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[martyrdom Books] Ebook The Soldier Uniformly Hot #7 Harleuin Blaze #481 author Rhonda Nelson

Est friend his brother s bride left to his new assignment in germany a year earlier new assignment in Germany a year earlier sendoff party he got his customary hug from Natalie and then from Winnie but this time he felt differently with the hug and wanted and has spent the last year fantasizing about Winnie which also makes it hard hard get it to be around her now and he is suffering a bit of insecurity about being enough of a man for her Winnie Cuthbert since high school they ve been friends and friendly competitors challenging each other in running swimming pool etc She has mooned over Adam for 10 years but has not let that affect their friendship with advice from Natalie she shouldn t show her concern for Adam s recovery in her sad eyes which leads Winnie to challenge him treat him like before and after Natalie leaves to be the one to get him out of bed with a reuest that he help coach her girl s softball team and when she reads physical interest in his eyes she is eager to capitalize on it even knowing he s going backLevi Natalie Rowland McPherson his special forces brother and his best friend since forever and now his brother s bride SummaryWith his father s support his mother s wish he not go back but her support and his dream set in stone Adam has every expectation of returning to his old post in Iran 2 months in this tour Since Levi and Natalie left he s having trouble motivating himself to get out of bed and he has a meet with the army in 2 weeks for his assessment and assignment Winnie shows up and invites him to take the place of her injured co coach and he does And they start spending time together and share a few kisses and she gets up the nerve to invite her into her bed knowing it is for a short time and at first he says no but then he says yes after Natalie calls and their first time with sex is in her bakery behind the bakery display and then on her work table with strategic placement of powdered sugar and And they have a pretty marvelous 3 days and she lets slip an I love you and she lets him go with hardly a tear and he goes and they tell him they have him in mind to counsel others in the same boat as him after his current tour and he realizes that he wants this new direction in his career and he wants a life with Winnie and returns to her to marry her in the 2 days before he ships out ahhhMemorable Scenes He d either go back and do what he d been trained to do or be reassigned in some other capacity still military but only a shadow of the career he d wanted and worked so hard for Winnie Cuthbert had been right under his nose for the past ten years a fellow athlete partner in crime peer and friend And though she d always had a thing for him he d never been remotely attracted to her until she d hugged him goodbye at his and Levi s going away party That simple innocuous touch had sizzled through him like a blast from a lightning bolt In that instant as crazy as it sounded Winne had gone from simply being a girl to The Girl Adam erked instant as crazy as it sounded Winne had gone from simply being a girl to The Girl Adam erked and immediately pulled his injured leg under the sheet Her chest ached As if she cared Winnie thought How could she look at him and not be grateful for the sacrifice he d made Did she mourn his leg Regret that he d lost it Yes But she was too thankful for his service for his sacrifice to ever be anything other than humbled Why couldn t he see that Did he honestly think so little of her At softball practice he s throwing batting practice and noticing people noticing his prosthesis and one girl calls out to him that he ll get used to it she has two different colored eyes and knows what she is talking about She doubted that Adam had ever considered a contingency plan because there d never been any other option He set a goal developed tunnel vision and saw "It Through His Fingers Twined Unexpectedly Through "through His fingers twined unexpectedly through and the sensation was so bittersweet she struggled to focus His hand was big and warm calloused and curiously soft It utterly engulfed hers and the sensation left her feeling protected Safe Her fingers were still entwined with his soft but strong and he had the oddest sensation of homecoming of being anchored instead of drifting aimlessly After building a sand castle with the princess in the tower and the prince on the drawbridge to rescue her See he said as though it wasn t a big deal as though he hadn t ust shared a major revelation at all The princess saves the prince in this story He nodded once and gve the castle another once over It s perfect now. Plan of attack Her nonregulation method of sexual healing is guaranteed to get him back on his feetBut being flat on his back in Winnie's bed might be the best remedy of all. Ry is about Adam McPherson Special Forces soldier and brother of Levi McPherson Letters from Home who is back in small town Bethel Bay SC recovering from an injury suffered while serving in Ira Months ago a roadside bomb went off which forced the amputation of Adam s lower leg Since being fitted with a prosthesis Adam is hell bent on returning to Ira since his whole identity is wrapped up in being a soldier That s all he s wanted all his life and he can t imagine what he d do with himself if he can t be an active duty soldierWinnie Cuthbert bakery shop owner is the girl who refuses to give up on *Him Winnie S Loved Adam For Over * Winnie s loved Adam for over years and everyone in the small town is aware of it even Adam But Winnie knows where Adam stands that his career comes first and he has no desire to get involved with her since he can t commit to her and doesn t want to hurt her Winnie s been content to be his good friend and they have a friendly competitive relationship she s a tomboy but doesn t want to push for since she feels by doing that she d risk rejection And if Adam flat out rejected her then she d lose all hope that one day he would finally see her as than a friendWinnie is unaware that lately Adam has been seeing her in a different light He starts having is unaware that lately Adam has been seeing her in a different light He starts having about what it would be like to be with his sexy best friend even though he can t let himself actually do that since he s sure he ll be leaving for Ira in a couple of weeks And he won t use Winnie that way She deserves someone who would be in it for the long haul and he s ust not that man But damn it the thought of any other man being with his Winnie is driving him madEventually Winnie can t take it any makes the first move Adam submits and yee haw it s off to the races Oh the things they do with powdered sugar and almond icing Winnie knows that Adam Will Be Leaving Shortly But Is There Any Chance She be leaving shortly but is there any chance she get him to include her in his futureI loved both selfless Winnie and good guy Adam loved the story telling loved the love scenes which bordered on the erotic boy these Blazes can get hot loved the endingjust everything worked for me This was ust a wonderful little afternoon read highly recommended 5 stars Adam has returned to his parents house in his home town of Bethel Bay