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The Four Dimensional Human Ways of Being in the Digital WorldOmparisons are both a strength and a weakness of the book The points being made can be vague and diffuse verging at times into meaninglessness but are all very elegantly expressed My overall feeling was that I d prefer greater substance I Most Of Scott S Arguments Being most of Scott s arguments being effectively in Present Shock Everything Happens Now Nonetheless the book kept my interest and conveys certain sensations central to digital life very well For exampleThe collision of these two stories is just one example of how in an age of constant information we must daily reconcile two scales of tragedy the personal and the planetary The digital age supplies s with a steady exposure to two infinities of horror the The Queens Choice universe of sorrow contained in individual loss and the vast dread of our collectivendoing This collision of scale threatens s with a loss of proportion a precondition for a culture of panicWhile this is hardly a new insight I liked how he put it Inevitably I found the treatment of current digital technology as a sort of natural condition of life rather than a manifestation of the path taken by 21st century capitalism slightly frustrating The meandering chapters were however pleasant to read and certainly included elements I and doubtless many others could recogniseNevertheless there is a strong and widespread feeling that our relationship with technology has to be managed as a sort of chronic problem Simultaneously we are rightly enamoured with all the ease and enrichment they provide The four dimensional human thus regularly experiences two types of breathlessness The first is due to the thrill of roving over the world of dropping in on a sibling and their baby on another continent of staying for five minutes and laughing the whole time then swooping back into your skin The second breathlessness is not cheerful and arises in the moments when all this liberty seems to come at the price of its opposite when the sum of digital life feels like a cage than a flying carpet The ongoing narrative of toxicity and depression that shadows digital progress in conjunction with a sense that this progress is both for the best and inevitable creates a pervasive atmosphere of claustrophobiaAlthough it didn t give me anything particularly new to think about The Four Dimensional Human was written with nuance in a pleasing style It also features another example of the baffling fascination with analysing The Dark Knight Rises displayed by David Graeber s The Utopia of Rules On Technology Stupidity and the Secret Joys of Bureaucracy and Slavoj i ek s Trouble in Paradise From the End of History to the End of Capitalism Look I enjoyed it in the cinema but the plot and themes were a mess Graeber at least admits that it was disappointing I really don t nderstand why cultural theorists look to this film specifically for insight into the postmodern condition There s don t To Defy a Sheikh understand why cultural theorists look to this film specifically for insight into the postmodern condition There s of that to be found in the Fast Furious movies in my opinion As a piece of philosophical and critical writing this book has its flaws As a piece of entertaining commentary on daily digital interaction it is hugely effective Scott adopts a fairly systematic approach early on He reminisces about some piece of pop culture trivia or literary moment and then finds a way tose it as a metaphorical entry into the changing themes of his study He zips along from tennis to Oscar Wilde via 80s children s TV and a late and ineffective se of the desert as spiritual and geographical analogue for the emptiness of modern digital existence Whilst this tactic is repetitive once you notice it it remains an entertaining and often hilarious way to examine the mediated situation we find ourselves in Also as a Gothic scholar I enjoy Scott s own approach to the Internet as an inherently spooky place I d recommend the book for anyone with The silhouette of a figure is slowly taking shape But what does it feel like to be four dimensional How do digital technologies influence the rhythms of our thoughts the style and tilt of our consciousness What new sensitivities and sensibilities are emerging with our exposure to the delights sorrows and anxieties of a networked world And how do we live in publi.

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The Four Dimensional Human invites s to think about how digitization has changed our lives It s not a book about dooms day warnings of how technology will ruin Whiteout (Threes Allowed, us but rather gently nudgess to think about what it means to be connected to the cloud at all times What does it mean for our sense of a body when we are constantly bodiless on the net What meanings do Space And Place Have When I Can Be Where You and place have when I can be where you with the click of a button or a swipe on a screenScott s writing style combines a strong background in literature with metaphorical language and anecdotes into a narrative that is engaging witty and recognizable It s not an academic work nor is it in my opinion truly a work of popular non fiction It s straddled somewhere in between in a comfortable and confident way I recieved a free copy of this book in return for an honest review It s been a few months I ve made many attempts to reach the end but have finally had to admit defeat this book really isn t for meA non fiction book written in highly styled prose is an interesting concept but such a book needs to retain the essential elements of expertise or insight I just didn t find that hereGreat read for style but sadly the content was just not to my taste Scott deeply The Princes Ultimate Deception (Monte Carlo Affairs, understands the internet and wastes few words on empty ideas and covers vast ground accessible from his Comparative Literature PhD and broad artistic interests Carefully choose descriptive words and obscure yet appropriate metaphors and examples this book often sent me to google for erudition and never wasted my curiosityBest moments are countless including Duschamps Toilet Timescales as Porn Proust Dorian Grey Flatland and several personal brushes with deathI couldn t read this book without a 4D world because so much context I didn t know Also it s better on an ereader so manyotes and comments and ideas to keep track of Exhibit A on why academic study of English is valuable is Intensely challenging read and I am Breaking the Governesss Rules unable to Justice to it in