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[elizabethan period Books] ePUB Soppy A Love Story by Philippa Rice – Epub and DOC

E can hear something He and Philippa go downstairs and nothing s there They decide to have a midnight snack The end Another couple pages has their power go out in the house They light candles and sit on the sofa Then the power comes back on The end Brilliant I couldn t stop laughing at how stupid all of this was I can t say I hated this if only for the way it kept making me laugh but this is definitely not a good comic book In fact it s barely a comic If you value cutesiness the Drawing Style Is Kawaii style is kawaii anime and banality over literally everything else a comic can offer Soppy is for you Find all of my reviews at popped up on my feed yesterday when my friend Matthew shelved it as a want to read It reminded me that I received this title as an ARC and since I m nothing but fail all the time after I read it I never posted a review this might be why my NetGalley never goes above 80% This was soooooooooooooooo not the selection for me It s geared toward that super lovey couple that makes everyone else gag like my friends Erica and Gabe Stolen without permission from Facebook because I m gangstaAnywho if you re like me and have been married for eleventy billion aka nearly 20 years you might find the cutesie little panels demonstrating young love nothing but a faint memory in the recesses of your mind While author Phillipa and her boyfriend Luke enjoy every moment of life together from sharing a lovey moment even while teeth brushing My house looks a little like this when it comes to trying to get some uality bathroom time At bedtime Phillipa and Luke happily compromise on bed position At my house we settle for a different sort of compromise Phillipa and Luke never hesitate to say I m sorry After being married this long we kind of fight like once a year but I make sure it s a humdinger when we do The one thing we know we don t agree on is television which is the main reason I created the woman cave aka reading room I can tell you TV together time would never look like this Mainly because And as for this HELL TO THE NAH I m looking for the first chance

I Have To Make This 
have to make this Sam s review of Soppy cracked me up He is the most delightful sort of curmudgeon and I m glad I found him on Goodreads ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley This was a perfectionSo simpleso peacefulso beautiful You can find the full review and about this book on my blog I read this is one breathIt is a story of two people falling in love and their ourney togetherIt s somehow a story of the author with her husbandsome moments she lived with himand it s about small gestures that make your life complete The art is so freaking awesomeIt s a combination or redwhite and black and god is it beautifulWhat I loved mostlyis the way the characters are madeThere is not much going on on this bookbut this never gets boringand it felt me want to read I highly recommend this book to anyoneit will make you happyIt made meSo pick it up. Nts with her boyfriend From grocery shopping to silly arguments and snuggling in front of the television SOPPY captures the universal experience of sharing a life together and celebrates the beauty of finding romance all around us. .

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This book caught me on exactly the right day I was cranky and whiny and generally in a bad moodAnd this book totally cheered me up It helps to know that in this heterosexual couple the dude is Luke Pearson of Hildafolk fame Rice chronicles the early stages of moving in modern romantic love How the simple things seem important how two different people can approach the same activity and sometimes it s a struggle to reconcile those approaches and sometimes it s ust adorable to notice it This book though uite short and largely wordless made me laugh and made me cry and hit me in the feels When do you change yourself to adhere to another and when do you insist on staying yourself What activities do you enjoy doing togetherIt doesn t hurt that I moved in with a partner for the first time in the last few months so everything hit WAY close to homeThe title isn t a lie so definitely beware if you may not be receptive to suishy loveydoveyness This is exactly what I needed today So stinkin super cute Soppy is an unpretentious declaration of love Philippa Rice managed to put her heart in this book which is one of the cutest things I ve ever seenI lost count of how many times I smiled sighed happily and thanked God for having this kind of silly love in my life And that s the best part This comic is extremely simple but it surprises you and makes you say That s me or That s my significant other I ll cook if you wash up If you phone for the I ll answer the door other I ll cook if you wash up If you phone for the pizza I answer the door it arrives Come and see Les Mis rables with me and I ll see Batman with you This book goes straight to my favorites list ARC provided by Andrews McMeel Publishing via NetGalley Not all love stories have to be grandiose For something to be admirable it doesn t have to be rare or worthy of a dreamy romantic comedy movieSOPPY shows us exactly this It s about two people who meet spend time together fall in love want to spe AWWWWW IT S SO LOVELYI found some of Rice s webcomics online and suealed because they filled me with warmth and then my boyfriend surprised me with the physical book for Valentines day This is beautiful because it s about mundane every day moments that show real love between two people It s about a couple that has ust moved in together and about little sparks that happen in their new life together It made me want to hug everything You should read it It s so simple but so beautiful and endearing I would pick Soppy over many romance books published to date It isn t cheesy or cringe worthy and the best part about it is it s real An adorable graphic novel about a young couple and their experiences moving in together From silly banter about who should make tea to reading and cooking together Soppy captures love without needing to say it What a wonderful little book I like going into a book knowing as little about it as possible sometimes I d seen this book recommended somewhere and that it was a love story and assumed from the illustration style on the cover. True love isn’t always about the big romantic gestures Sometimes it’s about sympathizing with someone whose tea has gone cold or reading together and sharing a uilt When two people move in together it soon becomes apparent tha. This was a children s book Not so But I guess you could say the black and red
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of two childish looking are bound to appeal to our inner child in this touching and simple story about a couple falling in love moving in together and sharing life s intimate moments as a unit There are pages illustrating in a grid how the two move about in their sleep Pages where they are sharing a blanket or reading or showing how they go about their daily routines as individuals and coming together as a couple again There is very little dialogue and the illustrations do most of the speaking You know going in that with a title like Soppy you re in for a sappy love story and it does show all the best of happy coupledom we all long for in a very charming way that also seems recognizable and realistic Hurray for happy couples As MUCH AS I DISLIKED THIS COMIC IT DID GIVE as I disliked this comic it did give laughs than I ve had from any book for uite some time Philippa Rice and Luke Pearson are a couple of cartoonists in love Rice shares moments from their everyday life in Soppy where they brush their teeth together fall asleep on the couch together argue over who should make the tea answer the doorbell when the pizza delivery guy showsThis isn t really a story or collection of stories it s instead snippets of inane observations and sometimes they re not even that One page is literally Philippa and Luke hanging their washing Another page is the two holding hands in the rain Another is of the two sitting on the sofa reading When Rice does attempt a narrative they become ridiculous non stories In a four panel page Luke takes some pickles out of a ar and eats them He Luke takes some pickles out of a ar and eats them He over to kiss Philippa and she says Ergh Pickles That s it There s an eight panel page where Philippa looks for a pair of matching socks only to see Luke s wearing odd socks That s it Philippa takes her blanket into Luke s studio after asking him if she can read in there He says yes and she settles onto the floor to read That s it Zero insight or interest So why was I laughing Have you seen that Family Guy sketch The Even Couple starring Jeff Daniels and Bill Pullman Their life is very agreeable and Peter gets annoyed yelling There s no conflict in this movie before firing a missile at the screen That s what I kept thinking of the whole time there s no conflict or anything in this book It s ust scenes of two blissed out people The blurb says that this is about celebrating the small moments in relationships but who cares about that Those everyday moments are what everyone experiences why would you want to read a book about another couple who do the same boring stuff you do Moreover who wants to read about two happy people living a happy life together Happiness makes for such dull reading Though I suppose it does live up to its title The less anything happened the further into the book I read the funnier it got One page I refuse to call it a story has Luke waking up in the middle of the night thinking T the little things mean an awful lot The throwaway moments in life become meaningful when you spend them in the company of someone you love SOPPY is Philippa Rice’s collection of comics and illustrations based on real life mome. Soppy A Love Story