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The Final WarningPart of the series In fact if a reader were to skip Final Warning there probably wouldn t be a problem catching up when a fifth book is published Instead of a character driven storyline Patterson Has Given Us An Extended Public Service given us an xtended public service on global warming and while global warming is a serious issue we need to think about a young adult adventure novel might not be the best place to hammer the issue home My problem with the story wasn t so much that James Patterson used it as a soapbox for global warming after all it S His Book And his book and can do what he wants The problem as I see it is there was NO WAY he started writing this series with a plan to make Max s saving the world Mission One That Had Anything To Do one that had anything to do this topic If you go back and read the series from the beginning starting with THE ANGEL EXPERIMENT we all knew that Max and the gang had a special mission a mission that would save the world We knew it would be big and no doubt unbelievable as most of Mr Patterson s plot lines are But if this had been his plan all along you have to think that there would have been SOME advance warning No what really ticks me off is that it seems as if he decided with the current state of affairs to change the whole point of the books at the very last minute as a way to promote his cause THAT S what makes me angry The only good thing about THE FINAL WARNING Total s I prefer canine American comment which made me laugh until I crie. Flock like a hawkBut ven in Antarctica trapped in the harshest weather on our planet Maximum Ride is an irresistible target in constant danger For whoever controls her powers could also control the world Maximum Ride is James Patterson's greatest character a heroine who manages to be human and fearless at onc.

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Ad and control minds to refresh your memory suddenly being able to change her appearance
will When inexplicable things like happene The release of a seuel is an anticipated vent The Unseen Wonder especially if the seuel is written by a wildly popular best selling author like James Patterson Approximately 48 million copies have been sold of the previous three books in the Maximum Ride series so hopes were high that Final Warning the new installment would be just asntertaining When a seuel fails to live up to the standards of the previous books in the series readers feel let down There are three issues that affect the uality of Final Warning First there is a lack of adventure in this installment of the action packed Maximum Ride adventure series It seemed to be of an The Management Bible extended brainstorming session instead of actual problem solving Second the length of this book is an issue For a novel that has a retail price of 20 272 pages is pretty skimpyspecially when you consider that The Angel Experiment the first book in the series had 432 pages Finally and most importantly is the story itself If the story had been interesting and new the story itself If the story had been interesting and new reader would be able to overlook the page length Instead of adding anything new to the story Patterson chose to focus on the issue of global warming and have The Flock the six bird kids we ve come to love assist with scientific research in Antarctica Final Warning appears to be of a filler book than a necessary. Rnment Zu schnell experiment Max and the other members of the Flock six kids who share her remarkable ability have been asked to aid a group ofnvironmental scientists studying the causes of global warming The Sleepless (Bird of Stone, expedition seems like a perfect combination of adventure activism andscaping government forces who watch the. Ok the humor was still there The book was funny Thin But funnySPOILERS BEGINI completely felt the nding was horrible It was a disappointment It was funny Thin But funnySPOILERS BEGINI completely felt the nding was horrible It was a disappointment It was Patterson was attempting to write the book but wasn t done yet and had forgotten to put in most of the xcitement I was also angry at the sorely lacking MaxFang scenes Sure we had a kiss and a mention very other chapter but there was nothing sturdy Even the Invisible (The Curse of Avalon ending itnds with them going off on another mission No closure Mr James Patterson if this really is the nding of The Series I M Disappointed series I m disappointed there s well I m still disappointed but a lot less Sure I laughed but there wasn t really any action or adventure I was hoping for It seemed like a cry to save the arth which the other books had some undertones of but none of which were so strong as in here I justdidn t like it shakes head I mean the writing was fine but it was pretty anticlimaticAnyways yeah this is xactly how I felt after reading Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer too Too many writers are being rushed to finish the books so the readers won t have to keep waiting and then we re disappointed shrugsI want books I want FangMax I want action and adventure What the hellThat was my general Reaction To This Book to this book Why A dog who already TALKS growing WINGS What the hell Why This development is completely irrelevant to the plot other then being cool and annoyingly convenient Same with Angel the 6 year old flying who can re. In this breathtaking new story from the astonishing imagination of James Patterson a girl has to save herself from an army assembled just to capture her and maybe save the planet while she's at itMaximum Ride is a perfectly normal teenager who just happens to be able to fly the result of an out of control gove.
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