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Despite a bloody ore fest kicking off the action and a story that spans from 19th century America to present day China Sweden Africa and England this ended up being about as interesting as a lecture on Reine Mädchensache geopolitics from a semi bright junior high studentThis book begins with the discovery of a massacre of almost the entire This book starts out with a mass murder in a tiny Swedish village But it would be a mistake to expect a Swedish mystery here this expectation lead imho to the various low ratingsWhen you read on youet the impression that you are reading an historical novel You also could et the impression of reading a sociocritical social novelBut in my eyes this book is mostly a political thriller containing an abundance of information mostly about China and AfricaHenning Mankell made Mozambiue his second home country As everyone knows China is showing a lot of activity in Africa Therefore the issues discussed in this book were very important to MankellThe book is written in Mankell s usual cool clear and calm writing style which I appreciate very muchHis main point in this novel is to talk about the political development in China He personalises the social economic and politic conflicts in China by examining one Chinese family and assigning different factions to their members The main battle is fought between brother and sister who are both in high positions and it is mercilessThe murders of the beginning and the historical explanations for them are or less only a framework for the main storyI really enjoyed reading this book even though it "Was A Bit Tedious "a bit tedious times due to the huge amount of political and historical information weaved in OK to me Henning Mankell s books are always full of life experience depth and knowledge of human society His stories often travel to far away places and intertwine that at times one couldn t possibly imagine they might be related But just like a butterfly in South America might Trigger A Tsunami 1000 Miles Further North a tsunami 1000 miles further north Man from Beijing does something similar He causes death and rief in a far away country over something that happened elsewhere and specific in another era And all because of a long forgotten diary Pain can be passed on to someone s Offenders and Detainees genes The past catches up with the present and as so often with humans they act on it The Man from Beijing is a fictional story but it could be life at its very core he borrows from reality I am a huge admirer of Mankell s work and love the fact that he had the ability This is one of the worst books I ve ever read Maybe I should back up and say that I don t like crime fiction and that the only reason I read this book is that it wasiven to me as a qasas-ul-quran gift from my in laws who I now respect less for recommending thisarbage I kid Sort of Internationally bestselling novelist This is a joke right The author is in serious need of a thesaurus because you can only read the same descriptive phrase so many times in a single page let alone paragraph perhaps this frustration would appropriately be directed at the translator There are a million irrelevant and tedious details thrown in and the dialogue is so poorly written it s just painfully awkward Here is an excerpt from when the protagonist is in Beijing and is approached by a young manAre you lost Can I help youI m just looking at that handsome building over there Do you know who owns itHe shook his head in surpriseI study to be veterinarian I know nothing of tall bu. REVENGE CAN TAKE MORE THAN A LIFETIMEIn a sleepy hamlet in north Sweden the local police make a chilling discovery; nineteen people have been brutally slaughtered It is a crime unprecedented in Sweden's history and the police are under incred. Kinesen By Henning Mankell

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Could have been compelling fast paced filled with interesting characters but these are drowned in extended polemics about the history of the treatment of Chinese laborers in the American West Chinese politics and amibitions Swedish society and the fundamental nature of capitalism Some of these sections particularly the pivotal piece set in the 1860s are compelling in themselves but they are often not needed to support the overall plotMankell s missteps are not limited to following his own interests to the detriment of the book but in also crafting a leaking ship The first half which establishes the mystery introduces the accidental heroine of the book and explores the history that is the fuel for the modern day massacre that starts the book is well done but Mankell must have lost interest once these were completed Many of his main characters are insufficiently developed or just not that interesting yes Brigitta that means you His villain is a stock character and is never nearly frightening enough to be seen as the psychopath he must be Loose ends unexplained or contradictory motivations serendipitous connections and an overly neat ending all mar the flabby second halfGiven the strength of his following I m not oing to allow this one disappointment dissuade me from picking up another Mankell but I will be sure that the next one is a Wallender mystery This novel did not live up to its very ambitious premise Mankell seems to have set out to spin a mystery that swept across continents and enerations and that created connections between the most unconnected of individuals His ambition far exceeded his execution making me wonder if this is yet another example of publishing houses rushing books to print without taking the time to properly foster and edit them This read like a draft albeit a late draft than a completed novel There s ood raw material here and with a few rewrites and some polishing this could