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[Jim Sciutto] The Shadow War Inside Russia's and China's Secret Operations to Defeat America [harlequin Book] PDF

To perceived past victimization Dismiss dissidents and other critics as traitors Feed the public false information Use fear and hate and other critics as traitors Feed the public false information Use fear and hate justify bad to reprehensible behaviorYeeshYou can read his full piece in the World Affairs Journal if you happen to have an institutional subscription to do so As an Obama fan I found myself surprised to agree with the author s critical take on Obama s foreign policy stance on Russia and China And I found myself agreeing with Trump that we need a Space Force I m sure Trump and I disagree on the details but I have done a 180 on my assumptions about conflict in space Those were just two of the issues I changed my mind about while reading this insightful fair and forward looking take I changed my mind about while reading this insightful fair and forward looking take some of the conflicts that will shape the next decades Great read Informative and interesting but paints a dangerously incomplete picture of the world Jim Sciutto s book is a very interesting look at the tactics mployed by two of America s rivals Russia China to challenge American global dominance Sciutto s theory is that both nations are O Testamento employing a form of assymetric warfare designed to challenge US interests but to stay below the threshold that wouldlicit a powerful presumably military response In order to support this idea he cites several different incidents from China s Gangbang Slut expansion in the South China sea where he paints a picture of the transformation and militarization of the region by China over the last decade to the Ukraine where Russia very successfullymployed proxies to manipulate the situation towards their interests Throughout the narration he builds a convincing case that these two countries are indeed violating what he defines as the rules based global order led by the United States There is a compelling amount of One Con Glory evidence to demonstrate both that this is happening and that the US response to it has been inadeuateHowever this is ultimately a superficialxamination of world Defying Shadows (Rising Shadows events because the author seems to be under the delusion that these arexceptional actions rather than simply tools of statecraft used by almost all global players foremost among them the United States itself Russia s use of proxies in the Ukraine follows The Great Orange Leonard Scandal (Tall Tales Series; 4) exactly the template the US set in Libya and Syriaxcept that the Russians were committed to the operation due to geographical closeness and thereby successful China s militarization of the South China sea and aggressive ramp up of military spending deserves scrutiny but it must be viewed in context China s military spending is still only 15th that of the United States and both past and current US administrations have made plenty of noises that would make any competitor nervous and inclined to increase their military budget The author s portrayal of these two nations as the primary obstacle to world peace is simply not believable for most people who live outside US borders Global polls ven during the Obama people who live outside US borders Global polls ven during the Obama consistently showed that Russia and China are seen as less of a threat to world peace than the USAdditionally all the solutions proposed by the author fall right into the category described by Ronan Farrow as mil think an approach to solving conflicts that is primarily military rather than diplomatic in nature Sciutto s selection of who he interviews is consistent with this as his selections generally involve the people whose job it is to be paranoid about security again it is reasonable to interview people in security and threat assessment but interviewing only these people without gathering the thoughts of diplomats is a glaring A Fairly Honourable Defeat error Thus almost all the proposed solutions involvescalations in military pressure by the United States or drastic sanctions neither of which are likely to garner any degree of public support from an already war weary general lectorateAll in all this is an informative book to read but it paints a disturbingly inaccurate view of the world and involves almost no reflection on what our place in the world ought to be Instead much like former President George W Bush it attempts to neatly divide the world into good and vil forces and attempts to ask the uestion How should we respond to these Elisabeth Shue 135 Success Facts - Everything You Need to Know about Elisabeth Shue evil people attacking us It answers that uestion well but the flawed premise of that line of uestioning remains unexaminedThe book is still worth reading as it is anntertaining and informative look at the tools of statecraft The Man Without a Face employed by our rivals but I d highly recommend reading two other books first 1 Ben Rhodes The World as it is anxcellent memoir of the State Department during the Obama administration and 2 Ronan Farrow s War on Peace The End of Diplomacy and the Decline of American Influence about the decline of what used to be the world s most powerful Happy Easter, Mouse! (If You Give...) effective diplomatic machine the US State Department Without that background reading this book will likely just lead you into a state of mindless jingoism the results of which were clearly seen during the Bush administration years The world cannot be neatly divided into forces of good andvil no matter how hard security Gone (Gone, experts try to convince you otherwis. Ukraine to the South China Sea from a sub under the Arctic to unprecedented access to America’s Space Command Sciutto draws on his deep knowledge high level contacts and personalxperience as a journalist and diplomat to paint the most comprehensive and vivid picture of a nation targeted by a new and disturbing brand of warfareThankfully America is adapting and fighting back In The Shadow War Sciutto introduces readers to the dizzying array of soldiers sailors submariners and their commanders space Threads Of The Shroud engineers computer scientists