part but it s neither verbearing Sex and Lust in Tijuana: True Sex Stories of the Tjamigos orppressive I d also advise you to hang n tight for shocking scenes may induce bookkindlenook droppingThis book is for Bad boy lovers good boy lovers and those that believe change is possibleeven when we least expect itBook UNfunk No fficial rating I d rather review than rate it Review posted June 28 2016 Man I don t know who you banged last night but it must have been epic I ve never heard anybody that loud during sex If you do that chick again I suggest a ball gag Tea for Ruby or something People are trying to sleep you know Tom seemed unconcerned and gave a large yawn that showed sharp fangs to convey his sentiment Look I feed you asshole At least act embarrassed that I had to be privy to your man whorin Cam scolded without heat andffered another scratch before getting up and heading down the steps toward the banged up Silverado beside the houseSame as 2897341 The Life of Saint Philip Neri other romance books There was plentyf chuckling eating if you re hungry just knock at their door and ask for a casserole talk about buying and eating food sitting n the porch and listening to bugs and enjoying the silence And honestly I have no clue how Cam is going to make a living when he never earns any money with his new business But hey he has stashed away a bunch f bills that will keep him afloat maybe for the rest f his life ETA Jus. Blems with this plan One is the neighborly citizens f Hog Mountain thwarting his dirty dealings at every turn with their kindness Another is Jackson Rhodes a closeted Hog Mountain police fficer who can see right through Cam’s. T at the end f the story Cam conveniently seemed to reel in some customers who will pay for some pricey work Oh and speaking The Whistle Pig of romancethis is supposed to be a romance right Around the 35% mark there is a sex scene view spoilerbetween Camne f the MCs and Grant a slimy secondary character hide spoiler As I m seeing dozens f 5 star reviews for this book I can t help but wondering what I m missing I mean I enjoyed this story but I m not raving ver it like some f the Church Planting Is for Wimps: How God Uses Messed-Up People to Plant Ordinary Churches That Do Extraordinary Things other reviewers I love a book that features an antihero and that is certainly what we have here Cam is a small time crook who moved his con to a rural town in the hopesf escaping his enemies and starting A Stepdaughter In Heat over He isn t looking to reform his bad boy ways and at the startf the story I promise you that you will want to smack him He begins the book as a callous man and I really enjoyed watching him slowly transform into something maybe not softer but caring I liked the verall story arc a great deal even if I had some issues with how the ending went down melodrama alert However I think my main sticking point was the writing style While ther people seem to enjoy the straightforward way that Jason Huffman Black writes I found his style to be blunt and too simplistic He writes very direct prose and while that may appeal to some readers I found myself wanting something evocative It isn t that Jason Huffman Black s style is bad it s just that I didn t find it to be a good fit for my reading tastes The romance was there but I wasn t blown away by it This book is pretty far from a mushy romance with most Rufus of the feelings between the two MCs going unsaid during the story While I appreciated that the romance was different from a lotf romance novels that I ve read I found myself wanting a deeper connection there I think part f the reason that I wasn t feeling the connection as much was because Cam doesn t reveal a lot f his emotions to the readers even though we have his POVI totally understand why people love this book It was a good story about a man who finds acceptance and love in a small town side note the supporting characters are all fabulous in this story However it wasn t a story that I ll be thinking about days from now Copy provided in exchange for an honest review If you think the covers goodwait until you read the book I admit it I took You Are a Miserable Excuse for a Hero!: Book One in the Just Make a Choice! Series one look at this cover and it was lust at first sight My brain screamed that I needed to read this book and then I did the worst thing I could possibly do I read the blurbwell that was it I was finished I needed this book Sometimes cover lust is a good thing and in this case it wa I d read the authors short stories previously and was really anxious to get my hoovesn his debut novel His writing is incredibly smooth and easy to read the kind where you don t even realize you re reading because you re so engrossed in the story and then you look up and two hours have passed and his style transitioned from short story to novel easily I couldn t believe how uickly the 240 pages went by and I wasn t even close to ready to let the characters goAnd h my the characters Cam is so flawed yet so amazing I was rooting for him from the beginning Even when he disappointed me I still