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Nice look at the design that went into various central characters to the Hobbit movies It includes uotes from the designers Okay I purchased this book at supanova kinda like comic con but in Australia and Daniel Falconer was there Not only is this book super amazing for us HobbitLOTR nerds but e signed it as well This is one brilliant book for anyone who loves Peter Jackson s adaptation of JRR Tolkien s novel The Hobbit It goes without saying that The Hobbit movie is beautifully filmed and the detail that Rules for a Lady has gone into making such a film is shown to us through this bookFrom the concept art by John Howe and Alan Lee toow the Trolls were brought to life this book Calebs Tempting Mate (Saber Chronicles has everything and anything you would want to know about the design and making of such a magnificent filmNeedless to say I gave it a full five out of five and I can t wait to read the next in the series I thought that the way the book was bonded and the material that they used was extremely good it s amazing to see whatappens behind the scenes of a film as epic as The Hobbit imagine the original Lord of the Rings Trilogy that obviously would be crazy massive I learned a lot about ow early they prepare The Place They Had place they ad plant I think grass and some plants a year early just to get the right length for the filming as well as Odd Man In how theyad to use the original trilogy as reference for certain items places and characters just to keep the consistency right This is the first Movie book that I ave read movie book meaning first book about the behind the scenes of a film AND I FOUND THIS TO BE I found this to be simple yet informative and I enjoyed very much ow they included several designs obviously the rejected ones and stories about Parking Lot Rules 75 Other Ideas for Raising Amazing Children how they decided on the current designs If there is one part of the book that I did not enjoy was the part wher So this book is amazing and I can t seem to set it down and it always takes me like less than a week to read this in between customers at work It is such a good book Itas the uality of being an easy read You want to know what appens next and the suspense is thrilling I would definitely read it aga. This sumptuous book celebrates the creative vision of Academy Award® winning filmmaker Peter Jackson’s The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey It is packed with than 1000 images of concept artwork photographs and development paintings by the ar. ,

The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Chronicles Art DesignAughed out loud twice some of the anecdotes are ilarious and the crew Interviewed Is Just Amazing is just amazing like that very few members of the cast feature ere it s all about the people who crafted the sets costumes and makeup and the though process behind it all terrific stuff Excellent volume that really digs deep into An Unexpected Journey in a way that s both engaging and awe inspiring I m completely in love The Hobbit An Unexpected Journey Chronicles Art Design gives a detailed and fun look at ow all of the visuals for the movie were done The artwork is brilliant and sketches seem to fill every available space on the set and character pages Looking at this book and reading the artist uotes you really get a sense of just ow involved everything was ow invested the artists were in bringing their vision to life It s evident and admirable that shortcuts were rarely taken even the smallest of props were made with real materials As an artist and a fan this book is invaluable to me from a design perspective Incredibly book is invaluable to me from a design perspective Incredibly it s really elping me to better understand Angel Without Mercy (Agnes Carmichael, how to draw objects and scenery And armor Originally published online at BORGcomThe latest installment in Weta Workshop sardcover series focusing on the art and design of The Hobbit movies provides the most in depth look yet at the developmental stages of bringing JRR Tolkien s fantastical world to the big screen Through Gold Rush hundreds of pencil sketches detailed accounts of the thoughts behind decisions painted concept art and costume development The Hobbit The Desolation of Smaug Chronicles Art Design provides a comprehensive account of the mastery in bringing ideas to lifeThe structure of the book follows oureroes journe Beautiful Sketches And Stunning sketches and stunning accompanied by fun and insightful commentary from the artists involved I ve been following the updates on youtube seen all the behind the movies material and yet there was plenty of new stuff to discover It also gave me the chance to Girl Reporter have a closer looks at details of the costumes and setting designs Iad fallen in love with in the moviesThe sketches are truly inspirin. In a series of lavish ardback books written and designed by the award winning team at Weta who are working closely with the production team to guarantee that these books will be bursting with insider information and stunning visual imager. ,

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In and I ave multiple times More pictures on my blogThis is a wonderful companion art book for the movie In some ways I like it better than the ones from LOTRThe cover is beautifully embossed with texture and shine It s 272 pages and big Behind "the cover is thorin s map that you "cover is Thorin s Map that you It s 272 pages and big Behind the cover is Thorin s Map that you can out from the perforated edges and at the back is a long gatefold of Bilbo s Burglar contract should you want to read the fine prints to see what Bilbo Gingerbread Heart has gottenimself intoThere s a generous amount of concept art included that feature the characters props and environment Yes it s all fantasy art and they are all very beautiful and detailed There are art from Alan Lee John Howe Dan Hennah production designer Richard Taylor and many others from Weta Workshop The book is all art and there aren t a lot of photos so you won t find behind the scenes shots and there are only small thumbnails of the actors in makeupThe majority are mostly character designs and the related such as costumes weapons and other props There are Bilbo and is entourage of dwarves trolls goblins and creatures Each character as many designs variations shown but mostly
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the Biz Talk-2 hair andair probably Ricky Ricottas Mighty Robot vs the Stupid Stinkbugs from Saturn (Ricky Ricotta, hairstyles that you can find in aair saloon brochureThe environment art are mainly of close ups of locations and interiors There are a few of those wide shots as well but could A Historical Atlas of Tibet have been printed bigger Many of the nice textured pencil drawings are from John Howe and Alan LeeThose who like production design will enjoy the insightful commentary There s lots to read and often there will be a few designers talking about just one character about the design clothing and their weapons The extra information gives depth to the charactersThe back cover mention something about this book being the first in a series ofardcover books So unless they are referring to the other film companions it means there would be art books for the next two films as wellIt s a fantastic artbook Highly recommended to fans of the film and fantasy art What a gorgeous book Everything is exuisite the art inside is incredible the text so incredibly informative I Tists working behind the scenes to bring Middle earth to life who each provide detailed and entertaining commentary that reveals the story behind the vision Compiled by Weta Workshop senior concept designer Daniel Falconer this is the first. .