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Elizabeth Winthrop ( kindle or PDF ) The Castle in the Attic – Epub, eBook and Kindle ePUB free

This is ne Times of Trouble (A Time Travel Anthology) of those childhood books that really sticks with you long after you read it It s a little dated but still a fantastic story I lost interest at about forty minutes Seemed well written DNF I read this in elementary school and adored it Somebody else described it as being magical and for a kid I would agree Castles and knights and fantasy kingdoms the stuff kids dreams are madef I read it again in college for an adolescent lit class and BENAAMI of course as an adult it didn t have the same appeal But hey it wasn t written for adults in the first place so big deal if my grown up mind wasn t as hooked as the childf yesteryear I still give it four stars merely because the first #Time I Read It As A Kid #I read it as a kid really loved it and that s all that matters When a book is hard to put down because you can guess what will Ng n in the book in no time Maybe this is Stay on Your Toes, Maggie Adams! one reason why this book has a special place in my heartSo yes this is a great uick YA Fantasy read that I can easily recommend to everybody I think this book is an excellent examplef what #adults think kids SHOULD like in books All the Lessons are very heavy handed and moralistic The main #think kids SHOULD like in books All the Lessons are very heavy handed and moralistic The main forever self examines all his mistakes and regrets them earnestly Everything this kid did was earnest There was never a moment f silliness r sarcasm I do not buy that this kid is ten No way He comes across as years younger than ten Perhaps a believable seven I think getting an intermediate grade boy to read this all the way through would be incredibly difficult There is NO humor None I didn t even realize that was possible The sensitive William is forever crying and whining and moping Gag The main character comes Night Train To Cherbourg: A Joszef Kiraly: Gentleman, Vampire Mystery off as a real goody goody Dork My guess is that this has not aged well Boys in 1985 must have been very different Can t believe this was chosen for Battlef the Books I just read this to my 2 boys ages 6 4 for a bedtime read I was a little surprised at how much they loved it It s about a boy who has an adventure with a play castle knight which come to life It isn t a book you have to edit at all in the reading it s captivating to any little boy who wishes he could be a hero I can t even tell you

How Fast Those Turkeys 
fast those turkeys ready for bed while we were reading this I hope I can find another Disowned one that captures their attention as much because I ve gotten used to not fighting for bedtime when I remind them about reading So I took a trip back to my elementarymiddle school years with thisne I ve read it before in 5th grade but reading it again I think I would recommend it for even younger kids than that It s a pretty good story but. G model castle and a tin knight For uncounted generations Mrs Phillip's family has passed the he. The Castle in the AtticThe plot is paced a little strangely The book is halfway Comptia Security+ Sy0-301 Exam Cram over before they even go into the castle andn their adventure which makes it seem to me like the adventure part moves much uickly than it should I would have liked less Marco Polo: A Photographer's Journey of William s whining and self pity andf his self discovery as he went The Cosmic Internet: Explanations from the Other Side on his adventure Other than that mynly complaint would be the many "many moments in which the story read like an episode f Full House "moments in which the story read like an episode f Full House was rather cheesy in parts but I suppose that is to be expected to an extent with children s books Otherwise it s a pretty solid and rather exciting story for kids I remember reading this as a child though I don t remember if it was for an assignment r #On My Own It Was Certainly The #my wn It was certainly the f book I enjoyed then As an adult I can see the elements that appealed to me as a child but I can also see some f the things I wouldn t have considered as a child For Oddly Normal one thing though the main character is a boy this is not a book for most boys William is a very sensitive boy who plays gymnastics and cries periodically The story is mostly about the castle he is given by his departing housekeeper and how William interacts with the housekeeper and the castle Reminicantf the Indian in the Cupboard this features a short travel back to the time American Studio Ceramics: Innovation and Identity, 1940 to 1979 of the castle to gon a uest to undo the mistake he made and rescue his new friend This book is suitable for early grades somewhere between 6 10 yrs McNally's Risk old though the story is perhaps suitable for children younger then the reading level Remembered this vaguely from my youth picked up and re read Mostf what I remembered Slaves of New York of the plot was uite inaccurateWasn t sure if DS1 age 8 would like it but he did and has asked for the seuel Hopefully this means that he s getting interested in fantasy my listf suggestions for him is lon. Irlooms down; with rumours f a spell to be broken by the right person A fantastical uest ensues. ,

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