rooted for him And I think that s what made him so memorable the author didn t try to sugarcoat his shortcomings r excuse them in any way Cam knew what he was about and he wanted to change but didn t really know how and was a little lost in the town Women and Social Work: Towards a Woman-Centered Practice of Hog Mountain Somef my favorite moments were when he would get angry when people were being nice to him His confusion was just so darn cute yet completely understandable He didn t exactly grow up in a friendly environment and being that he actually had a conscience a tough thing to have for a con it made me believe his evolution from predator to neighbor throughout the book Cam left the restaurant with a grumble at the unexpected customer service Sean called ut a sincere Have a great day as the door was swinging closed behind him What was wrong with these people Not that it wasn t great to have an entire town full f suckers who thought being neighbors meant being neighborly But did they have to be so nice about it Jackson is the golden boy cop who grew up in Hog Mountain and is very protective f the townfolk He doesn t trust Cam from the get go and with good reason The banter back and forth between the two "of them was fun to read There was an bvious attraction but there was nothing forced to move " them was fun to read There was an Sins of Treachery obvious attraction but there was nothing forced to move story along The relationship evolved as Cam s enlightenment did making the hard earned ground the two made that much satisfying to read Jackson is deep deep deep in the closet and my heart broke for the guy and the life he couldn t live becausef itCam s past comes back to him and the dude is hella scary with no compunctions about taking ut his frustrations with Cam n the small town that Cam has begun to think My Grandfather's Prison: A Story of Death and Deceit in 1940s Kansas City of as home Before Harold wreaks havocn Hog Mountain though Cam has been ingrained into the fabric f everyday life really by accident and honestly this was my favorite theme throughout the book I really appreciated how the author handled small town life So ften the small town becomes a caricature Whos Next? Guess Who! of a place that the reader expects insteadf another character in the book that adds to the depth f the story Yes Hog Mountain is a small town but the people who live there are not just small town yokels with backwards sensibilities and a permeating homophobic bent throughout Not that Cam and Jackson for that matter knew therwise Hog Mountain is no different than any Papi's Gift other place in that there are a myriadf personalities and beliefs just like in the city but because there are fewer bodies gossip travels faster and some attitudes are magnified just from the sheer lack f human traffic But the author didn t rely n that trope to build the setting he let the citizens have their voices and let them share their experiences with Cam and Jackson giving the whole town dimension and personalityThe towns lder generation was brilliant Sure maybe just a smidge too good but they embodied what we should all strive to be like in ur golden years Church was a big part グライネリエ 1 [Grainerie 1] of their lives not that the story had a lotf religious undertones but just enough to make the small town aspect believable and the attitudes relevant and for the most part they heeded the adage Do to thers as you would have them do to you The characters that became part f Cam s life remembered their wn past mistakes and regrets shared them with Cam and really showed him that change and redemption was attainable I could feel the hope radiating ff The First Socialist Society: A History of the Soviet Union from Within of Cam in those moments There was no telling Cam what to do there were meaningful anecdotes kindness and respect and then letting Cam do with them what he would And because Cam really was a good guy with a conscience he did the right thing It wasn t easy but it was important and it was meaningful The author really did an amazing job with those secondary characters and their interaction with Cam and Jackson I would be remiss if I didn t mention how much I LOVED Cam in full snark mode He loved stirring up shit when said shit needed stirring and it was hilarious It drove Jackson nutters but that was partf the fun Hog Mountain needed a little stirring and Cam s brand The Coming Revolution in Youth Ministry of forthright dialog was perfectly shocking while still being respectful enough to throw his targetff their game Also the kids the author his target File Under: Arson off their game Also the kids the author were well done for their ages and experiences They weren t precocious mini adult attention whores they were regular kids and the story was better for their presence Sure they were a vehicle for Cam s change and his journey towards becoming a responsible citizen but they were by no means an afterthought The family was fully fleshedut and just as important to the story Wicked Sense overall as they were to CamI would love to read about Jackson and his experiences with the town and his family That s not what this story was mainly about and too much detail would have beenverall too much given all the shit that got real in the end But I loved his heart and the scene towards the end in the Church and the sermon killed me to death in the best way I can t wait to see what the author comes up with next It will be an auto buy for meBuddy read and full review with fellow Uni Sheziss a copy f this story was provided for an honest revie. Good l’ boy act and plans to catch him red handed despite the attraction they both can feel But the biggest problem f all is that Cam’s past is threatening to catch up with him and it could mean trouble for than just himse. ,

