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Strip Search [Pdf epub] BY Shelley Bradley

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Strip SearchWhat a rideShelley Bradley knows how to write intense sensual and motional love stories like no other She takes you on a journey of Dark Awakening emotions and feelings that leaves you wondering afterwards what the hll just hit youAnd for this book I m notven talking about the smoldering love scenes the fast paced and suspenseful plot or that yummy alpha male Mark who goes undercover as a stripper and the feisty and smartass owner of the strip joint Together they just make the dialogues combust in flames not to mention what they make the love scenes do Don t get me started on that because then this review would never get finished and it certainly wouldn t pass any PG 13 ratingI had an amazing time reading this book and to think I picked it because I wanted something contemporary so it would be an Hawks Way (Hawks Way easy uncomplicated read Uncomplicated it sure wasn t it was intense fast pacedmotional and hotWith a plot that was well written be it a little bit predict 35 stars read as a rerelease STRIP SEARCH is the second storyline in Shayla Black s aka Shelley Bradley Sexy Capers contemporary romance mystery series This is Mark Sullivan s story and we first me Mark in Bound and Determined as his sister was struggling to prove his innocence in a multi million dollar theft at the bank where he workedStrip Search begins approximately a year or after Bound and Determined Our hero Mark is now divorced from his wife his sister is married to the man she abducted and Mark is now working for his brother in law s corporate investigations firm His latest assignment will pit him against some of the people involved with his Family Men ex wife and her attempts to pin the theft of millions of dollars on MarkNicki is the owner of a Vegas strip club and Mark is going undercover as a stripper in an attempt to seduce his way into Nicki s bed andventually her books With an FBI operative non responsive Mark must go in blind to try and discover who and what is responsible for the money laundering and missing millions in the Vegas club But to Mark s surprise Nicki doesn t seem like the type of person to launder millions but her infamous mafia family is in the FBI s sightsThe sexual relationship between Nicki and Mark is sensual and Creative Participation entertaining but there is a biglephant in the room as it pertains to Mark He is a man unable to get past his Sabina Spielrein ex wife s betrayal and it is affecting his relationship with Nicki He can no longer trust anyone andveryone becomes a suspect Cognitive Radio Networks even the woman who has declared her love for him Mark is the male version of many of the female heroine s in romance novels He is so disillusioned and heartbroken that he sabotagesvery attempt at happiness he willingly hurts Nicki at Personnel Management in Government every opportunity usingmotional cuts and bruises He is the pitome of bi polar personality both This is a very good whodunit without a murder The theme is learning to trust Mark was introduced in Bound and Determined to which this is the seuel I feel one should read the two of them one after the other although this also works well as a stand alone This book appears to be set roughly a year after the action in the first story My dition lists the author as Shayla Black writing as Shelley BradleyNicki is a nightclub owner seemingly unaware that someone in her club is using the operation to launder money for the mob Accountant Mark is working undercover as a male The Time It Never Rained exotic dancer with stage fright no less to find out whether she is the guilty party or not The guilty party has been setting her up to take the fall Mark s motivation is that the unknown guilty party is probably the same one who helped his currentlyx wife set him up to take the fall for a crime in Bound and Determined Naturally this has made him suspicious of any woman s motives and honesty His parents The Child of the Soul and Other Stories early deaths also tend to make him unwilling to commit in a relationshipI liked that Mark s previousxperiences and analytic nature prevented the character from making the Childrens Phantasies error of I ve fallen for her so she must be innocent He cites his tendency to fall forvil women like his x The fact that Nicki is not vil and Mark is uncertain causes some misunderstandings that serve to forward the action and strain the relationship This is xcellent plottingWe are given a lot of Mark s thinking and feelings than Nicki s She is portrayed as a class A bee yotch when running her club The biggest weakness of this book is that rather than having incidents illustrate and reveal this part of her character the author just has people say it about her She is described rather Than The Reader Coming To the reader coming to her This is the same thing I did not like about Jane Austen s writing The contrast between Nicki s dominant personality outside of the bedroom and the sexual submission Mark inspires in her would have been much powerful had Bradley fixed the problemAs to the sex scenes hot hot hot hot hot This story straddles the line between steamy romance and rotic romance The sex scenes actually serve to forward the plot and to illustrate theme and characterization so whichever side of the line one feels the book falls upon matter less than the fact that few authors in the romance genre can say the same of their sex scenes Well done Ms Shelley BradleyShayla Black or whatever you name really is copyright shows an LLCMany of THE SECONDARY CHARACTERS ARE NOT VERY WELL DRAWN THAT secondary characters are not very well drawn That not affect the story but it might have been better had they been Too bad so sad and all thatAs to the crime being solved I like that the reader is sometimes left in doubt as to whether Nicki is guilty or innocent The climactic scene of the whodunit seemed a bit contrived to me but it served to create a rift in the relationship that seemed insurmountable The later climactic scene If the Feds want to nail a Mafia kingpin they need a trap