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E guys try to haul the megalodon to the surface the real star makes her grand entrance by ripping chunks of flesh off the smaller male megalodonOn the whole very sati I read this book for the first time 20 years ago and was immediately hooked Already a shark fan thanks to Peter Benchley I was intrigued by this huge megalodon which was my first exposure to prehistoric sharks Now a member of Steve Alten s

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I have five of the six meg books and am waiting for number six to arrive any day Steve opened up a world of prehistoric fascination for me I highly recommend this book to anyone who likes shark books or movies or anyone who s imagination needs to be stimulated I really enjoyed this one I have yet to see the movie so I wasn t sure what to expect but it was full of action and the hint of romance WAS A REALLY NICE TOUCH SEEING THE DYNAMICS BETWEEN a really nice touch Seeing the dynamics between characters was interesting but I did think a few of the relationships fell a bit flat with the information the reader hasOverall I was half expecting a Jaws rip off but I was pleasantly surprised I ended up reading it all in one sitting and I m really excited to read the next book in the series I loved Meg A novel of Deep Terror I listened to the original version on audiobook multiple times When I got the revised novel version published with the creation of the movie that shares the book s name I was surprised by how different it was to the original version There was plenty that was still the same but there were a hell of a lot details that made the revised version so much better The ending is different too no spoilers on how the revised current edition ends but it s a lot realistic than the original end fight was You want an exciting read Read The Meg and discover a terrifying secret of the deepest abyss one that paves the way for an entire saga of stories involving giant sharks This book has so much happening It s got lots of science discussion tons of underwater action a lot of sharkMegolodon presence and character development that exceeded my expectations I saw this movie when it came out a year ago and was skeptical about the book While I enjoyed the movie I wondered how all that ridiculousness would play out in a book Well 98% of that ridiculousness is only in the movie so it turned out greatReading about this GIGANTIC Megolodon swimming around stalking the submersibles and attacking whaleshumansetc had me on edge It was stressful reading this but in a way that I had hoped Jaws would have made me feel but didn t Yes I went there I compared this wild ride of a book to Jaws And I will gladly defend why it is better than Jaws to anyone whenever I see them the book only not the movie For starters I didn t spend almost 100 PAGES reading about some boring lame affair when I should have be. Into a high tech miniature sub Diving deeper than he ever has before Taylor will face terror like hes never imagined and what he finds could turn the tides bloody red until the end of time MEG is about to surface When she does nothing and no one is going to be safe and Jonas must face his greatest fear once again Includes MEG Origins. ,

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The MEG (Megalodon Book 1)Maybe not a beach read because *THIS BOOK IS ABOUT A GIANT *book is about a Giant But It S The Most Fun I Ve Had but it s the most fun I ve had a while reading one of these JAWS esue novels I do appreciate that Steve Alten wrote about a protagonist with PTSD as it does strengthen Jonas s character That is of course ignoring the glaring issues with now outdated science and the shallow supporting cast but that s not the reason why most people would read this It s alright not the best shark book out there although interesting to get the history bits too Most annoying thing though is that this kindle version has the book end at 74% complete so you think there s uite a bit book to come but then it ends which is disappointing The book then starts a preuel despite the fact that there s no needscope for one based on the initial book I m guessing it s purely trying to cash in on the new film and new interest in the book It seems there are several books in the series but can t see how it can drag much beyond one seuel based on content in book 1 and don t think I m bothered enough to find out I really enjoyed the film so decided to have a go at the book too but Holy crap this is not as goodThe plot is interesting and the shark facts are fun but oh my god the racist and sexist tropesApparently Alten ran out of Japanese names by the time he got to the third Japanese character and decided Simidu worked It doesn t sound remotel I love this book I have every cover this book has been released with Now its a movie I am one Happy person The no one pulls in like Steve Alten You will be begging for chomp Couldn t put it down This is one of the best summer reads of all timeSteve Alten has created a mythos based upon reality that is utterly and completely plausible and absolutely thrillingIf you want to read a great adventurethrill story this is the one and it s spawned five seuels so far and each is worth than it s saltAlten does his research and it shows bringing this enormous shark into our lives in a way that seems as though we should be uite wary when going to the beachBravo Steve Alten and thank you for the fun While the movie is based upon the book they are uite different Having read the original book this is an edited and expanded newer one which the movie was based on than 20 years ago when it first came out I found it absolutely gripping The imagery created by one s own imagination cannot be duplicated and what S Alten created in that regard was special below That being said I also found the movie gripping and even though I didn t see it in 3 D I found myself ducking at times along with other theater goers The special effects are top of the line I don t know how they were able to get film participation crowds to act as though a real Megalodon was beneath them but they did One scene showed a SOON TO BE A HOLLYWOOD BLOCKBUSTER STARRING JASON STATHAM On a top secret dive into the Pacific Oceans deepest canyon Jonas Taylor found himself face to face with the largest and most ferocious predator in the history of the animal kingdom The sole survivor of the mission Taylor is haunted by what hes sure he saw but still cant prove. Iant suid attacking a submersible with its tentacles and attempting to crush it They left it to our imagination as to what happened to the giant suid once an off screen Meg appeared The storyline has obvious parallels with Jaws but this is Jaws on steroids Back to what I mentioned earlier In the original version there is an opening scene of a Tyrannosaurus Rex chasing a couple of plant eating duckbilled hadrosaurs They escape into a nearby lake The T Rex follows His weight causes "Him To Get Stuck " to get stuck the mud at the lake s bottom As he struggles to free himself A Shark Dorsal Fin Appears In The shark dorsal fin appears in the What happens next is a lurid description of what happens to the greatest of land carnivores when it wanders into another superior creature s domain Yet this all turns out to be fiction since neither creature belongs in the same prehistoric period and it was only a classroom recreation by a professor showing his students a made up film He is destined to become the human hero of our story This scene was slightly edited for this new and expanded version and was not utilized in the new film at all But you get an immediate sense of where all this is going There are in this series and I hope that Warner Bros will oblige us Meanwhile dine on the repast that Steve Alten has offered for your viewing and dining pleasure and by all means try the seuels all on the Kindle version of this book that I purchased represented only 71% of the total book length the remainder was made up of 20% of a preuel set in the 1800 s and the last 9% was chapters from book 2 If the preuel had been at the start of the book it wold have made sense although have to say I am not sure it would have captured me as much And have to say that I am not a fan of this thing where the first few chapters of the following book are added to the end of the book don t know if this happens in analogue copies or whether it is only ebooks Surely if the book grips you enough and leaves you in a cliff hanger that should be incentive enough to buy the next in the series Watched the movie and very curious to find out what the story is like and so end up with this purchaseThe background is well set up in a hypothetical scenario where a T rex happened to encounter a meg Then the reader is introduced to this male character who has a past that he wanted to forget Just imagine how powerful this scenario was when the book was published in the wake of the Jurassic moviesVery naturally the over sized shark will also make one think of Jaws a product of many years the Jurassic moviesVery naturally the over sized shark will also make one think of Jaws a product of many years Unlike Jaws where the shark came out of nothing and ended up being killed The Meg has a very structured narrative to explain where it comes why the big fish survives and what to expect when her only offspring is caughtIt is particularly dramatic when th. Exists Carcharodon megalodon the massive mother of the great white shark Written off as a crackpot suffering from post traumatic stress disorder Taylor refuses to forget the depths that nearly cost him his life But it takes an old friend in need to get him to return to the water and a hotshot female submarine pilot to dare him back.