to recouperate after an injury sustained during a tour of duty in Ira that has resulted in the loss of the lower part of one of his legs Depressed he takes to his bed until longtime friend Winnie turns up in his bedroom to rouse him from his funk Winnie is coaching a young female softball team and talks Adam into agreeing to help her Just before Adam shipped out to Ira he realised he was attracted to Winnie but since he s planning on going back into the Army and feels he is no longer the man he once was he knows they can never happen Winnie on the other hand has been in love with Adam since high school This was an ok uick read I didn t take to the female lead Winnie She s been in love within Adam for over a decade and idolises him It feels slightly creepy and takes away from the romance of them falling for eachother There are numerous times when she laments how she will be in love with him always or never want anyone else despite the fact that he never showed any interest in her other than randomly getting turned on when she hugs him goodbye before he leaves for the tour of duty where he ends up injured Adam is pretty likeable He s a typical hot male lead who s a little damaged and fails to realise that he can have his career and a relationship too imagine that Some of the writing is cheesy I ve read another book by Rhonda Nelson that I liked better as it was a little humorous and the leads were eual Winnie s obsession with Adam coupled with his brother and best friend s encouragement to get them together made it feel as though he was being manipulated into it which obviously want the intention Not a bad book and decent writing Ma mre m'a tu - Survivre au gnocide des Tutsis au Rwanda just not that great Not a horrible storyust not good enough to keep my attention Too many good books out there to waste time on a bad one Setting Bethel Bay South Carolina his parent s home his bedroom her bakery shop the beachshore ThemeLife getting in the way of plans made love giving new direction CharactersAdam McPherson lost the lower part of his leg in Iran is healing getting fit used to an excellent prosthesis eager to get back to the lines depressed and finding it difficult to get out of bed after his brother and his M's man Yet even his strict military discipline is no match for Winnie's charmsA horrific roadside bomb sent Adam home injured and haunted Feisty Winnie however has her own. ,
Opening Line Adam McPherson hovered in that murky place between awareness and sleep clinging desperately to the dreamI ve really been enjoying Rhonda Nelson s Uniformly Hot series from Blaze They re uncomplicated sexy little reads with rel Enjoyable and readable contemporary romance with pretty hot sex scenes A bit of an unusual aspect is that the hero is dealing with having lost part of a leg during the war in Ira That gives him plenty of insecurity to temper the alpha male ualities you d expect of a career military officer heroAnother unusual aspect is that the hero gets the Point of View for some of the scenes that would traditionally be in the heroine s perspective Definitely worth checking out Oh and the cover Worth keeping for the cover alone D Just when I thought this book got a bit boring it changed course and became not boring lol I rather enjoyed this one a little than the last one except for the boring part Excellent read Recommend highly Adam and Winnie caught my attention when I read Letters from Home the previous book in this series and I m happy to say their book didn t disappoint me This was a very enjoyable and believable friends didn t disappoint me This was a very enjoyable and believable friends lovers story Adam could have been a little less narrow minded about his shortcomings hey if he was good enough to go back to his military career why wouldn t he be good enough for Winnie but he was the ultimate nice guy and I really liked him And Winnie was Mes recettes au baby-robot just what the doctor ordered to shake him out of his self pity She had been in love with him for a decade and wasn t afraid to wear her heart on her sleeve but she was no pushover If only Adam hadn t taken so long to realize he loved her tooMy only problem with this book was the ending it felt a bit rushed I understand that Adam was a determined and focused man of action he was The Soldier ha and once he decided he didn t want to live without Winnie he set everything in motion right away but I thought she caved too fast I didn t want to see him grovel or anything like that after all he did nothing wrong but she deserved after having waited for him for so long Or maybe Iust didn t want the story to end I really like Rhonda Nelson and her books but she could have done a better La Stratgie du camlon job with this book It s a companion piece to Letter s from Home In this book its about the younger brother of the main character from Letter s from home It s the same plot same ideas and some of the same things were said in this book as her previous one The other thing that got to me was that in every other chapter there were three or four paragraphs about how the main character Adam couldn t be with the main female character I skipped about 20 pages re reading that in every other chapter The best part was the ending This is the second book in the series I ve read the first book and then this one awhile ago If you want to read what the book is about read the blurb above the reviews From what I can remember the plot was good and the hero was very stubborn The heroine who had a crush on the hero for awhile knew the hero since childhood When he s sent home to recover he wasn t doing so well She decided to take him under her wing to get him better However it wasn t until she started to make it known she wanted him then things got better for him He started to participate in life and notust live through it The plot was good and it kept things moving However the heroine could do things for her friend but it got a bit it kept things moving However the heroine could do things for her friend but it got a bit with the crush and doing things on of a manwoman level with her insecurities While realistic she had major problems getting

Past It The Hero Had 
it The hero had as many problems getting past the thought of not going back until he was cleared This I could understand as many SEAL go through this discovery over time Overall not a bad story but the whining of the heroine did get on my nerves which affected my rating What a lovely romantic friends to lovers story sigh Something about this one ust pushed all my sentimental buttons and although there wasn t anything really sad about this book I found myself tearing up towards the end Probably because I really really loved the characters and I wanted them to have the HEA they both deserved I think the fact that the characters had a real rapport and an established 10 year relationship as friends is what made everything about this book work for me Their dialogue seemed natural and the way they reacted to each other ust seemed to fit In a nutshell the sto. Subject Adam McPherson Special ForcesCurrent Status Out of commissionfor nowMission Return to battleObstacle Winnie Templeman She won't take no for an answerAdam is Uncle Sa.

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The Soldier Uniformly Hot #7 Harleuin Blaze #481