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[read Stolen Voices Young People's War Diaries from World War I to Ira] ePUB AUTHOR Zlata Filipović

Galina leaving their families behind Some of them died some had to suffer and then die There were too many characters toist them all but all of them teach me an example to be strong on what I believe and to not Dead Boy let fear change what I think it is right How the way the book is written makes visualize the character s setting their face when they knew the police was going to get them for not following theaws or when they had to hide and then they would hear footsteps and they had to stay still for a while hoping they wouldn t get caught Then I would put myself in the situation and think how they could be so strong Every time I would read that book I was excited none of the pages were boring every day I was expecting something exiting I do recommend this book I really Mud and Stars liked it This is not a book for entertainment but rather an educational piece The editors did an excellent job at picking diaries from a diverse group This book truly saddened me but I wouldove to include some of these entries in my also multiple cats die this book I don t know why this fact disturbed me because it is a series of diaries from young people during times of horrible wars but I was especially disturbed by this The effects of war on young people are often forgotten Stolen Voices gives a voice to these very real people who faced war Readers will get glimpses into the ives of diaries from young people who were effected by wars from World War I to the Irai war that began Growing up I was fascinated by Historical Fiction and Historical Memoirs especially those connected to wartimes It wasn t necessarily the wars themselves that interested me catalogs of battles and strategies don t stick with me for very ong Rather it was the human experience and the changes one experiences during war that held my attention The published diaries of Zlata Filipovic and Ann Frank hold special spaces on my shelves Now they can be joined by Stolen Voices It is a collection of excerpts from fourteen war diaries of pre teens teens and young adults Some have been previously published but others are appearing in print for the first time I appreciate how the diaries reveal perspectives from opposing sides of some conflicts I am eager to not only share this title with my students but to also find ways to integrate it into the classroom setting It would be a great medium for cross curricular connections between the English Language Arts and History classroom. S today Profoundly affecting testimonies of shattered youth and the gritty particulars of war in the tradition of Anne Frank this extraordinary collection— the first of its kind—is sure to Eros Unbound (Great Loves, leave aasting impression on young and old readers ali. ,

Very interesting to hear about different wars from the voices of those who you do not normally hear The editors did a good job choosing a wide variety of diaries from many different sides of each conflict Interesting book to read about children who were affected during wars My favorite story was one on a war that I didn t have much prior knowledge on This as an anthology of young people s war diaries from World War I up to Ira It was painful to read because it really puts a face on war A few of the diaries particularly stood out to me one from a Jewish girl who got sent to England to save her from the Nazis She ived with a foster family and filled her diary with her Mes recettes au baby-robot longing to see her mother and her home again There was also a journal from a Japanese American in an internment camp He filled his pages with humor and kindness andoyalty to the US despite the injustice it was committing against him The Ira war diary held me in a completely different place because we still don t know how that story endsThe end of every diary had an afterward where the editors La Stratgie du camlon let us know what became of the diarists I cringed at the beginning of each afterward because I didn t want to hear that the diarist hadn t made it through the war as many of them didn t I think every official who has the power to declare war should read this book This is a selection of diary entries from tweens and teens who experienced war either on the home front or on the frontines during the 20th century It was most illuminating to see how their perspectives on war changed over the course of their entries and
the different diariests The early seemed so in favor of war and wanted to "go and fight themselves But by the end of the century every diarist believed from the "and fight themselves But by the end of the century every diarist believed from the that all war was horrible Another consistent theme was deprivation doing without food elecrticity etc I felt sympathy for all of these children Even the boys out fighting in their diaries they seem so ignorant of the reasons they are fighting and want only to get on with it and get home It really drove home how most soldiers have very Personality Selling little chance to determine anything in theirives Another interesting juxtaposition was between the diaries of an Israeli girl and a Palestinian girl Both felt so sure that their side was in the right but neither could put a finger on why there was any fighting going on the first place and just wished it could stop It was uickly evident however how much the Pales. From the author of the international bestseller Zlata's Diary comes a haunting testament to how war's brutality affects the Lissa lives of young people Zlata Filipovic's diary of her harrowing war experiences in the Balkans published in 1993 made her Tinian girl was suffering from the conflict Both just wished it would end and there could be peace One thing that was too bad was that all the entries were American European or Middle Eastern soarge portions on the globe were eft unrepresented Of course the editors were aware of that they said it was very hardnext to impossible to get young people s diaries from other parts of the world where things were too desperate for writing most folks were illiterate or there was no cultural trend most folks were illiterate or there was no cultural trend journaling A very sad book Not a book for entertainment but for perspective and education I really enjoyed this bookSo many books about World War I and II explain how it books about World War I and II explain how it each country but it was a nice change to get first hand accounts Each diary was interesting to read and I could not help but keep reading I bought this book for one of my history classes I only needed to read four of the diaries but I could not help but continue reading I could feel myself getting really involved in the teens ife and I sometimes ended up crying when I found out some of them had diedThe one diary that really sticks with me was Nina Kosterina who was a 12 15 year old in Moscow during Woprld War I So much of her diary wass talking about friends school and boys she Napoleons Military Machine Operations Manual liked It just seemedike the diary of anyone of the girls I grow up with so I started see her as one of the girls I went to school with and when I read that she was killed on the Russian front it was almost She Wants It likeosing a friendThe other one that caught my attention was Hoda Thamis Jebad who was 18 19 years old in 2003 2004 during the Ira War What really struck me was that she was Colorist's Special Effects 2: Step-by-step coloring guides. Improve your skills! living in a war zoneosing friends and not attending school I was around 15 at the same time and my Becoming Hispanic-Serving Institutions life was so normal it never occurred to me when i was watching the news with my parents that children wereiving through the war I guess I wanted to believe it was a war between armys were normal citizens were not involved All in all this book is a really good read it makes you appreciate the ife that you have I recommend this book to anyone who enjoyed reading The Diary of Anne "Frank and if you have not then this is a good book that "and if you have not then this is a good book that you glimpses of childrens ife during war Stolen Voices by Olara AOtunnu is a book of young people that wrote diaries during World War I to the war in Ira This book is very interesting in a way that makes you think what you would have done in their place The kids had to hide from people or. Globally recognized spokesperson for children affected by military conflict In Stolen Voices she and co editor Melanie Challenger have gathered fifteen diaries of young people coping with war from World War I to the struggle in Ira that continue.

Free read Stolen Voices Young People's War Diaries from World War I to Ira

Stolen Voices Young People's War Diaries from World War I to Ira