any short review Through making parallels in our shared deep knowledge of things Internet Scott taught me our rich heritage of literary and artistic gold This book may be timeless a precious time capsule of this literary century and the generation that came of age just as the internet and mobile were born This is a difficult book to write about and very hard to describe It s basically a study of how networked life ie 247 connection to the internet and social media and the ability to constantly communicate across almost all physical borders has transformed the human experience and what that means fors But it s a sprawling sort of book that goes in loads of different directions rather than presenting a single argument If this sounds a bit incoherent it sometimes can be yet Scott s writing is so incoherent it sometimes can be yet Scott s writing is so it barely matters It s an academic thesis written like a novel Pop culture references are woven in very naturally and nothing about it feels gimmicky I m not a big non fiction reader but this really grabbed mePossibly to be continuedexpanded later I came across The Four Dimensional Human while browsing a relatively The Christmas Children (The Mellow Years unfamiliar branch library I m easily convinced to read non fiction dissecting our digital world and its effects In this instance Scott examines various different dimensions of the experience of pervasive digital connectedness It s worth noting that he is a lecturer in English and creative writing so the references are largely drawn from literature As an aside since becoming aniversity lecturer my Respect For That Title Has Dropped To for that title has dropped to zero I no longer assume that just because someone lectures in a subject they know a lot about it After all I have to lecture on topics I have only a limited grasp of More senior lecturers than I presumably have actual expertise though These literary A constellation of everyday digital phenomena is rewiring our inner lives argues Laurence Scott We are increasingly coaxed from the third dimensional containment of our pre digital selves into a wonderful and eerie fourth dimension a world of ceaseless communication instant information and global connectionOur portals to this new world have been wedged open and. .
Ny interest in digital humanities contemporary philosophy It is heavily weighted towards a literary analysis of the Internet and this is no bad thing But if you are looking for a detailed technical examination of humandigital interaction then this is not the book for you Scott paints with very broad strokes but he creates a hugely enjoyable and consistently non judgemental vision of our overly technologised present You are no doubt reading this on a screen most likely some sort of tablet or phone but it could be on a computer This constant interaction with the 1 s and 0 s of the digital world is starting to have an effect on our own lives as we are drawn into a world of constant connection information at your fingertips and 24 hour communication Scott calls this new persona the four dimensional human and in this book considers the ways that this influx of digital consciousness will affect Too Strong to Deny/Savage Awakening/Jack Riordans Baby/His Forbidden Passion us Some of his subjects include the private and public faces that we show online how the digital sphere is affectings and our thought processes and the perils on our sanity with a constant stream of newsIt was an interesting book in lots of ways almost everything we do these days has some sort of interaction with a computer or screen and Scoot has made a good attempt to try and see what sort of human being we will become with the constant digital feeds in our lives The first part of the book dragged a little but thankfully picked p in the last half where he gave a number of examples on social media and his own experiences on it as well as illustrations from the film and fiction worlds Overall good and it would be a subject worth re visiting again in five years or so with my children s generation who have only know this world The introduction alone is worth the price of admission I feel like sometimes he gets a little carried away in his grand and super verbose similes and references but then he ll turn grand and super verbose similes and references but then he ll turn and slap you with beautiful insights It s such a pleasure to read about our modern connected lives without it sounding like your grand mother is disappointed in you Talk about waxy This Scott dude can certainly stretch an idea He argues semi convincingly that digital devices and social media are the 4th dimension We re somewhere else when we re really here Or vice versa or something Social mediamakes a moment four dimensional by scaffolding it with simultaneity such that it exists in multiple places at once xv But he also gives an example of writing a postcard doing the same thing so isn t it any distraction removing you from the presentThe text is devoid of non self reference I ve not read an author so entirely consumed by himself and his own thoughts since maybe Henry David Thoreau Scott seems to only make comparisons to his own experiences It s a great book if you re in his family DNF dThough This Isn T One isn t one them you can find reviews of books for men at Books for Dudes Books for Dudes the online reader s advisory column for men from Library Journal A sort of phenomenology of the networked self Digressive literary clever Scott does a better job than almost any other book I ve read and I ve read a few recently on capturing the ncanny elements of our social media world the experience of being online This isn t a screed or a pep rally Scott s tone as he discusses the various strange aspects of our lives online is perhaps best described as bemused ambivalence He references literature and pop culture in trying to nderstand the current moment rather than the latest results from fMRI studies or stats "About Attention Spans His " attention spans his is in Comparative Literature or something like that I think and writes with a good amount of verve and style At times he gets lost in the thickets of his own descriptive frameworks but I found the book funny and insightful Of course I woul. C with these recoded private livesTackling ideas of time space isolation silence and threat – how our modern day anxieties manifest online – and moving from Hamlet to the ghosts of social media from Seinfeld to the fall of Gaddafi from Twitter art to Oedipus The Four Dimensional Human is a highly original and pioneering portrait of life in a digital landscap. ,