Snakes Among Sweet Flowers

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25I am most definitely in the minority here but this book didn t really work for me Cam a former petty criminal moves to a small town buys an ld garage and begins working as a mechanic He scams people because he s a smooth perator and doesn t think much about anyone but himself Jackson a police fficer gets word f Cam s magical repair jobs not to be confused with magical blow jobs and begins to check up n Cam Jackson is a nice guy but judgmental He decides Cam is no good before he really gets to know him The book moseys along and I do mean mosey Almost nothing happens for the first half Dobys Lessons (Brats in Training of the story Jackson visits with town people Cam takes caref his cat The prose is plain straightforward and stripped down That seems to appeal to many readers but the lack The Texan Meets His Match of evocativeness and tension bored me I couldn t connect with the settingr the characters At 37 percent Cam has sex n page with a secondary character That pretty much killed the story for me Cam slowly changes and comes to care for people and Jackson realizes that Cam has a kind heart hiding beneath the tats and bad boy persona The focus f the story is how Cam finds acceptance in the small community f Hog Mountain The romance is not absent but certainly sparse the men don t even become a couple until the 70 percent markI was expecting passion not steam necessarily but a deeper connection between the men Alas there is some serious melodrama fuckery at the end when Cam s past comes back to bite him in the arse but this wasn t exciting as much as annoying I think this is a case f it s ME not you read the positive reviews and give this The Heretic's Handbook (Kindle Single) one a go if the blurb strikes your fancy 35 StarsI liked thisne But I don t think I loved it I found this to be a sloooooooow burn And up until around 50% the MCs Blue Guide New York only have a handfulf interactions with each ther And even after the 50% mark they aren t a couple until the very end I liked the story line and the second chance theme But I really felt like this book was about that then the actual romance between Jackson and Cam There is very little steam in this book maybe 2 3 sceneswith the big finale happening literally n the last pages Monsieur de Saint-George: Virtuoso, Swordsman, Revolutionary: A Legendary Life Rediscovered of the book I wasn t terribly up in arms about this I did like both Cam and Jackson I think the slower moving plot especially in the first half combined with the lower levelsf romance I just couldn t love this Garden of The Gods one Still a good read and I ll definitely read from this author Received from the author for an honest reviewThis wasne f the best books I ve read this year It s a story f redemption set in small town Hog Mountain Written with a southern style and charm it just invites you to set spell kick your shoes The Fruits of Graft: Great Depressions Then and Now off and grab a glassf iced tea Camden Sanders has been a con man and a thief all f his adult life in Atlanta Spent two terms in prison he is looking to avoid a third stay by breaking from the gang he ran with Hog Mountain seems just like the perfect place to set up shop and start running small auto repair scams n the local rubes What Cam doesn t count Musical Mathematics: On the Art and Science of Acoustic Instruments on is the small town friendliness missing in the city deputy Jackson Rhodes sharp eye and three wonderful kids Jackson camen strong which put me Goig off him at first with his tough cop attitude He was the town s golden boy but I came to like himnce I got past the facadeI grew up in a community like Hog Mountain and reading this beautifully written story was a bit Where Alligators Sleep of going back home I laughed shed a few tears and just felt a little sad when it ended Mr Huffman Black created two fun main characters in Camden and Jackson and used his magic to bring them from enemies to lovers The secondary characters are well developed and fleshedut The story is well paced and definitely character driven It s a story to get lost in and Saraswati Park one I ll definitely read again I am anxiously waiting for Mr Huffman Black s next novel Move along move along Nothing to see hereReally move alongOnef the first things you realize about the