Enter Mark Sullivan totally built for the job to go undercover as a male st. My hands on a copy of this one I don t know why it took me so long to buy it but I decided to finally sit down and read itWe are introduced to Mark who happened to be the heroine s brother from the first book when Rafe comes to him with info on how to take down a mafia ring He is sent to investigate a strip club owner and work undercover as a stripper to find the info the FEDs are needing The FEDs are not sure if the club owner named Nicki is involved in the money laundering or if she is innocent but Mark needs to figure it out fast When he auditions for Nicki as a stripper the attraction is instant for both of them They are attracted to Gods and Heroes each other and have a hard time fighting it While Mark tries to gain her trust he uickly realizes that he is falling in love with her I will say one thing the author brought the sexy for this book We get read about some sexy romance but I wasn t as thrilled with the plot or characters I was so disappointed with this one and that is hard for me to admit since I love this authors writing For one Mark is suppose to be able to figure this stuff out faster but he couldn tven figure out the small clues that are left for him I for one started figuring out who the bad guy was Science, Technology and Culture early on while this so called detective was clueless Nicki was hot one minute then cold the next and made her personality seem off I wanted to like her at times but then I also wanted her to bring out that backbone she kept referring to Honestly the characters of Rafe and Kerry reappearing in this book were delightful than the reading of this book The story was choppy and at times when you would think the plot was going to heat up it would turn to the couple having sex instead of some suspense that you are cravingWhile I am glad that I finally sat down and read this book in the series I will say that this book is one of my least favorite by Shayla Black I am curious to know though if Nicki s sister will have a book in the series thoughspecially since the author leads us to believe that there might be by the No Beast So Fierce ending we are left with Rating 35 5Before reading this one I heard that a lot of people liked it less than the previous book Bound and Determined but for me I found them to be fairlyual Both were decent booksabove average probably but didn t ntirely capture meSummaryIn the previous book Mark Sullivan is a mostly absent character who is in jail suspected of mbezzlement His sister works to prove he is innocent and in the process discovers Mark s wife had set him up to take the fall for her actions Mark was freed but his life was not the same after He lost all faith in relationships women and his ability to see a woman for who she really is He uit his job and took one from his brother in law as a CPA and financial investigatorNow he s been offered a chance to investigate the Mafia connection behind his now x wife s actions He s been asked to free lance for the FBI By Going Undercover At Male Strip Club In by going undercover at a male club in Vegas that the authorities suspect is being used for money laundering The FBI doesn t think the owner Nicki DiStefano is involved but they don t know for sure Mark s job is to secretly look into the club s finances and to investigate those around the club including NickiBut from the moment he meets her Mark can t resist her They begin a sizzling affair despite Mark s growing belief that Nicki is involved in the money laundering Only he doesn t know if it s his past affecting his opinion or if his investigative conclusions are correct his past affecting his opinion or if his investigative conclusions are correct s torn between his feelings and the past and his indecision may cost Nicki her life And ven if he manages to save her he may not get his to forgive himReviewI thought this book had a very similar feel to Bound and Determined in the sense that both are about a man and a woman who get involved thinking it s just a sex thing a casual fling And in both the people involved Whos Cheatin Who? (Thoroughbred Legacy end up developing feelings for the other person but fight it And inach at least one of the characters is reluctant to Lawman Lover (Outlaws, enter a relationship because of their pastSo the books had a similar feelit didn t feel like I was reading the same thing The books were uniuenough but the vibe was similar Which is probably why I City Girl in Training ended up liking the books about the same amountLike some other reviewers I did find Mark a bit frustratingnot as much as some other readers did butnough that it got annoying now and then He s so up and down about Nickihe likes her wants her then thinks she s guilty pulls away regrets it goes back Mystery at Kittiwake Bay etctc He s just very very very affected by what his Dangerous Waters (Cold Case Files ex wife did to him and it colors hisvery action regarding Nicki And it did get a bit old as I was reading But it didn t totally frustrate meWhat kept me from loving this book and the previous one as well is the sort of lack of action I don t necessarily mean action as in suspense and all that but action in general It seems like there s a lot of space spent on character introspection A lot of paragraphs with what the character s feeling thinking wanting The Husband (Smytheshire, Massachusetts, etc and I just wanted some scenes of things actually going on Couple that with all the sex and the book gets kinda one dimensional or if you re a math geek 2 dimensional I think I would have liked the books a lot if there were fewer bulky long paragraphs and actionStill not a bad set of books I liked themnough and don t feel like I wasted my money I am a little disappointed that there is apparently no book for Nicki s sister Lucia and Blade There was something interesting going on there and I was really hoping there was a book for them but I haven t found one BummerWARNING this book contains moderate to very xplicit sex and language light bondage toys a little ass play and that s about all I think. L chemistry They ach have their share of secrets and with the mob closing in