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[PDF/EBOOK] The Devil and the Deep Blue Spy Nora Baron #4 by Tom Savage – Kindle & PDF

The Devil and the Deep Blue Spy Nora Baron #4

characters ¹ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ¸ Tom Savage

The Devil And The Deep Blue Spy is the 4th book in Tom Savage s Nora Baron series Nora Baron Is BackThe wife of a CIA operative this mother and drama teacher has proven to be an asset to the CIA in the past Nora s next to I enjoy this series featuring Nora Barron written by Tom Savage They are uick and very enjoyable Nora is married to a operative and is an acting teacher when she accidently gets involved in one of his operations to a CIA operative and is an acting teacher when she accidently gets involved in one of his operations does such a great job that the CIA has decided to hire her for part time work perfect for an actress She and her husband get involved in international capers and the series is about these adventures This latest book is an island hopping chase of an international terrorist that makes me so jealous of Nora and her fabulous job Not uite cozy But These Are Also Fairly Light Hearted Reads That Are these are also fairly light hearted eads that are for a day at the pool Thanks to NetGalley for my advanced copy Tom Savage s series about a middle aged spy team Jeff and Nora Baron has been well Lets Be Just Friends (Just Friends, received The Devil and the Deep Blue Spy a clever takeoff of a popular expression used in many musical and novelistic themes takes them on an all expense paid Caribbean cruise something I suppose is paid for by the ever generous American taxpayer I am pleased toeport that aside from some bumps and bruises the trip was enjoyed if not particularly A Mother and Daughter Diary of Raw Food Recipes for Beginners restfulIt s understood that Jeff is the head honcho of the duo the most influential and biggest wage earner but Nora does okay in her minorole although she s the biggest player in this story Their task on the voyage is to observe and eport on the actions of a fellow passenger Claude and his strange wife A typical middle aged couple on a first class Caribbean cruise That’s what the CIA needs for its latest mission and husband and wife agents Jeff and Nora Baron leap at the chance All they have to do is observe and eport on fellow passenger Claude Lamont a shady French businessman who’s attracted the Company’s interest. ,

Armen It s a snap assignment until the couple is forced to split up Jeff following Claude and Nora shadowing Carmen supposedly the easier task Jeff fades into the shadows of the story and Nora takes
*all the lumps *
the lumps Carmen becomes a most formidable adversary with secrets and clout that threaten the safety of the ather amateurish NoraThe clumsy surveillance of her adversary by Nora was so awkward as to be almost silly Days of constant tailing with many sidewalk strolls constant meals together in tiny cafes although still in secret meetings in parks behind sunglasses and everyday seuestering on a small cruise SHIP NEVER ALERTED CARMEN TO THE FACT THAT SOMEONE never alerted Carmen to the fact that someone watching her Even an assassination attempt that Nora thwarted never uncovered her hound dog ole Or So We Were Led To Believe But we were led to believe But s the Indistractable rest of the story I won t go intoSavage is a good writer who manages to keep things complicated but decipherable His sense of location is vivid and the steamy heat and heavyain are sensed against the eader s skin something I appreciate in my eading His dialogue is sensible and ealistic All in all his story esonates and is enjoyable I ecommend this book as a good entertaining ead The Devil and the Deep Blue Spy is Tom Savage s fourth novel in the Nora Baron Thriller series Tied up in a storage shed on a tropical island Nora mentally eviews how it was she had arrived at this point The mission the cruise the targets what clue had she missed to land herself here It all began as agency director Hamilton Green approached Nora and her husband Jeff to take on a mission together posing as a couple on a second honeymoon cruise They were. And his mysterious wife Carmen It’s an easy assignment until a shopping trip at a port of call turns deadly and Nora and her husband are forced to split up After Carmen abruptly disembarks Nora follows her to Martiniue while Jeff emains on board with Claude But the beautiful French island holds a shocking secret One Amer. ,

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To watch Claude and Carmen Lamont Claude was suspected of supporting the terrorist known as Diablo Diablo was on the most wanted list yet the only pictures the agency had were sketches the most detailed one having been drawn be a woman thought to have been one of his victimsAfter Nora thwarted an attempt on CARMEN S LIFE SHE BEGAN FOCUSING HER EFFORTS ON s life she began focusing her efforts on and her safety This esults in Nora and Jeff dividing up each watching one of the couple Unfortunately it doesn t safety This esults in Nora and Jeff dividing up each watching one of the couple Unfortunately it doesn t that Nora is the only one doing the watching when she begins working with junior agent Ellie Singer Was it luck that they were able to avoid their watcher or was it part of the plot for the set up meeting with Diablo This is an exciting adventure that places Nora and Jeff together on a mission for the first time However it is Nora who stumbles into the devil s lair With a cast of interesting characters a sultry tropical setting and a most unexpected hero this novel definitely lives up to its predecessors in the series I did enjoy this book and I do ecommend it I keep eading these books and every time I point out that this isn t how the CIA works Somehow I can t stop myself That s because Nora is a hoot She s a good character full of vim curiosity and loyalty She s got a mission and she s going to carry it out even if in no universe would this happen She never should have split up with Jeff to follow Carmen thought to be an innocent while he stuck with Claude who Is Believed To Be believed to be terrorist Nora ends up in hot water but ever the intrepid she not only survives she kicks it Thanks to Netgalley for the ARC Perfect if you e looking for a fast breezy ead. Ican agent has already vanished from the area and Nora soon learns why A shadowy international terrorist known only as Diablo has come to the islands for a sinister purpose With Jeff out of contact Nora investigates on her own But Diablo is waiting for her and now Nora Baron is trapped between the Devil and the deep blue sea. ,

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