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{kindle} The Reckoning Ancient Gardiens #4 AUTHOR S.L. Morgan – Kindle and Epub

Ter The smart bitingly witty sarcastic friend who says exactly what s on his mind and usually what I m thinking He calls out Levi and Reece on what s on his mind and usually what I m thinking He calls out Levi and Reece on sappy romance but he s never a jerk to them Love him I loved he got his own POV chapters What I idn t like Time travel trope Eh It s probably my least favorite thing to read about I feel like it s a lazy way of writing out of a problem Are the characters facing impossible odds Go back in time and fix it It renders the previous books useless I The Note don t like time travel The authorid a good job establishing rules for it and such but its not something I enjoy Mary #SUE MARIAN THAT S ALL I #Marian That s all I going to say The length I read on my kindle and I The Loving Gift don t usually look at page length This book was 670 pages This could have easily been two books Itragged in some places was really heavy on romance and the boom plot It would skip around and time jump months Eh It would have been better as two books The epilogue Just no Ultimately this is a romance jump months Eh It would have been better as two books The epilogue Just no Ultimately this is a romance you like your fantasy action heavy you might to skip this one I enjoyed the series And I give all my stars to Harrison This was a roller coaster of a ride While some got the e book sooner really than others honestly BN rude all I can say is I was than happy to wait for such an end for the amazing series This book made me laugh cry angry and shocked This isn t your typical boy saves girl and her whole life changes while she is safely protected type story There are several strong ladies in this story including the lead Reece who stepped up to the call of The Wildcatter duty with such grace and courage view spoiler So much that she would outwardlyefy her father in law to save her husband s life when all hope was lost for him as well as slap Harrison wish he Bear Claw Lawman (Bear Claw Creek Crime Lab, did that to Levi hide spoiler Never before have I finished a series with a smile on my face and thought Wow How awesome was that I am almost always left with unanswered uestions essential to the plot or a longing for an epilogue of sorts to give that much needed closure I am sure that comments such as Well that wasisappointing or That s it are not what authors want to hear from their readers when they have invested so much time effort and money into their creative works Well Mrs Morgan you won t be hearing that from me The Reckoning is without Her Nine Month Confession doubt the best and most satisfying conclusion to a series I have ever read The emotional journey I went through with the characters is unbelievable There are someark moments My favorite out of all books but I m just the authorThank you to our faithful readers for your love and support of this seriesNext upI will be writing the short stories of Levi and Harrison as they become Guardians I m very excited to write this Consider it a preuel to the Ancient Guardians saga My loveSMorga. I award winning novel series Ancient Guardians readers will be immersed in every page as a whirlwind of events take place leaving the Guardians no other choice but to trust the one person they have vowed to protect for generationsThe KeyWill Reece and the Guardians be efeated by the greatest enemy they have ever face. ,

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Summary The Reckoning Ancient Gardiens #4


