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Road to MiklagardThis book of the Viking Saga is robably my favorite because it involves the Romans I thought that it is sometimes disturbing probably my favorite because it involves the Romans I thought that it is sometimes disturbing you think of the scenes in your head Really enjoyed reading this Read this and all the Treeces when I was 11 and 12 They became a vital A Star Is Born part of my imagination At the time Iractically memorized this one Four stars for the enjoyment it gave me Treece s usual beautiful dialogue and deep research contribute to an exciting story continuing this Historical Saga Harald Travelled saga Harald Jebel Tarik Gibraltar to raid coastal villages along with Danish bard named Arkil Then he heard of a great giant named Grummoch who was hiding in a cave with a huge hoard of treasure He had been causing nearby villages CSA Scenarios for the MRCGP, third edition problems and Harald agreed tout an end to him During the raid Arkil was killed along with many of Harald s followers for Grummoch was as tall as one and a half menAfterwards Grummoch was taken risoner but agreed to become fri. Harald is now a young man his father has died He has a complicated series of adventures which takes him to a giant's. Ends and stand by another Grummoch s life had not been Rant particularlyleasant He had struck one of the boys in his village for teasing him about his size and accidentally killed him Then his mother had banished him from the village on ain of death should he return Poor lonely Grummoch had retired to the mountains and lived off what he could steal from nearby villagesWith Grummoch and the remaining of his Viking companions Harald was captured by a chieftain Of A Nearby City They a nearby city They trusted by the chieftain after they stopped a group of robbers from stealing his treasure Then they were romoted to guards and one of the Vikings Haro fell in love with the chieftain s daughter MarribaUnfortunately Marriba was in love with the Prince of Miklagard the Viking name for Constantinople Marriba feigned sickness and her father asked the Vikings to take her north where the weather was cooler and that they obey her every command But as soon as they had set. Treasure cave in Ireland then Jebel Tarik Gibraltar then to Miklagard the Viking's name for Constantinople where he. .
Sail Marriba stopped retending and ordered they head towards MIKLAGARD HARALD UNWILLINGLY CHANGED COURSEWHEN THEY REACHED MIKLAGARD THEY Harald unwillingly changed courseWhen they

reached miklagard they 
Miklagard they by the evil ueen Lady Irene Because Marriba was Muslim Irene wouldn t let her son marry her and ordered for her to be locked up and beheaded The Prince of Miklagard was ersuaded to sign her death contract after which Marriba realised he didn t love her at allHarald and his friends managed to rescue Marriba and they travelled back to their homeland and shared between them the treasure of Miklagard which they had stolen Marriba had romised to marry Haro so he didn t need a share of treasure for he had found the greatest treasure in the worldI enjoyed this book very much I love the way Henry Treece writes and I can t wait to read the next book in the series to find out what happens next It took me 30 years but I got to Miklagaard eventually in 1999 The emperor was long gone and the Varangar disbanded. Joins the famous Varangian Guard Eventually Harald returns home to Norway via the great ship ortage on the Dnieper. ,