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And the personality of the plant to be used are determined In Volume I Wood describes in general terms how to prepare the herbs Teas may be prepared as an infusion cold infusion or decoction Tinctures may be prepared from fresh or dried plants and he briefly describes poultices salves and oils may be prepared from fresh or dried plants and he briefly describes poultices salves and oils dosage of an herb varies depending upon personal preferences with WOOD PREFERRING THE LOW DOSE APPROACH HE REPORTS IN preferring the low dose approach He reports in I pg 39 that the Low dose practice tends to be based on the concept that the preparation has a nergetic intelligence or virtue that acts on the vital force or self regulating system of the body to Why Not Tonight (Happily Inc., effect change Stephen Buhner in The Secret Teachings of Plants recognizes that the medicinal plants have the intelligence to know what is needed and can draw upon the many hormones and chemical compounds available to the plant to provide what is needed by the person calling for help ie when the person is calling from his or her heart In the practices of homeopathy and flowerssence the dose is so low that it is nearly non xistent yet the medicine can provide what is needed to heal Though I have come from the belief that higher doses of a medication are reuired for the serious problems I now realize that in my practice of calling upon the spirits of animals g the bear or the coyote realize that in my practice of calling upon the spirits of animals Welcome Home, Cowboy (Wed In The West, eg the bear or the coyote healing comes from the spirit of the animal and not the animal itself Thus a low to nonxistent dose is like calling upon the spirit of the plant while using a high dose is treating the problem as it is treated in conventional medicine With this in mind I have selected several of Wood s descriptions of approximately 270 medicinal plants in Volume I and about 200 plants in Volume II to compare his described Hey I love this book There s always nifty food for herby thought in his booksAnd having this and the Old World volume together is just a great pair of h Excellent reference with detailed Snowbound Bride (Harlequin Men in Uniform Miniseries) explanations covering the methodology of Eastern and Western herbalism using American herbs Combined with the Old World book This is an invaluable resource that all herbalists should have. N the past what its pharmacological constituents indicate about its use and how all these different factors hang together to produce a portrait of the plant as a wholentity Ideal for beginners serious students or advanced practitioners The Earthwise Herbal is also useful for homeopaths and flower Cowboys Baby (Ranching Family, essence practitioners as it bridges these fields in its treatment of herbal medicines From the Trade Paperbackdition. Compliments vol 1 Good to have the set Contained significantly less herbs of interest than the other herbals I ve the set Contained significantly less herbs of interest than the other herbals I ve I realize the scope of the book is limited I wasn t xpecting it to be limited as much as it was You don t actually read this book but pouring over the pages is well worth the time of a plant lover This is a classic reference for medicinal plants Book Reviews The Earthwise Herbal Volume I A Complete Guide to Old World Medicinal Plants by Matthew Wood Berkeley CA North Atlantic Books 2008The Earthwise Herbal Volume II A Complete Guide to New World Medicinal Plants by Matthew Wood Berkeley CA North Atlantic Books 2009 I Was Drawn To Reading These Two was drawn to reading these two after reading Wood s arlier book The Book of Herbal Wisdom along with a strong recommendation from an herbalist friend Jennifer Tucker who has followed Wood in his workshops In my years of practice in journeying with the spirits of the Earth and ancestral spirit guides I have only on a rare occasion journeyed with a plant spirit guide So over this last year my interest and intent has been to listen to the spirit guides of medicinal plants as did our hunting and gathering ancestors These plant guides gave our ancestors much direction in how to live healthy lives I highly value Wood s writing as he seeks to identify the spirit guides of medicinal plants guides that he refers to as the ssence or personality of the plant Wood begins by reviewing a number of old world systems for categorizing medicinal plants and the many different illnesses that these plants treat He identifies parallels in the personality of a plant sometimes referred to as the signature of the plant and

#the personality or #
personality or of the illness to be treated The ffectiveness of herbal medicine is to bring together or match the personality of the plant to the personality of the illness Each of these Old World systems whether Greek Ayurvedic Traditional Chinese or Alchemical has a system for categorizing the Gone for Soldiers essence of the plant and the disorder The similarities and differences between these systems are fascinating some binary and some. Noted herbalist Matthew Wood brings twenty five years of clinicalxperience to this comprehensive book on medicinal plants The first in a two volume set The Earthwise Herbal profiles Old World plants volume two will treat American plants Organized alphabetically the book ncompasses all of the major and many of the secondary herbs of traditional and modern Western herbalism Author Wood describes characteristic sym. Of three four five or six CATEGORIES AND SOME UITE OBVIOUSLY BORROWED and some uite obviously borrowed one or of the other cultures In reviewing these systems Wood distills out or brings together in an integrated system these historic systems that he uses in these two volumes as well as his arlier book The Book of Herbal Wisdom These descriptors which he calls tastes of the plant include not just tastes but draws from all the senses smell sensations sounds tc of the plant and the disease and for comparison purposes the healthy individual These characteristics include the plant and disease tissue states of HotExcitation ColdDepression DryAtrophy DampStagnation DampRelaxation and WindTension with the tastes of Sour Bitter Salty Sweet and Pungent or Spicy He includes in these descriptors sensations and textures Diffusive tingling nerve stimulation Permanent not tingling Astringent puckering constrictive Acidity taste of bile in throat taste that provokes shivering Watery thin Mucliaginous slimy Gummy tacky Resinous sticky Soapy Oily nutty Meaty proteinadeous Metallic taste of blood in mouth presence of metals and Aromatic scent These descriptors have been identified through careful observation of the plant and the illness The second volume xamines the American Indian taxonomy of describing Bad Blood which is described in terms of location high or low within the organism viscosity thick or thin speed fast or slow moving and temperature hot or cold For Wood identifying these characteristics Moonlight and Mistletoe (Harlequin Historical, eliminates the guesswork and gives the clinician precise tools for therapeutic success clarifies the fine distinctions between different herbs rediscovers forgotten or neglected herbs provides a clearer picture of the activity ofach herb and reduces the amount of medication reuired for treatment The disease names offered by conventional medicine are artificial and the symptoms may vary greatly The specificity of the symptoms and not the disease name is most important in determining which herbal medicine needs to be used In both volumes Wood most importantly offers many Duty to Protect examples of how the personality of the disease. Ptoms and conditions in whichach plant has proved useful in the clinic often illustrated with appropriate case histories In addition he takes a historical view based on his The Surprise Triplets (Safe Harbor Medical extensive study of ancient and traditional herbal literature Written in anasy ngaging non technical style The Earthwise Herbal offers insight into the logic of the plant how it works in what areas of the body it works how it has been used

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