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Paul OGrady [Kindle ePUB or Pdf] Still Standing

When I Bachelor to the Rescue (Home to Dover, laughed outoud I Secrets At Maple Syrup Farm loved the path of becoming Lilly finding the courage to go from a mime act to aive act we came to knowThe book details the devastation that was AIDS HIV during the 1980 S Detailing The Heart Break Of s Detailing the heart break of friends the attitude adopted through fear ignorance and hatred that surrounded this disease It demonstrated the courage of the Gay community during this time and the courage of the drag acts Whispers Of The Heart like Lilly Savage Adrella and Regina Thong Through their charity work they raised awareness raised money and entertained and try to keep up the spirits of the community atargeThe part of the book that eft me with mixed feelings or slightly deflated was towards the end of the book You jumped from the 1980 s To The Present Day And Recounting Trips the present day and recounting trips China Tibet stage show and writing screen plays I know there is a ot of history in Paul s Unmasking the Marquess (Hold Your Breath, life but I would of preferred to know about his first big break into TV the transition from Drag star to one of our popular TV personalities It ruined the flow of this section of the book and evenost some of it s charm in the telling of a storyOverall I enjoyed the book it is not as funny as the first book but is better than the second book I Let Go love Paul he s so acid with his humour This book is just as good as his two previous ones Brilliant could not put it down Paul is the best Paul O Grady s third volume of autobiography is tinged with a kind of autumn sadness as so many of the astonishing characters it features are noonger with us At the same time it s just as sharp witty and packed with anecdote as either of the previous parts What sets O Grady apart from run of the mill ghosted celebrity twaddle is the he s genuinely interested in other people than himself So while there s a fine sprinkling of famous pals Cilla Beryl Biggins et al the stories about ordinary people his Mum Auntie Anne Vera Lalley Chrissie Murphy and of course Our Vera are every bit as observantly funny It s also a huge nostalgia trip if you re an 80s ueen Chatsfields Ultimate Acquisition like me and some of the people and places I knew as well as Paul did Remembering Rose Marie a genuine case of so bad she s good amateur drag from halcyon days of the Vauxhall Tavern an unprepossessingitt. S and the Vauxhall Tavern police raid to the mystery of who shot Skippy and the great chip pan fire of Victoria Mansions Paul emerges shaken but not stirred Still Standing will make you augh and make you cry Some of the stories might even make your hair curl But it stands as a glorious tribute to absent friends and to a world which has now all but vanished.

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Still Standing

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Bit repetitive in places but genuinely down to earth It s obviously been wrote with care and sentiment which shines through Another great book from Paul O Grady Frank honest you can almost hear him saying it Another brilliant read Very sad in places but a good read This is the second biography by Paul O Grady I HAVE READ AND HE REALLY DOES KNOW HOW TO read and he really does know how to a story This is another entertaining read that will bring a smile to your face as he relates the Lily Savage years Told in his uniue humorous and endearing style this is a very funny read but tinged with a Few Moving Stories Along The moving stories along the a book opens with a story about a naked dwarf tugging on someone s uilt moaning that they can t get into the toilet because a drunk Snow White has passed out behind the door you know what sort of book you are going to read The humorous stories keep coming and it is easy to imagine Paul O Grady telling them in his own genuine wayA heart warming collection of anecdotes from a man who knows how to tell a story I have read the previous
"Offerings From Paul And I "
from Paul and I he was right to split his ife up Major Westhavens Unwilling Ward like this and be able to tell stories The first two made meaugh out oud but this one didn t It was excellent though Of course he has struggled and this book does tell of some of the struggles and his indecision whether to carry on with Lily when things got tough I have read some reviews and some people felt that it wasn t cheery and as funny as his previous book containing a ot of deaths Well he s a gay man in his 50s his mother passed away and he s How to Disappear lostots of friends due to AIDS so I was not surprised and I do believe it has made a Act Like You Know lot of people think back to those times and I do remember all the rubbish that was going on at the timeThere were comments that they found it odd that heeft the book at his Mum s death but I think its timely because it was after then that he began his TV work starting with The Bill and to go through everything I think we would have been here forever I do A Guide to Americas Sex Laws like where he has added aittle about 2012 and I am sure we will hear from Paul If I had my wish I would ike to see Paul write a book containing some stories about him travelling the country as Lily Savage when he. Paul O'Grady shot to fame via his brilliant comic creation the blonde bombsite Lily Savage In the first two parts of his bestselling and critically acclaimed autobiography Paul took us through his childhood in Birkenhead to his first teetering steps on stage Now in Still Standing for the first time he brings us the no holds barred true story of Lily and the. Was making a real name for himself That would BE HILARIOUSIF YOU WANT TO READ THIS BOOK GO hilariousIf you want to read this book go but read the two previous ones first Funny and well written which is a rare thing in a autobiography Captures London in a time gone by And who doesn t ike a bit of drag I have ong been a fan of by And who doesn t ike a bit of drag I have ong been a fan of O of drag I have ong been a fan of O and have read his previous two books At My Mother s Knee The Devil Rides Out He always makes me Anthropology as Cultural Critique laugh and Iove his open honesty He s not afraid to say what he thinks and I admire thatThis book starts in the years just before Lily Savage came about Paul spends his time doing drag acts in seedy pubs and clubs with his friends this book is packed with reminiscent tales of their adventures successes and failures With a host of characters that would fit in well with any soap opera you Anyone ll beaughing and crying throughout this book Written with all of O Grady s charm and wit this book reads just as if he was talking to you and offers an in depth ook into his world and how he got to where he is todayThis book covers a ot of years of Paul s Boggs life however I was a bit disappointed that it didn t cover the years that he did Blankety Blank on TV as that was when I really got to know Lily Savage when I was growing up In some ways this book covers some of Paul s sadder years he goes through aot of Battleground Chicago losses and deaths but somehow still manages to remain his determined selfI m not a mass fan of autobiographies I have to be really interested in the person and I have to say Paul O Grady s are always a joy to read He s said that he has only planned for 3 but I hope he does another one This book does contain material that isn t suitable for younger audiences including drugs sex and a bit of violence I have just finished reading Paul O Grady s 3rd instalment of his autobiography which haseft me with mixed feelingsI really enjoyed the stories of performing around the UK in various different acts and groups The tales are set before Lilly found her Albert Camus legs and won the admiration and affection of the Gay scene and the public through his TV shows Ioved the tales of interactions the put down Bitter Choices lines and the description of the dives played It guaranteed a fewooks on the tube because of the smile on my face or. Rocky road to stardomPaul pulls no punches in this tale of bar room brawls drunken escapades and Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic liaisons dangereuses And that’s just backstage at the Panto Along the way we stop off at some extremely dodgy pubs and clubs and meet a collection of exotic characters who made the world aouder brighter and hilarious place From the chaos of the Toxteth riot.

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