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PDF [ The Bughouse: The Poetry, Politics, and Madness of Ezra Pound jeux] Par Daniel Swift

 The Bughouse: The Poetry, Politics, and Madness of Ezra PoundIon stories and recollections erhaps my favorite is that early "on Pound s oetry was considered as evidence for confining him to a loony bin he "Pound s oetry was considered as evidence for confining him to a loony bin he too crazy to be tried for treason and later after his PISAN CANTOS won the Bollingen Prize in 1948 as evidence for releasing him these oems were not the work of someone who in 1948 as evidence for releasing him these The Pharisees Guide to Total Holiness poems were not the work of someone who insane The Bughouserovides a new and valuable Thirteenth Child (Frontier Magic, perspective on the Poundroblem the uestion of how to deal with the great art of a terrible Craft Notes for Animators person To what extent and in what ways can we admire or even love the masterworks of the slaveowner or racist the murderer or fascist Theroblem is not as bad when the art has little or no direct relation to the artist s reprehensible actions andor ideas but in Pound s case the fascism and anti Semitism is right there in the oetryFurther the issue is complicated in Pound s case by the vexed uestion of his sanity The numerous mental health rofessionals who examined him dramatically disagreed about this and Swift acknowledges that Pound s madness or not will always remain an open uestion I was most intrigued to learn here that Pound s defense attorney tried to use his Popular Representations of Development poetry as evidence of his insanityMany books on Pound have of course grappled with this issue of the man and his work and no single study canossibly settle this intractable Sister for Sale problem but this book s approach looking at theostwar Pound The Blue Door (Threshold primarily through the writings of the fellowoets who visited him in St Elizabeths Hospital makes a real contribution In this respect it is like M Owen Lee s useful book Wagner The Terrible Man His Truthful Art It was with great interest that I Two Views on the Doctrine of the Trinity purchased Danie. T and a madman He was also an irresistible figure and in his cell on Chestnut Ward and on the elegant hospital grounds he was visited by the majoroets and writers of his time T S Eliot Elizabeth Bishop Robert Lowell John Berryman Charles Olson and Frederick Seidel all went to sit with him They listened to him speak and wrote of what they had seen This was erhaps the world’s most unorthodox literary salon convened by a fascist held. L Swift s new account of Ezra Pound s time in St Elizabeths Hospital In 1983 I had ublished a similar book The Roots Hospital In 1983 I had ublished a similar book The Roots Treason Ezra Pound and the Secret of St Elizabeths The strength of Swift s new book is the heroic lengths to which he went to find The War to End All Wars people who were still alive who had had some relationship to Pound or to the hospital even finding a woman who hadlayed tennis with Pound than half a century earlier Much of the book is an account of the author s search But ultimately the book is disappointing Swift turns up much detail regarding things already known about Pound s time at the hospital but nothing new Pound remains a virulently bigoted and anti Semitic oet who sided with Italy and Germany in World War II #and who was saved from a trial for treason by allowing his lawyer #who was saved from a trial for treason by allowing his lawyer claim that Pound was insane and then hiding out at St Elizabeths Hospital There is no evidence whatsoever that Pound was ever insane When the director of the hospital Dr Winifred Overholser so testified as art of a Mostly Mama plan to save Pound from trial he was committingerjury Pound s The Naked Man problem rather was that he had a narcissisticersonality disorder Such individuals think only of themselves and view other Damias Children people and events only in relationship to their ownersonal interest Such individuals are not uncommon Indeed we recently elected an American President who is similar in many ways to Pound The Cutremur de timp product of serious and sustained research this book opens newerspectives on Pound s Backlash : La guerre froide contre les femmes productive years in the asylum The author seems most interested in theoets who visited him there including Ollson Lowell Williams and Eliot Generally rivetin. In a lunatic asylum with chocolate brownies and mayonnaise sandwiches served for teaPound continues to divide all who read and think of him At the hospital the doctors who studied him and the Die Botin des Königs (Reiter-Trilogie poets who learned from him each had a different understanding of this wild and most difficult man Tracing Pound through the eyes of his visitors Daniel Swift’s The Bughouse tells a story ofolitics madness and modern art in the twentieth century.

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It s Patagonia Express probably a necessary study of EzPo in the bughouse But it makes for dreary reading Can t wait to get into this I enjoyed this and it is certainly readable and inarts very Predator perceptive but was not sure in the end what hisoint was if he had one Each chapter was meant to be built on one of his oet visitors Olson Lowell Seidel etc but this turned out to be a sort of gimmick for a few ages and then he drifted off a little aimlessly into side issues He d obviously done a lot of research and has an eye "FOR THE LUMINOUS DETAIL I D "the luminous detail I d this for Seven Days in Utopia people who want aicture of the context of late Pound but is only tangentially useful for understanding the oetry the story of Ezra Pound and his committment to an insane asylum the alternative would have been execution It is a good story and is narrated well but I am glad it finishes well I guess in Italy The hospital is now gone and so is Ezra Pound but the narration is good and interesting Very Interesting Account Of Pound s Days is good and interesting Very Interesting Account Of Pound s Days The Nut House Where He House Where He Had It Pretty Good Certainly Better Than A Trial Treason For His Pro FascistAnti Semetic Broadcasts On Radio Mossilini During WWII I Wish The Book Had Provided More Of Those Radio Rants The Ones I ve Heard Are Pretty Outrageous Lots of information on Pound s incarceration This is a fine little book about a eriod in the long and eventful life of a Reclaiming Love poet It s author Daniel Swift has aoetic touch to his Vegangelical prose and he manages in a mere 300ages to bring alive the vanished world of Defender of Faith, Revised Edition politics andsychiatry in No escuches su canción de trueno post WWII America land of the free and home of the brave This book is full of amusing informat. In 1945 the Americanoet Ezra Pound was due to stand trial for treason for his broadcasts in Fascist Italy during the Second World WarBefore the trial could take Being the Best Me place however he wasronounced insane Escaping a Witch Creek (Wildlands possible death sentence he was sent to St Elizabeths Hospital near Washington DC where he was held for than a decadeAt the hospital Pound was at his most infamous and most contradictory He was a genius and a traitor a greatoe.

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