what gets xposed is as irresistible as it is dangerous. F the relationship seemed very real so I did not mind at all Definitely worth re reading Strip Search by Shayla Black was a phenomenal and titillating novel Nicki DiStephano is the main character of this thrillersuspenseromance novel Nicki has been on her own since her parents dies and her uncle Pietro is the head of the Gamalini mafia ring but she doesn t know it Nicki is frustrated because she has sunk all her money into a strip joint and her uncle helped bank role her so now he thinks he can do what he wants He puts one of his goons Blade Bocelli in as an accountant and Nicki is hard pressed to get rid of him but women have to keep their mouths closed and know their place in the family Nicki has a knockout half sister named Lucia a very intelligent professor home for the summer Nicki wants to get rid of Bocelli but the only way out of the situation is to first pay her uncle back Mark Sullivan owns an undercover investigation agency with his brother in law Rafe They are doing a job for the feds and have to bring down a thug with connections to the mafia Blade Bocelli In order to do this Mark must act as if he is a stripper to infiltrate the business and find out who is laundering money and where it s going through the strip joint Mark used to be married and his wife Tiffany destroyed his life setting him up for mbezzlement and prison The man that helped bring him down was Blade Bocelli and now he is in this job deep for the ultimate pay back He has never been the same again once he found out Tiffany never really loved him and he was just a patsy for her greed Mark got cleared with the help of his sister Kerry left Florida for New York and never looked back He has had a tough life including the death of his parents the loss of Kerry for three years to foster care stage two melanoma and chemo therapy Mark Protecting the Colton Bride Coltons Cowboy Code eventually petitioned to get Kerry back and they were very close from that point on He has a lot of one night stands but never repeats till him and Nicki get together and both have an undeniable attraction toach other Bocelli was a voyeur waiting around Look-Alike Lawman (Texas Twins, every corner Always lurking and giving Nicki the creeps She tried to stay clear of him as much as possible He was definitely attracted to her little sister Lucia and that was a problem for Nicki Mark and Nicki begin a mutual sexual relationship butvery time Nicki thinks that they are getting closer Mark is long gone once the deed is done Mark has a lot of conflict and trust issues due to his past Daddy Wanted experience with Tiffany and he never wants to fall prey to another woman He over analyzesverything Mark just needs to Forbidden Stranger earn Nicki s trust which she has a hard time doing also so he can get a chance at doing the books for her to see what is really going on Does Nicki know what is going on Is she part of the illegal crime going on Is she outsmarting and outwitting Mark like Tiffany did Will Mark find the answers before someone kills Nicki or him in the balance for power These are all uestions the reader will find themselves askingThis novel was fantastic It was fast paced non stop action near death accidents coincidences or not and the hottestswoon worthylove scenesver Mark is some yummy Snowy River Man eye candy on a stick and it takes a beauty like Nicky a whole lot of time andffort to melt the ice around this man s heart Ms Black has just made it to the top of my list for sexy and Night Moves (Harlequin Blaze erotic novelsI give Strip Search by Shayla Black 4 Intriguing Scary Enticing Swoon Worthy Stars I did notven finish this book I found it rather boring compared to decadent and its cheesy plot was not my favourite STRIP SEARCH by Shayla BlackThis was one hot tastic storyThe description of the book I am listing below is from the back jacket of the book I m adding it because I believe the one on the Goodreads page does not depict this story If the feds want to nail a thug with ties to the Mafia they need a slick trap to catch him Enter Mark Sullivan who s totally built for the job to go undercover as a male stripper in the Vegas club where the mobsters works go undercover as a male stripper in the Vegas club where the mobsters works perk The club s owner Sure she s got some unsavory connections but how can anyone with those legs be all badWhen it comes to business Nicola DiStefano s a pro As for pleasure she s been out of commission too long to care If anyone can strip her of her inhibitions it s the new guy who s stirring her wildest G string fantasies But Mark and Nicki have in common than sizzling sexual chemistry They Les brumes d'avalon : roman each have their share of secrets and motives and with the mob closing in what getsxposed is as irresistible as it is dangerous This book is the seuel to her book Bound and Determined I didn t like this book as well as some of her others I much prefer the books in her Wicked Lovers series This one moved rather slowly and was too talky I also had difficulty relating to characters Perhaps because for a relationshipromance book it was male centered rather than female character centered I found myself disliking this male character Mark and as he continuously would have sexual relations with Nicki and then leave abruptly afterwards with her in tears They had sex about 3 or 4 times during the course of the story and ach time was the same no afterplay and she was left feeling lonely and bereft same no afterplay and she was left feeling lonely and bereft wondering what happened If I were her after being jerked around that many times I would have sent his sorry ass home I don t care how many times he saved her from being murdered he wasn t a gentleman in the bedroom Another read from awhile ago Fabulous I am a huge fan of the works by Shayla Black Her books can be uite addictive when you are looking for an rotica to read with lots of sex and suspense I read the first book in this series over a year ago and finally got. Ripper in the mobster's Vegas club The club's owner Nicki is an unexpected perk But Mark and Nicki have in common than sizzling sexua. .