book I ve just read is that my kindle is totally hightlighed And if you begin reading all those uotes I decided to emphasize you notice very few are emotive sentences Ten Weeks with Chinese Bandits or poetic paragraphs They are not at all wise nor epic No what I underlined here were thoughts dialogues actions that really made it for me Because they were clever spotn neat and they followed my train f thought They put into words exactly what I was thinking at the same pace I was forming them It s as if the author was a step ahead f my mind and noting down exactly what I was going to say Every remark that threatened to come Young And Naive, Wasted Years outf my mouth was suddently silenced with ink I meant kindle ink f courseIt may sound creepy but in truth I love it when an author doesn t treat me ink f courseIt may sound creepy but in truth I love it when an author doesn t treat me an idiot When he doesn t expect me to buy the story blindly and be content with accepting what s being thrown at me for me to pick it up and say Well if you say so No he kept giving me reasons here and there about WHY I should go Israeli Soldier Girl on He kept giving reasons not hoping for me toverlook the corniness Understories or the idyllic life in Pleasantviller the gradual change Commissar of a twice reo andportunistic scammer and the development Commissary Kitchen: My Infamous Prison Cookbook of that closeted boy next door local policemanThis was damn good stuff indeedYes I admit the book got me curious due to the cover Nobody can blame me right It s the first I ve readf this author and that s always risky but the pull was strong nonetheless When I began the reading I instantly noticed ne thing the uality It was uite bvious since the very beginning this wouldn t another clumsy try The Firebrand Legacy of a novel This was indeed a solid novel It s like being given a piecef bread to dip it in the yellow liuid Making Instruments Count on the dish and recognizing virgin extralive The Kangaroo Pouch: A Story About Gestational Surrogacy For Young Children oil instantly with no doubt whatsoever I don t consider myself an expert taste tester and surely my taste buds are different from everyone else s but I could easily foresee this would be something big That s when Jason really got my attention and I m pleased to say it didn t fade ever since Jason is like the voice that spoke directly to me no bullshit and no excuses getting in the middle just brutal honesty and neat smartness That s the word this book is smart in every sense that mattersIt may be shocking to say I laughed a lot here Buth my God I really laughed Constantly I was so delighted and happy as a clam you wouldn t believe It s not a humorous book if that s what you are thinking In truth there is nothing hilarious per se here Just the pposite serious matters are at stake for the most part f the novel "No It S Just That I Felt "It s just that I felt in sync with the characters that every thought f theirs hit the exact target within me and I couldn t hold my joy and exhilaration for too long I was a total fan f them I was in the first row in the threatre cheering them up and fangirling in an embarrassing way I even feigned a faint Yes I know I have no dignity Shut upAnd then we have to talk about the chemistry and the I hate you Treat on sight banter Best aphrodisiac ever it promised that when this animosity between them solved there would be a long delicious catch up and THAT S when I wouldf course grab my tons Ramayana Vol 1 of bread I had been preparing awhile inrder to dip it into all that mouth watering live il served n a silver platter for my enjoyment nly And I don t mean the sex Well that s not the Desire Lines only reason at least am am Why the here girl Was it really necessary Shut upI loved the characters They were real they were clearly defined and totally believable and with depth Jackson is fantastic The ideolised golden boy everybody adores but whose life is not as perfect as everybody is lead to believe He s scaredf coming ut and he doesn t exactly have it in his agenda to be honest about it publicly Oh no that s the last thing n his listThe Spanish flag Seriously What the fuck is wrong with you girl whistlesHowever I have to admit Cam was the ne for me He is this distrustful shady guy who believes the world s nly for me He is this distrustful shady guy who believes the world s Clicking only is to make him harm His attitude his tattoos his do not fuck with me expression don t exactly invite people to confide in him but surprisingly everybody trusts him above all when he s willing to be charming and seductive and at this stake nobody can resist him which shocks and frustrates him to no end When he comes to Pleasantville Hog Mountain everybody seems so nice and neighborly he doesn t know how to respond In the beginning he rubs his hands wi. Two time ex con Camden Sanders has decided that Hog Mountain an isolated communityn the utskirts f Atlanta Georgia is the perfect place to continue running small scams without the threat Six-Fingered Stud of prison time But there are a few pro.