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The Nocturnal Journal epub BY Lee Crutchley – TXT or Kindle eBook

The Nocturnal Journal is a reat book for those who have trouble falling asleep and counting sheep won t begin to cut it Do you wish you could turn you The Nocturnal Journal A Late Night Exploration of What s Really on Your Mind by Lee CrutchleySeptember 2017I received this Softcover ARC from Penguin Random House as a Goodreads Giveaway in exchange for an honest reviewThis is a uniue journal for those with insomnia When you just can "t put your mind to rest this book provides some uided uestions and thoughts I found that when I needed to "put your mind to rest this book provides some uided uestions

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thoughts I that when I needed to some worries or stress of the day I could find a helpful page to explore the thoughts further This expression of internal mind clutter is transcribed thus leaving your mind calm and ready for sleep For example How would you spend tomorrow if there were no to do list What is your biggest fear for the future How likely is it to come true The writing process provides a physical release of those fears and concerns which you are vulnerable to with a wondering tired mind You don t need to have insomnia to benefit from this book I can actually see it being used in place or in addition to a The Way Between the Worlds (The View from the Mirror, gratitude journal which has become so popular This book serves a much different purpose which is for self evaluation It suided with just the right uestions and suggestions to help you to explore deepest concerns This book is BRILLIANT Perfect for late nights when you can t sleep a Inverloch Volume 4 great way to explore the depths of what. An insightful supportive and creative journal for anyone who can't turn off their restless minds when the lightso out An engaging and emotionally aware resource for night owls in. The Nocturnal Journal

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T and Crutchley ives activities for five categories of them Obstructions the things in your way personally or professionally Fears Light those awesome inspirations that can come just as you re ready to fall asleep Dark as in "Dark Feelings And Thoughts And You Big "feelings and thoughts and You big about identity where you re headed etc No matter the reason why you can t sleep there s a segment of the book with journaling prompts doodling assignments etc to help you work through your issue Which leads me to the second reason why I love The Nocturnal Journal the sheer variety of
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Let s it sometimes you just don t to want to write a big long journal entry Especially when you re sleep deprived Crutchley to the rescue There "Are Thinking Assigments Scales To Rate Yourself "thinking assigments scales to rate yourself various personality traits spaces to draw out what s on your mind meditations and visualizations annotated lists to make uided reflections and I started having problems sleeping in my early to mid teens And being nearly a life long chronic insomniac I have to say that The Nocturnal Journal is a brilliant little book If you are also a person who sometimes has difficulty etting the mental hamsters off the brain wheel at night this could be the book for you Grab a copy for your night table throw a pen and a couple of colored pencils in the drawer and you ll be well armed for your next sleepless night Bonus the cover lows in the dark Very creative and full of ood uestions to think about. The pressing thoughts deep uestions everyday anxieties and half formed creative ideas that need unpacking and exploring bringing peace of mind and a richer understanding of ourselv. ,

S keeping you up at night Definitely "kept me when "I bored at night This book is brilliant I think " was bored at night This book is brilliant I think is "me busy when I was bored at night This book is brilliant I think it is important to allow yourself to journal through your late night worries and allow yourself to live a fulfilling life by facing the worries head on I love that there are so many ways to take away the worries negatives and doubts and turn them into something productive motivating and meaningful This journal has helped me work through some tough situations that tugged at my heart and stole away sleep My thoughts are now better focused and I cannot help but o through my days with a bett I received this book in a Goodreads The Horse in Celtic Culture giveaway but my review and rating is unbiased And that unbiased opinion is it s wonderful It s pleasing to the eye but also a fun way to explore those thoughts that creep up in the night Not only fun it s deeper too For anyone who d like to have a deeper understanding of themselves I highly recommend this book 45 starsReview originally posted Reading Lark you ever have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep at night Those are the nights you need The Nocturnal Journal an insightful and engaging little book that will help you at least pass that time productively No matter the reason you can t sleep I m willing to bet that Crutchley has an activity for you There are two things that make this an especially useful little book First there are lots of different reasons why someone might have problems sleeping at nigh. Somniacs and anyone else who finds themselves awake at all hours The Nocturnal Journal will help you explore what keeps you up at night and why Prompts and illustrations tease out.

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