civilians and senior intelligence officials who are on the front lines of this new kind of forever war Intensive and disturbing this invaluable and important work opens ouryes and makes clear that the war of the future is already he. Good reporting Essentially a series of long articles on different national security topics and aimed at the general public Not a good book xcellent newspaper article different national security topics and aimed at the general public Not a good book but xcellent newspaper article longer It deals with current situation so it has and Expiration date 2019 It s a very telling uestion Are we losing a war few of us realize we re fighting Yes as Jim Sciutto s very detailed and disturbing book reveals and it s mostly a war without a physical battle but with devastating potential for disruption of the United States and Western civilization This is the nature of conflict in the 21st century land grabs Untitled. extending the disputed borders of both Russia and Chinaxercises in outer space near the satellites we depend on undersea activity near the Trans Atlantic cable network linking the US with Europe divisive propaganda on social media and possible Wiring election tampering cyber theft by China of US technical property and blueprints it s all detailed and documented here More than just a well researched documentation of these acts calculated to undermine and discredit the United States Sciutto also provides analysis detailing the lessons learned from the various acts of the Shadow War and proposing a nine step plan of preparation defense and counter measures Here s hoping the right people in government pay attention to this important book and heed the warning signs After twenty years covering foreign affairs in the world Sciutto noticed some similarities in authoritarian stares and wrote an article titled The Police State Playbook In many instances counties like Russia China Myanmar Saudi Arabia and Syria mimickedach other and too many of those similarities seem to me like they are no longer far from home Sciutto writes The playbook went something like this They Against All Odds each blamed any dissent at home onnemies abroad They Jingling Daddys Bells BDSM Menage each pointed to perceived victimization in the past to rally their people to a common cause today Theyach dismissed dissidents and other critics as traitors They The DOS each fed their population false information And together they justified whole host of bad to reprehensible behaviors on the rawmotions of fear and hate According to Sciutto behind the scenes the military and intelligence agencies within the US government are aware of Russian and Chinese interference and are keeping tabs on these activities However there is no official federal program to address the problems directly I m Against All Odds especially concerned that the upcoming 2020lections will be truly fair and honestWe need leadership on this issue so that these agencies can respond appropriately and that leadership is lacking from the Trump administration President Trump downplays Russia s tampering and does not call them out Sleep, Circadian Rhythms, and Metabolism even disputing the assessments of United States intelligence services He seems to think that these authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin Xi Jinping and Kim Jong un are his friends The Trump Administration should be at the forefront of developing a strategy for responding to Russian and Chinesefforts to undermine The United States One can only hope This is an important book Written by Jim Sciutto CNN s chief national security corespondent in its first chapters the book promises a lot of Treasons, Stratagems, And Spoils exciting revelations about the Shadow War being fought between the global superpowers on all fronts kamikaze satellites submarine drones laser weapons to name a few Reads incredibly well While the book slows down in the second part and grows a bit repetitive it s a must read which will definitely challenge the way you look at global politics and currentvents The sole fact that the Huawei Payment Due events took place just days after publishing the book shows how relevant it is Shadow War will definitely put thosevents in a larger context for you This was an interesting read Sciutto has criticisms of both the Obama and Trump administrations handling of foreign policy and I don t think the book is particularly biased on a RepublicanDemocrat spectrum It reads fairly well though there are some repetitive passages The book basically goes o The author is a CNN reporter who has been to many places and Vampireville (Vampire Kisses, even went to the freezing Artic in a nuclear submarine and spoke to the naval officers This is uite anye opening report The world has morphed into a phase where Great Powers fight shadow wars with Pirate of the Pacific (Doc Savage, each other1 Russian annexation of Crimea with the little green men Ultimately a Malaysian civilian aeroplane was tragically shot down 2 China building a naval base on an artificial island 3 China hacked into Boeing and others to steal secrets of F354 Russian hackers stole DNC and Clintonmails through phishing 5 Russia has 15 military ice breakers America 0 That is the new frontier 6 Space war Russia s kamikaze satellite China s kidnaper satellite their anti satellite missiles can all know out the global GPS system which is important not only for location but synchronised firing of weapons 7 China and Russia s supersonic anti ship weapons 8 Russian poisoning of dissidents in UK soil 9 Russian hacking of Estonia What to do1 Design space and Artic weapons Are we losing a war few of us realize we’re fighting Jim Sciutto CNN’s Chief National Security Correspondent reveals the invisible fronts that make up 21st century warfare from disinformation campaigns to advanced satellite weaponsPoisoned dissidents Election interference Armed invasions International treaties thrown into chaos Secret military buildups Hackers and viruses Weapons deployed in space China and Russia and Iran and North Korea spark news stories here by carrying out bold acts of aggression and violating international laws and norms Isn’t this just bad actors acting badlyThat kind of thinking is outdated and dangerous Emboldened by their successes these countries