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I need a moment to compose myself because I have just read the BEST trilogyEVERI am literally speechless which is a rare thing for me but I have no words to describe how much I LOVED this seriesFrom the get go I was hooked and at times I forgot that Tara Riley and Cole were not real people They voked such strong A Wanted Man (Silhouette Intimate Moments, emotions within me I found myself literally needing a breather when things got tough And let me tell you there are times when things got so freakin tough I was bouncing in my seat with anticipationI found myself switching from Team Cole to Team Riley about 100 times throughout this book but my love for Cole prevailed because he s my number one book boyfriendI won t give too much away butxpect the unexpected and be prepared to laugh cry scream gasp and just swoon swoon and swoon because Songbird Freed is simply amazingTeam Cole Forever I m finding it hard to write my review for Songbird Freed because of all the clich s and superlatives that I have running through my head Did I like it NO I l LOVED ITLisa Edward left me hanging off a very steep cliff at the My Spy (Mission: Impassioned, end of Songbird Caged and honestly I didn t know which way this book was going to go The uote from Cole before chapter one started also threw me for a loop But not only did I not know what was going to happen I wasn t sure what I wanted to happen Songbird Freed held my attention from the very first page until the very last I honestly could not read this book fastnough I may or may not have sent Lisa Edward a PM at 2 am in the morning because I was completely gobsmacked Sorry I Couldn T Think I couldn t think a better word by something that happened I also may or may not have used the words OMG I hate you right now Needless to say I kept reading a little longer okay a lot longer I don t think I have Until You Loved Me (Silver Springs, experienced so many ups and downs while reading a book but since I hate predictable stories I was in reader heaven Thending left me in a puddle in my lounge chair I loved it but I was also sad because I knew the Songbird Trilogy was finished I gave Songbird Freed 5 The Baby Album exploding stars because normal stars weren t goodnoughWritten by Karen from A Thousand Lives Book Blog Wow that was uite the roller coaster ride filled with a ton on angst but a really good conclusion to the series If you are a fan of love triangles slurry moles and lots of angst this is definitely your type of readSongbird Freed picks right up where we left off in Songbird Caged Riley is alive and back so what will this mean for Tara and Cole Will the triangle continue or is Cole truly the oneI must start off by saying right from the first book Songbird I was TeamRiley and still am There was just something about him from the moment he was first brought into the story he was hot and sexy and the perfect BBF in my mind and then throw in very masculine military man and truly he was it for me Nothing and no one could change my mind about him Even in Songbird Caged there were some TeamRiley turned TeamCole but I only loved him and then this book the author really took Riley s character up a level and I loved him ven than I did in the first two and I truly thought that was not possible but it turned out I was wrong WE really got to see his true character in this book as well as how much he truly loved taratara tara tara what can i truly TaraTara Tara Tara what can I truly about Tara other than I absolutely hated her from the beginning of book one to the very nd of this one she was such a selfish bitch and she truly didn t deserve the love of Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., either of these two guys IN my honest opinion she deserved tond up alone the way she played both of these guys through all of the books but specially in this oneAlthough I wasn t a fan of Cole and his selfish ways that at times was just at bad as Tara there were moments that I truly warmed up to him in this book He did love Tara and when he finally got his head out of his ass he proved it to her how muchOverall the series was a really good read that kept me ngaged and at time Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, enraged LOL It had some great angst some reallymotional and heartbreaking moments and really had COMPLETED SERIES AVAILABLE ON KINDLE UNLIMITEDI’ve always believed we controlled our own fate That life was a journey with many roads and the choices we made could shape our futureLife presented me with two paths I chose oneWas I rightAfter the uncertainty. Ome really great OMGWTF moments One thing I would like to mention though is the one thing that made This Book A 4 Star book a 4 star me rather than a 5 star view spoilerand it wasn t cause my guy wasn t the chosen one I am kind of glad in my mind she didn t deserve Riley hide spoiler I was gifted a copy of the book by the author in Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) exchange for an honest review Thank you hun Songbird Freed was just the right antidote to put me out of my misery for this love triangle of a trilogy Tara has to make hard a choice and with that couldnsue one two or potentially three broken heartsShe thinks she has found happiness with Cole but when news comes to reveal that Riley is still alive she is once again thrown into the crossroads and torn between these two men that she desperately loves Author Lisa Edward really upped the ante in this conclusion I just didn t know what Tara was going to do but when she did make her decision she never looked back GoTaraWith all the motional turmoil the anguish that Tara Cole and now Riley are in I was prepared to be in for some tears And I was rightAt the beginning I was personally into Riley although I did like Cole s bad boy dge But as the series went on I realized Cole was suited for her and with it my opinion changed to favoring Cole over Riley for TaraWho will TARA choose Cole Or Riley And with the stakes and repercussions so high how will verything turn out Read and you will find out A stunning conclusion to a wonderful and breathtaking three part saga that left my wow I am not one for giving 5 star reviews but this

sure deserves it I had option on who Tara should nd up with but respected the author to make the best decision for the story line I will not tell you who was picked and how the story went because I think that Gilligan Unbound everyone deserves a chance to read it This book does tell us what happened to Riley during that time that we all thought that he was dead It also tells us what happened to Cole and whether or not he can hold onto the girl now that they know Riley is alive I like how we finally get the full story on Cole and how he came to be the way he is with his family and what the reasons are behind it This also gives us some insight into some things that happen on military bases and again shows the strong bonds that are formed within a unit I would like to say but I do not want to give away any of the twists and turns in this book I like the reader toxperience them for themselves I would recommend this book to anyone and Gone for Soldiers everyone It is not meant as a stand alone the other two books in this trilogy have to be read first for this one to makes sense This is an amazing book with an amazing story that makes you fall in love with that special someone all over again If you have not started this trilogy start it immediately you will not be sorry Just wowWhat an amazing series this is one of those stories that has all the feels Pulls you in so many different directions def 100% a tear jerker i may have ugly cried at a couple of different chapters A year ago I read this debut novel Songbird It was a love triangle so of course that intrigued me The female lead was strong and independent and I loved that The men don t get me started on them A really GOOD triangle needs two strong competitors None should outshine the other thend result can t be obvious and with her Songbird triology Lisa Edward has truly succeeded with that Cole and Riley are optimal opponents I have loved following Tara Cole and Riley through these three novels and I must say Songbird freed really honor all characters No matter which team your on and you will get on a team trust me you will feel for all involved I fell for my guy head over heals from moment one but still couldn t help loving the other guy This complete triology is really captivating and you will smile swoon blush OMG scream and cry Songbird freed was a 5 star read for me I love this final book in the Songbird trilogy and can t wait to share it with Hotshot P.I. everyone Lisa Songbird Freed Songbird 3 by Lisa Edward 45 stars If you love someon. Of the last twelve months my destiny felt crystal clear I hadverything I wanted love happiness Until a life changing phone call rocked me to the core and turned my life upside down My past caught up to me shattering my perfect worldBut some things are wor.

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