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[PDF] Sprezzatura 50 Ways Italian Genius Shaped the World AUTHOR Peter DEpiro –

Matrimonio a la Fuerza (Saga Londres, yW pages the accomplishments of Italian geniuses Read it beforeou go to Italy after Devils Gate (NUMA Files, you return or ifour interests include any of these subjects I ve dipped into it many times and have gifted it to friends I doubt it s ever been regifted This was good Being a non fiction historical chronicle I can t say that it was a page turner However the chapters on each achievement are short and interesting Plus the book is written in chronological order which worked well in that in broke up the subject matter I *Wish I Had Read *I had read before I went to italy last ear but i will to Italy last ear but I will with some new perspective last ear but I will return with some new perspective would be very difficult to point out another group of people that have had influence on the Western World Best chapters are Julius Ceasar Thomas Auinas Dante da Vinvi Columbus Garibaldi Montessori Ferrari and the chapter about Volta and electricity 415 Wonderful and in 50 bite sized chunks This was a marvelous little book which brought together and summarized all the many many contributions Italy has made to civilization from the everyday like the calendar violins and pianos accountingradio cuisine fashion and designetc to the most sublime art and architecture in the western world. Onteverdi to the beginnings of ballet and the creator of modern political science Niccolò Machiavelli Sprezzatura highlights fifty great Italian cultural achievements in a series of fifty information packed essays in chronological ord.

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Ut Italy s role in the history of literature art architecture design and theology Probably a better reference guide than a book to read from beginning to end This book was a gift from my flamboyant Art History Teacher in preparation for Italy Study Abroad It includes true accounts on the major players durring the Rennaissance in Florence and Rome So detailed I got a little lost but greatful for the way it made piazzas and cathedrals come to detailed I got a little lost but greatful for the way it made piazzas and cathedrals come to Switzerland gave us THE CUCKOO CLOCK AND CHEESE WITH cuckoo clock and cheese with Russia gave us vodka and matryoska dolls Over the last 2000 ears Italian engineers poets architects musicians artists and writers have given civilization the modern calendar the arch a road system that has endured since Caesar a model of laws and government of checks and balances a system of banking and insurance the first studies of anatomy astronomy and electricity And how can we value the contributions of Boccaccio Dante Bernini Da Vinci Michelangelo Brunelleschi Verdi and Puccini To name just a few geniuses whose creativity has not been surpassed In one book Sprezzatura compiles a list of 50 contributions Italy has given the world with historical essays that capture in a fe. Ery was coined in 1528 by Baldassare Castiglione in The Book of the Courtier No one has demonstrated effortless mastery throughout history uite like the Italians From the Roman calendar and the creator of the modern orchestra Claudio Without having read this et I have to comment that during my recent time in Italy I mentioned this word at least twice to time in Italy I mentioned this word at least twice to Italian friends and they Said Um That Means NothingPost Reading It Um that means nothingPost reading It good interesting and well written but dear me it was a slog I m not sure why Maybe it was just a little too wide ranging I think I zoned on some of the historical personages essays Some of my favorites unsurprisingly were the literary ones I enjoyed this book mostly except that I found that in some of the fifty great personalities The Life Was Taken From life was taken from almost word by word That aside it is a good book and I would recommend it but if compared to A Letterary Tour of Italy by Tim Parks this one looses a lot 50 reasons to love all things Italian This is not a book to read for hours on end I took my time and read a couple of chapters each day My new mantra is Sprezzatura I love the concept and Italian design truly epitomizes the term This book of essays is a good companion guide to other books set in historical Italy I have been surprised how often the word sprezzatura has appeared in novels and journals that I have recently read There is good background information abo. A witty erudite celebration of fifty great Italian cultural achievements that have significantly influenced Western civilization from the authors of What Are the Seven Wonders of the World“Sprezzatura” or the art of effortless mast.

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Sprezzatura 50 Ways Italian Genius Shaped the World