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Eded obviously as he is hardly mentioned in the books DL really annoyed me at the start but the I got involved in the story the I liked him If I m honest though reading this book was like watching the aftermath of a car crash you want to tear your yes away but you can t because *YOU WANT TO KNOW WHAT HAPPENS WHEN I STARTED *want to know what happens When I started I wasn t sure I was going to Counter-Amores enjoy it but I soon found I wasngrossed There are twists and turns in these stories than in a plate full of spaghettiAgain I need to say this WILL NOT appeal to Dancing at Armageddon everyone some people will be left disturbed by the darker scenes I found they were needed toxplain that power corrupts If you do decide to read this do so with an OPEN MIND cause believe me you this do so with an OPEN MIND cause believe me you need it I like a good rotica book as much as the next person but gosh what happened to safe sane and consensual This book took all that power away and left it to seem like DL was raping Angel Constantly No safeword no regard to her saying no or her feelings Yeah He was like the bad guy in a novel that I don t think was supposed to be a bad guy I get a novel if there is an antagonist who say kidnaps and does untold horrors to the main character to write in a struggle to solve but I just saw no reason for why he was behaving in his abhorrent way Stopped at 14% in the trilogy I just had no desire to continue on The writing also left something to be desired as it skipped around a lot and didn t have a good flow or charactersceneplot development I do hope that it gets better and I m just missing out on the storyDNF The first part was dark but readableThe second part of the trilogy To be honest it left me feeling sick I have read dark stories before but the glorification of Rape and Murder was too much for mePart three thank god this is over. Es start to alterhow she perceives herself changes in ways that shock herand brings a new dimension to their relationship Their world is one of control and submissionand is soon rocked to its very foundations by the happenings at Der Unterworld End of Days End Of Days continues the drama surrounding Der Unterworld and the people who are involved While DL and Lady J struggle to keep the business running and dealing with their complicated relationship the spectre of Christopher hangs over veryon. .
The DarkSide Trilogy

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Ll costs DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME READING THISI have learned in The Past That Men past that men rotica very differently from women I have to wonder have learned in the past that men write rotica very differently from women I have to wonder DS targets his books for Dark Scribe maybe you can get your day job back At least your ridiculous pen name is memorable and will make it Cezanne and Provence easy to avoid anything writen by you in the future I found I liked this book than I thought I would I ve read a little of the authors comments and other reviewers comments and have decided I don t care about the authors statements or claims This is fuction a typo but certainly appropriate plain and simple It s fiction I like The only point that threw me off was the kid What was the point of the kid When she lived with him where was the kid It just didn t seem to be needed A very dark novel and probably not for the faintheartedspecially if you like your Dark Voices erotica along the lines of FSOG I reallynjoyed it and found it gave a realistic insight into aspects of the LifeStyle that are not found in mainstream Contested Reproduction erotica Injoyed it and would recommend it WARNINGTHIS IS NOT FOR THE FAINT HEARTED OR ANYONE OF A NERVOUS DISPOSITIONHowever I Divided by Color (American Politics and Political Economy Series) enjoyed it way than I thought I was going to Yes it s bloody dark at times it made me feel physically ill but there was a point to the darkness of itDO NOT READ THIS IF YOU ARE EXPECTING A NICE SWEET BDSM TALE BECAUSE ITS FAR FROM THATInjoy reading all different genres of books and two of my favourites are rotic fiction and horror and I found this appealed to my love of both If you can get passed some of the horrific sex acts described in this book which were needed to show Christopher s sickness off there is a brilliant thrilling story The only thing that left me puzzled
the need for Nicole to a son for I don t believe he was ne. Ative” sexual practices leaves her feeling unfulfilled Having dabbled for a brief period in the past she decides one uiet vening to see if there was something and that brings her to Der Unterworld a chat site that caters for the BDSM and alternative lifestyles Rising Demon Rising Demon continues the story of Nicole Cannock and her journey into the Alternative Lifestyle After gaining the attention and becoming owned by the nigmatic DL she moves into his world as his full time slave Her desir.
The Seductions of Quantification: Measuring Human Rights, Gender Violence, and Sex Trafficking (Chicago Series in Law and Society)

I gave this 5 A very well deserved 5 This trilogy had it all dge of the seat suspense thriller well deserved 5 stars This trilogy had it all Evolutionary Patterns edge of the seat suspense thriller allowed the reader to understand the world of BDSM and kink The authentic side of it as opposed to the romanticized version I thought I was open mindedbut geezThis was not really my cup of tea and I am pretty open minded and liberal in my thinking I read uite a lot of adult romanceerotica Very dark but had to finish reading it to know how itnded Eek I had to almost laugh at a few scenes it was so twisted The third book had way too many typos Kept imagining the laugh off the movie reefer madness in the third book with Christopher flying through the city in the wheelchair Just not my cup of tea i guess The trilogy started out strong with the first book but started to derail and as the story progressed Yes there are dark parts but some parts of the story mentioned in the beginning didn t match up when mentioned later Names changed out if the blue so I got confused Had I known I probably would have stopped after the first book but the optimist in me was hoping for a better outcome I have to chuckle at reading the little blurb DL I mean Dark Scribe writes about himself He says that all future writings will be rotic horror And this load of drivel wasn t I also never got a good look at his author pic until now and I see that DL must be a better looking version of HIMSELF Oh how I wish I could slap YOUR face DL I mean Dark Scribethere I go again And Dark Scribeseriously You ARE a pompous ONE that s for sure The only saving grace was this load of crap was free although I wish I could send DS a bill for the 2 hours I wasted of my life At the very least I deserve a generous gift card from Starbucks Free in this case is to be avoided at The complete Trilogy available for the first time Starting with Nicole's introduction to what it means to be owned through the sexual xcesses of Christopher to the final terrifying conclusion that brings love and passion from an unexpected source The original BDSM novel that pulls no punches; Gritty realism that will both shock and arouse Fallen Angel Fallen Angel charts the xploration of an unseen world by Nicole Cannock an average working mum who has discovered that her liking for “altern.

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