The Reckoning Ancient Gardiens #4The end Hope notBook 4 and it keeps getting better We get a glimpse of the OLD POMPOUS LEVI BUT REECE BRINGS HIM BACK BETTER pompous Levi but Reece brings him back better ever Everything happens to Harrison swoon Love happiness isaster joy happy ever after Wasn t too sure of the time travel solution but it worked in the endAnd the final chapters I m assuming there is a seuel or two to follow as well as the preuel novellasThank you SLMorgan four a fantastic series I m so sadI on t want this to really be the end I hope #it s notThis has been a source of great entertainment for me These #s notThis has been a source of great entertainment for me These are my friends now and that says a lot about your abilities as a storyteller Well Done Beautiful ending I was waiting for this booklike for forever But that wait was worth it I really enjoy this book Was a roller coaster from beginning to end I cry and laugh with my favorite characters Levi Reece Angie and Harrison my favorite of all of them Was a great series and sad that is over but happy with the endingGreat Job All I can say is WOW I have read the first three books in this series and anticipating this book for what seemed like forever and I am happy to say the book DID NOT isappoint Once I started reading it was impossible to put Charade of Hearts down I was so engrossed in book and all theetails that I found myself laughing crying and becoming angry with the characters as if I was right there with them I will be rereading the entire series again I look forward to reading anything the Author SL Morgan writes in the future with her imagination and the way she is able to The Yuletide Rescue (Alaskan Search and Rescue describe in suchetail everything that is going on making you feel as if you are right there experiencing it for yourself I would love to see this series made into a movie I would recommend reading this series to everyone The Reckoning the 4th and final book in the Ancient Guardians series is nothing short of spectacular Filled with surprises at every turn this book will keep you guessing and wanting As usual author S L Morgan s Toward a Better Life detailedescriptions make you feel as if you are a part of the story and it s easy to see the beauty of Pemdas You will laugh and cry while reading this book and you will not want to put it own This continuation of Reece Levi s story was highly anticipated and well worth the wait This is one romanceadventurefantasy book that will NOT have you easily predicting what will happen next This entire series is amazing and that will NOT have you easily predicting what will happen next This entire series is amazing and 4 books are worth reading over and over again Slip into the world of Pemdas you won t be isappointed I have always thought that this author has Schaums Outline of Microbiology, Second Edition done a good job of creating a fantasy world with a period backdrop and a smattering of science fiction They are realms that exist at the polar extremes of the literary scale and as such present aifficulty for the reader to find the setting “Storm” Reece eyed every man in the room with a lethal expression “I am the storm” –Reece OxleyA menacing After the Rubicon dark force looms in the background and he will stop at nothing until he possesses the one thing that will give him ultimate powerThe StoneThe greatest threat the Guardians have ever known has entered Ear. Elievable Never the less this book series is successful in progressively immersing you into a fantasy world where the universe is under constant threat ofestruction by a powerful creature from a malevolent A Prescription for Murder dimension Only the earth born Key prevents his success Pemdas is set in a nonescript era where a much loved royal family rule from an impressive palace It is a world of horses handmaidens and corsets regal balls and splendour Where a Lady should be proper and a man should be noble Yet you can ride a horse through barriers that enter worlds where the inhabitants can mentally persuade you to commit treachery or where warriors ride giant flying lions Add telepathy and time travel to the mix and you have an interesting read After enjoying the rest of the series I was isappointed with the final instalment I spent the previous books watching Reece and Levi s love story unfold and felt it was unnecessary for the author to use the first few hundred pages as a plot for their love story to begin anew when Levi loses his memory and with it any remembrance that Reece is his wife The book only started to hold some of my interest about 400 pages in The small sections that captivated my attention soon petered out because the action scenes were rushed and #lacked etail something that the author used in abundance when talking of the numerous romance and #detail something that the author used In Abundance When Talking abundance when talking the numerous romance and storylines Considering the various threats and constant impending annihilation of Pemdas and earth the book filled me with little suspense and intrigue I think this was Accounting for Taste due to the length of the book which wasetrimental to its pace I thought it should have been split into two books The last 100 pages were so random and seemed like they were an after thought or an introduction for a seuel Overall I loved the series and there were elements of this book that I enjoyed but the plot was skewed towards romance which although had beautiful ialogue the book by stifling the intensity of the altercations with the book s antagonist and other adversaries 4 final maybe book in the fantasy of guardians series was long It s hard to review a final book without spoiling the series so I ll keep it vague What I liked Memory lossamnesia may be tropey and come straight out of a soap opera but I love reading it Seriously it s so angsty when it s one right and I love it Instead of a character losing memory of a specific person the character loses the past 9 years Think about who you were 9 years ago in your life now It makes for such interesting character study I felt like the author An Audience of Artists did a great job with it The romance is sweet as it s always been It s a little on the cheesy side but this book is a romance first than actual fantasy so I ll let it slide Harrison He is easily my favorite charac. Th’s the galaxy and the Guardians must stop at nothing to capture andestroy him With Levi’s memory loss and a malevolent being that is constantly one step ahead of the skilled Guardians the fate of Earth all imensions and their inhabitants are hanging in the balanceIn this gripping final installment of the mult. ,

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