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Capital Cities/Abc, The Early Years, 1954 1986 yWhere the last book of the Iskari series takes us out onto the Silver Sea beyond the horizon to the Star Isles The Sky Weaver is nothing short of amazing bringing myth and betrail as well as adding a same gender love relationship to round out the series Skye and Crow I don t have a name he told her Then I will callou Crow Call me whatever Audrey Hepburn you like he said turning away Where areou goingSomewhere Silent Seduction you can never come More than anything else in the world he learned Skye loves to weave But things from the shadows did not make friends with mortal girls And fishermen s daughters grew into women Women who fell in love with mortals just like them Mortals who bore children grew old and eventually stepped through Death s cold dark gate Andet Crow waited for her Eris is a pirate They call her the Death Dancer She has been stalking Safire for weeks around the palace grounds Entangled on a Mission To Retrieve An Important Item She Finds Herself Watching to retrieve an important item she finds herself watching s every move slipping in and out of shadows through walls and clouds of mist What starts off as an assignment turns into infatuation with the sword wielding and strong subject before Safire has become the highest in command of the guard and is frustrated that she can t catch what is so elusive right in front of her When their moment comes and Safire catches Eris cold handed she ends up a prisoner on a pirate ship with a line of pirate dispute and cruelty along with it Despite the torture Safire receives Eris keeps an eye on her and tries to keep the upper hand by staying in charge of her and not the other ruthless pirate Kor Deep down in the belly of the Sea Mistress in a scene fully charged of animosity and attraction they fiercely hash it out When a fire ensues and they make it off the ship they end up going separate ways but on the same mission with different goals Safire is to warn Asha of an imminent threat and Eris to retrieve something that could set her free Cloaked in myths of gods and the story of Eris s past she is faced with the ultimate sacrifice and letting go of ever being with Safire A move that may set her free but also shows her true colors in hope that Safire will see it I can t believe I read all three books and they are just so special In the end I can t even be mad that there wasn t dragon action as in the first book but each one of the titles held its own with a new narrative added characters and well

"thought out lore "
out lore pirates and a same gender love story was exactly what was missing and I enjoyed the pace and change it brought to the Iskari series With the old cast available and still relevant moving in and out of the story it kept a familiarity with the setting and beloved characters Throughout all the books Ciccarelli s writing is impeccable and I love her voice There is so much imagination and wisdom within each book it s simply beautiful complex and elegant while devising much imagination and wisdom within each book it s simply beautiful complex and elegant while devising plot action and moments of tenderness Though the first book was my absolute favorite I could not recommend the Iskari series to all those YA readers out there TrulyHappy Reading I am an avid reader of different genres and value these different genres respectively I am also a mood reader and switch genres up according to my reading needsappetite and I respect and value other people s individual opinions even if they differ from mine This review reflects my honest and personal opinion about this novelI received this novel from WunderkindPR in exchange for an honest review Thank Wo Milch und Honig fließen you so muchMore of my reviews hereThrough Novel Time Distance Butou ou are a daughter of stars and shadows You will not fail oh what s this all my love for this book and its characters absolutely know that i would die for safire and eris and asha and sorrow in a heartbeat It has a cover and it s delicious. Find Asha the last Namsara From the port city of Darmoor to the fabled faraway Star Isles their search and their stories become woven ever tightly together as they discover the uncertain fate they’re hurtling towards may just be a shared one In this world and the next. .

