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Very good and very different A very eadable book on a difficult subject Suddenly you have a fifteen year old daughter one you haven t seen since she was 3 Book concentrates on the very difficult build up of trust between a mother and daughter who have lived very different lives A different approach to the subject of child abduction Not what I expected and a bit hard to Jacques Prevert relate to This book took uite a while to get through though perhaps not uite as much as myeading dates suggest I first picked this book up on the 15th of December and got about 6 pages into it before ealizing that if I didn t start my next Book Club book I d not finish it in time so I put this one d not finish it in time so I put this one The thing is I didn t immediately pick "it back up after that not until April ish Then I ead it "back up after that not until April ish Then I ead it uick until I was about 7 pages from the end Not wanting to spend most of my commute with nothing to ead I took another book with me that day planning to finish this at home that didn t happen until today end of JuneSo yes The *novel is set in contemporary America and is narrated by Cate a teenage girl Cate has *is set in contemporary America and is narrated by Cate a teenage girl Cate has The Astonishing Life of Octavian Nothing, Traitor to the Nation, Volume 1: The Pox Party raised on theun by a homeless drifter called Les who abducted her from a campsite thirteen years before Over the years out of a warped sense of esponsibility Les has occasionally telephoned Cate's mother to update her on her child'. .

Ot the most gripping or spellbinding of booksThat
I do eadily give this 3 stars as the crafting point of view and voice of the main character were tremendously well done Cate s voice was uniue very true to character the whole way and efreshingly different There were times where I was just fascinated by how differently she viewed the world from what I was expecting but it was always always grounded in how someone with her upbringing and lack of formal education would view those things so that was *Enthralling In It S *in it s wayWhat didn t work so well for Me Was The Way Some Of The People Around Her was the way some of the people around her Since we were so firmly in Cate s head we don t eally know what they were thinking as we only had their actions and Cate s often highly skewed view of what it meant as our guide Still I for one can t The Sky Weaver (Iskari, really believe that her mother wouldn t get the police involved when the man who kidnapped her daughter so many years ago turns up with her Or that she would even allow him toemain around. S progress But as the novel opens he ings to tell the confused and grieving woman that he is finally bringing her daughter home Cate has done something so terrible that Les has belatedly understood the moral conseuences of his actions years before But how will Cate cope with learning to love a mother she can't emember and wi. ,

Autumn Days with the Moodys (Moody Family
Her given what he d doneSome of the mother s actions around what she does when she learns about the Jeff situation and their Arizona trip also don t uite work for me Again this could Be Purely Because Of Us Not Knowing purely because of us not knowing she s thinking but it veers towards the convenient for the story ather than true to the character end of the spectrum for meI will admit that perhaps the eason why I m so disappointed with parts of this book are because on some level I was hoping for it to have as much of an impact on me as Catherine Atkins When Jeff Comes Home did on me as a Teenager But That Would Be But that would be *FaultFinally A Warning This Book Does Use Some Extremely Offensive *a warning this book does use some extremely offensive language when speaking about people of Hispanic origins The word choice is very true to character when used and fits the situation in the sense that it is eal In my opinion the grammar of the book is horrible but I m not an expert in this area Apart from that the story is uite original although it could be longer Interesting subject. Th learning to despise the man she has come to consider as her father And how will her English mother suare the memories of her three year old daughter with the hard bitten cynical white trash teenager who turns up on her doorstep And what will happen to them both when the awful secret Cate is hiding is brought out into the op.