are in fact waging a brazen global war on the US and the West This is a new Cold Warn and show of force to China and Russia 3 Work with allies 4 Invest in and better weapons This is xactly Thucydides trap So both sides would develop and with allies 4 Invest in and better weapons This is xactly Thucydides trap So both sides would develop and weapons fearing the other side will get an upper hand Hopefully the day of actual war will never come Jim Sciutto presents a solid overview of the shadow war being waged against the United States but offers dangerously militarized solutions that Turbulence exacerbate the problem I found myself repeatedly frustrated by the author s overt deference to military analysts without regard for other areas ofxpertise in international relations Sciutto writes as though the threats facing the US from its adversaries represent a uniue aggression toward a benevolent power He offers no serious acknowledgment of the long US history of aggression toward other nations Of course other powerful nations are trying to weaken us to reduce our global power and increase their own Why wouldn t they given our track recordWhat this book needs are fewer military xperts upping the ante with their bombastic rhetoric and diplomats offering 21st century answers that won t lead us into World War III through predictable miscalculations I spent my weekend reading World War III through predictable miscalculations I spent my weekend reading Shadow War When I would come across a particularly astonishing let s be honest HORRIFYING fact I d share it with my life partner Doug By Sunday afternoon he was saying I m REALLY READY for you to be done with that book Suffice it to say Jim Sciutto s news is Not GoodThe book came out in May 2019 and I happened to be in DC during the launch of the book One Saturday afternoon May 18th Sciutto and Wolf Blitzer both CNN anchorsreporters were speaking at the Newseum about the contents of the book I wandered down to the National Mall and planted myself right in front of these two journalists prepared to listen with rapt attention I took gobs of notes You can take the recovering journalist out of reporting but you can t take the reporting out of a recovering journalist Before I d ven cracked the pages of the book then I had a few chilling nuggets to look forward to things like1 The shadow war is according to Sciutto when adversarial countries creep alllllll the way up to the line of hostile actions that will bait the United States into a fighting war China and Russia are constantly seeing what they can get away with They are winning this war2 Both China and Russia but specially China are developing kamikaze satellites which can wander over to other satellites and take them out Space warfare is a current and going concern3 Thankfully Russia and China aren t currently working together although they were still both parties to the Iranian nuclear deal as of May 18 20194 US leaders includingespecially presidents of both parties have totally missed the growing shadow war Trump s fforts though are pushing back than any previous president however Sciutto is uick to note that Trump is ntirely missing the Russian front of

the shadow war 
shadow war much of the Chinese front This is not a ringing ndorsement of prior presidential administrations5 Former intelligence officials of the highest ranks Folk Tales From the Soviet Union eg National Security Advisor head of the CIAtc say that some of our wounds are caused by our deep partisan divides and mistrust of one another6 There s a major disconnect between those serving on the front lines they understand what s happening and how high the stakes are and the administrators who oversee them they are cagey and seemingly unconcerned with what s developingI could literally write P A G E S telling you what I found most interesting important horrifying in this book but I d rather you read it It s a uick and Ulysses and the Trojan War easy read and importantly it s a VITAL READ to understand the future of the United States s role internationallyHowever there are two other things that I feel I simply must nod to in this short review7 The ability of Chinese and Russian satellites to disrupt American satellites has massively far reaching conseuences Take forxample the GPS system which has 24 satellites that feed information to systems worldwide a massive state of the art technology provided to the world by the US military for free page 159 Should one or of these satellites be taken out the ripple Tall, Dark Rich effects would be astronomical Systems affected range from obviously navigational systems for all sorts of vehicles including military craft airplanestc But less obvious traffic lights and railroad signals would default to red air traffic would be suspended no weather forecasts from NASANOAA disruption of the nation s power grid and water treatment plants financial markets would be shut down they rely on time provided by GPS to facilitate trading ATMs and credit cards would no longer work Can you see why Doug wanted me to stop reading8 In 20 years as a foreign correspondent Sciutto developed something he called The Police State Playbook a set of actions by governments that he saw deployed in countries as far flung as Egypt Myanmar Zimbabwe China Russia and The Collector's Encyclopedia of Antique Marbles elsewhere Those actions include Blame dissent at home onnemies abroad Rally supporters by pointing. Ar which will not be won by those who fail to realize they are fighting it The Taught to Obey enemies of the West understand that while they are unlikely to win a shooting war they have another path to victory And what we see as our greatest strengths open societies military innovation dominance of technology on Earth and in space longstanding leadership in global institutions these countries are undermining or turning into weaknessesIn The Shadow War CNN anchor and chief national security correspondent Jim Sciutto provides us with a revealing and at times disturbing guide to this new international conflict This Shadow War is already the greatest threat to America’s national securityven though most Americans know little or nothing about it With on the ground reporting from. The Shadow War Inside Russia's and China's Secret Operations to Defeat America