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D in a long time The Sky Weaver wrapped up the Iskari series together rather well Where The Last Namsara and The Caged ueen wrapped up the individual conflicts in their stories The Sky Weaver wrapped up the story world and characters as a whole I am sad to be leaving this world and these characters and I do hope that Kristen revisits them one day The Iskari will be a series that stays with me for a long time and one I plan on revisiting SHE HAS BEEN PICKED UPnow to find a free day to read Hi I Heard This I heard this ff enemies to lovers so I m off to read the first two books before this comes out brb This is undoubtedly my favorite book in the series and I think I can officially put this series among my favorite series It got off to a bit of a rocky start but as a whole I m actually amazed at how each companion manages to connect Enchanted The Sky Weaver is a spellbinding fantasy adventure in a world that is animated with beautiful writing and clever plotting Across multiple vividly portrayed landscapes the wonderful array of characters bring this world of myths Gods pirates and dragons to life The characters are well layered with diverse capabilities and personalities some new to this novel and others as they take on the next stage of their journey in the trilogy The two main characters Safire and Eris each narrates from their POV and as the story unfolds their relationship turns on its head with interesting dynamics as it develops towards a touching intimacySafire is a soldier a fighter and the commander of the King s guard She has a harsh background covered in the previous novels but is in favour with the current King her cousin Dax Safire is dedicated to her role of protecting King and country and when a jewel is stolen and robberies continue she vows to catch the thief Eris is the fabled thief known as the Death Dancer and she watches Safire from the shadows always just evading her glances Eris background also underpins a fascinating character with a complex personality and intriguing motivations Safire feels the presence of Eris and sets a trap to catch her only to watch her disappear again unfortunately however Safire ends up being captured herself and held on a pirate ship As the story develops with twists and surprises Safire and Eris find themselves on a similar journey to find Asha but for different reasons The weaving of plots journeys and relationships sees high drama as they encounter mythical creatures and an enthralling adventure that flows at a great pace The world building in this trilogy is amongst the best I ve read and the use of mythical creatures magic and the fantasy elements are wonderfully placed The careful reveal of romance and the wider array of characters is excellent and it is easy to connect with several of the charactersThe Sky Weaver is the third book in the Iskari trilogy written by Kristen Ciccarelli This book can be read as a standalone but I couldn t help feeling I was missing a lot of the background of Safire and the history of the region by not previously reading the first two books Eris is a new character introduced in this novel which helps in that context and her appeal grows throughout the storyMy rating is 45 stars and I would highly recommend this book To Anyone Who Enjoys Reading Good Fantasy Stories I D anyone who enjoys reading good fantasy stories I d to thank Gollancz Orion Publishing Group and NetGalley for providing me with an ARC copy in return for an honest review 35 starsFrom the stronghold of Firgaard through the Rift Mountains and the desert Sand Sea back to the Scrublands and beyond the Iskari series has taken place all over the map If on foot by horse or via dragons it has been an amazing adventure full of lore vivid settings amazing characters and gorgeous writing There is only one way left to travel now and that is via sea vessel. O evade even the most determined of pursuers she possesses a superhuman power to move between worldsWhen one can roam from dimension to dimension can one ever be home Can love and loyalty truly existNow Safire and Eris sworn enemies find themselves on a common mission to.

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Hello there Just popping in to say that the international pre order campaign for THE SKY WEAVER is officially open Readers who send me their proof international pre order campaign for THE SKY WEAVER is officially open Readers who send me their proof purchase will get this exclusive card pack designed and illustrated by Gabriella Bujdos while supplies last Head on over to my website for detailsI m never on Goodreads except to update things so if ou have uestions the best place to contact me is on Instagram I check all DMs and my handle is kristenciccarelli Alternatively Circles in the Dust you can email me at askkristenuestionsgmailcomTake care of each other 3Kristen I received this book through NetGalley against an honest review I love this series and I was eager to read this last volume I was lucky to have it in advance and it is really goodThis last volume focuses on Safire commander of Dax s armies she had to fight all her life First against exclusion because of her status of semi blood and then against the men who regularly targeted her She is a strong character because of her career and I liked that she is the heroine of this last volume Small particularity this last volume contains two points of view and so we discover Eris our second heroine She has been on the run for 10ears and has become over the Death in a Serene City years a great thi The full review can be found at The Book Bratz Thankou so much to Wunderkind PR for sending me THE SKY WEAVER to read and review All thoughts and opinions are my own If I thought my emotions were all over the place after The Last Namsara and The Caged ueen then that was nothing compared to all the feels that The Sky Weaver has given me The Sky Weaver had been hooked from page one and I stayed up way past my bed time to finish it It is very rare that I can read a book in one sitting any and The Sky Weaver was an exception to that Since I was introduced to Safire in The Last Namsara I couldn t wait to read a book with her as the main character and The Sky Weaver has been the remedy to that The Sky Weaver had a different feel to it then the previous two novels in the series had but it is a good different I think it has to do with the fact that the previous novels focused on the fall of Firgaard and rebuilding it and in this novel the nation is in a good place or is on a path to being in a good place for the most part I also think the fact that the old stories also play a very intricate part in Eris story only added to this But with all this being said I can confidently say that The Sky Weaver is my favorite book in this series Another thing that made The Sky Weaver a little different is that we get both Safire and Eris POV We get to see the struggles that both of these girls have faced in life and the struggles they are still facing I loved getting to be in Safire s head and her thought process Being a half blood Safire grew up being looked down upon she wasn t even allowed to touch her cousin s or meet their eyes in conversation Since the rebellion she has now taken on the position of Commandant the position that Jarek had held before the rebellion Commandant the position that Jarek had held before the rebellion see a few flashbacks of Safire s treatment at Jarek s hands and all I can say is my heart broke for her I was cheering for her as she drove that knife through his heart in the The Last Namsara and I continue to cheer for her as she continues to make decisions to better herself I m not going to talk about Eris for the fear of spoiling anything but I will say this I love her character and love her introduction into this world THE ROMANCE I thought Dax and Roa was a rough romance I had no idea which way the romance in this book was going Was it going to happen Was I looking to far into it When were they going to kiss All I know is that from the moment Safire and Eris were on the same page I was shipping them The romance aspect in The Sky Weaver has been by far my favorite romance I have rea. At the end of one world there always lies anotherSafire a soldier knows her role in this world is to serve the King of Firgaard helping to maintain the peace in her oft troubled nationEris a deadly pirate has no such conviction Known as the Death Dancer for her ability ,
The Soul Thief