have been a terrific and with a few rewrites and some polishing this could have been a terrific As it was I did not care about any of the characters Although we learn who committed the horrific crime that opens the story and we kind of learn why we don t learn nearly enough about the why The long passages discussing events in China and Africa were dry and pedantic And the plot was riddled with implausibilities clumsily executed We know Henning Mankell can do better than this Read all my reviews on When I was oing through some of the reviews it almost seemed like everyone was disappointed by The Man From Beijing but this was not at all the memory I had about the book Yes it is slow paced and not all the jumps may make a lot of sense but I still remember it as an interesting story after the mass murder on the first few pages Although even I have to admit that the Wallander series stands outSide note I was once able to pass a Hear the Wolves geography uestion in high school about Chinese investments into Africa because I d read this book Henning Mankell is a bad writer This can be overlooked in books like Faceless Killers and The Man Who Smiled where plot and character are everything and the dyspeptic charms of Inspector Wallander coupled with Sweden sloomy weather delight us The Man From Beijing lacks Wallander and lots of other things The dialogue could not be any wooden Here s a Chinese woman telling the protagonist Swedish judge Birgitta Roslin that the West is not happy that China was so advanced at one time Gunpowder the compass the printing press everything is originally Chi. Er to investigate the source of a nineteenth century diary and red silk ribbon found near the crime scene What she will uncover leads her into an international web of corruption and a story of vengeance that stretches back over a hundred year. Ildings Can I help you I try to teach me speak better EnglishYour English is very ood She pointed up at the projecting terrace I wonder who lives speak better EnglishYour English is very ood She pointed up at the projecting terrace I wonder who lives very richCan you help me she said She took out the photograph of Wang Min Hao Can you BFI Film Classics go over to theuards and ask them if they know this man If they ask why you want to know just say somebody asked you to ive him a messageWhat messageTell them you ll fetch it Come back here I shall wait by the hospital entranceWhy not ask them yourself he saidI m too shy I don t think a Western woman on her own should ask about a Chinese manDo you know himYes One thing she said Ask them who lives up there on the top floor It looks like an apartment with a big terraceMy name is Huo he said I will askMy name s Birgitta Just pretend to be interestedWhere you from USASweden Ruidian I think it s called in ChineseI do not know where that isIt s almost impossible to explainIs it Is it really Ever hear of a place called Europe Well it s there In the north Off the Baltic Sea All of the dialogue is so unnatural it just made me cringe and laugh in disbelief Also you already have a complete picture of what s happened from the half way point of the book but are forced to o over it all again from someone else s perspective The climax therefore is extremely anticlimactic and all the loose ends are neatly tied up with this neat explanation There weremany details that still weren t explainedThere were threads that would continue to hang loose perhaps forever Wow I وصف الاستعباد في مملكة فاس - مذكرات أسير سويدي على عهد السلطان مولاي عبد الله guess he heard that deadline approaching and had to put things somewhere fast Oh and the whole story revolves around a court judge who consistently exhibits poor judgment in everyday dealings Come ON It s not exactly 3 stars maybe a little bit Are we EVERoing to et the extra 12 star ability The opening sc I cannot over emphasize how disappinting this book was It started extra 12 star ability The opening sc I cannot over emphasize how disappinting this book was It started reat nearly everyone in a small village in cold and snowy northern Sweden is massacred a hideous scene A woman deputy is introduced then a woman with a connection to some of the victims Then Mankell takes us back to a the American West where some Chinese immigrants find themselves serving as slave laborers on the continental railroad I was fully engrossedBut I don t think Mankell really thought through where he wanted to take the book Soon the woman deputy becomes a disagreeable caricature and the other woman now suddenly the central protagonist ends up pursuing clues to Beijing Before long we re in Africa then back to Sweden then England It s just a messMankell normally one of my favorite writers basically indulged in building a story to affirm some personal anti Chinese political opinions and it just fell flat When the whole thing wraps up there is one Voice of Conscience glaring inconsistency a major major one involving the identity of the killer involving a photograph which I can in no way resolve Maybe something was lost in translation But to the point if anything was lost it was lost in the writing I hope Mankellot these political obsessions off his chest I just wish he hadn t dragged me along "I Ve Heard A Lot "ve heard a lot Henning Mankell from others that know I am an aficionado of Nordic mysteries so I was excited when a friend passed this along for me to read My enthusiasm was premature If I was to use this book to pass my final judgement on Mankell as an author I m afraid I would be rather harsh There were hints through this book of the thriller that. Ible pressure to solve the killingsWhen Judge Birgitta Roslin reads about the massacre she realises that she has a family connection to one of the couples involved and decides to investigate When the police make a hasty arrest it is left to ,