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Nly the other Gail I find it intriguing that Gallant has successfully harnessed her arly dread offascination with the supernatural she has written a couple of YA books around hauntings and I appreciate the thoughtfulness and reflection she has put into this memoir Maybe not of wide appeal but I am pleased to have learned of Gallant s unusual origins I began this book with a strong interest in the psychological aspect of Gail s story and a slight reluctance towards the religious and spiritual ones It turns out that they are all Grave Tattoo enmeshed in this memoir and it was a pleasure to read Most of the memoirs I ve read happen to be very heavy in context and leave me feeling uite disturbed afterwards but Gail s story has just as many ups as it has downsThe author recounts her life as a replacement child with beautiful brevity A head on car crash killed a 5 month old baby named Gail Marie Gallant This book of raw and penetrating disclosure illustrates how thisvent changed the Gallant family forever Baby Gail returns to life a year later or so her Mother claimed and the author writes how she the second bab If I suint half of the book was about the author being

"a changeling and "
changeling and s repercussions This half was crazy sad Georgia and the Tycoon evil terrifyingye about the author being a changeling and it s repercussions This half was crazy sad Churchills Trial evil terrifyingye about the damage parents could do to their childrenThe other half was a memoir like any other memoir Although sometimes it read like a novel in a good way Story aside it was a very well written book I didn t find the story interesting largely because of the prose it just didn t draw me Nced that God would bring her child back to her And when she gave birth within a year to a baby girl who looked identical to her lost child she believed her prayers had been answeredShe named that newborn baby Gail.

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I was a changeling switched at birth with a baby who had died Torn between my two identities I was neither I was no one What a sadly compelling story Gail Gallant shares in her memoir My Life as a Changeling After Gallant s parents lost the youngest of their three daughters Gail in as a Changeling After Gallant s parents lost the youngest of their three daughters Gail in road accident her devoutly Catholic mother begged God to send her back to them When another baby girl was born the following year with all the same features and attended by a pain free birth her mother declared it a miracle and named this infant Gail as well Eventually giving birth to three children the busy mother s attention and affection were hard to come by but as the miracle baby Gail Lakeside Redemption enjoyed her special place in the family s mythology until she grew older and realised the psychological toll this otherness this changeling role had taken upon her Gail Gallant s story isn t of somextraordinary life meant to In Pursuit of a Princess enthrall orntertain the reader but her Second Time Loving experiences are just unusualnough to have xpanded my notion of what a life can look like and that s a good reading xperience to me Note I read an ARC And Uotes May Not Be uotes may not be their final forms I began to see a psychiatrist *For the first time ver I started to really think about the role the other Gail had *the first time ver I started to really think about the role the other Gail had in my life The circumstances of my birth had always made me feel special At the same time though I felt as if I had to do something special to deserve this miracle I had to make up for the family tragedy Pay the debt My own mother from Prince Edward Island like the author was meant to. In this haunting memoir Gail Gallant recounts her unbelievable life as a changeling a child born to replace anotherWhen Gail Gallant was five months old she died A year later she was reborn Or so her mother saidThe. Be named Maggie until my grandparents best friends lost their infant daughter Brenda to some pidemic and in honour of her my mother was christened with the name Brenda as well at no time however was it suggested that my mother was that same wee soul sent back to
"earth yet now "
yet now wonder
back to Earth yet now I wonder ffect this tossed off story actually had on her child s mind By contrast Gail Gallant was told that she was the return of the dead Gail and she began to worry why God had answered her mother s prayers when children died and stayed dead all the time what purpose did God have for her She became particularly pious which Family Men earned her some degree of approval from her cold mother but young Gail was terrified that the Virgin Mary would appear to her and assign her some dangerous task suited to the saints and martyrs that she learned about She began toxperience a duality in her personality Gail believed that other Gail lived under her bed and she became so adept at projecting one face the pious while hiding her true one the terrified that she Creative Participation embarked on a life in which no onever saw the real Gail As she details her Sabina Spielrein entire life story this duality had repercussions for her in school at work and in her personal relationships And through it all her mother remained cold and her father remained distant this is not the story of a happy life All my life you have been my dead sister They named me after you I am so much like you if you d been born later they d have named you after me But you are real than I havever been Admit it You are Gail I am Crash occurred on a July night in 1955 The truck hit the Gallant family's car head on; a few weeks later newborn baby Gail died from her injuries Mad with grief her mother prayed feverishly for Gail's return convi. ,

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The Changeling