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Tot Taylor { read online } The Story of John Nightly – Epub and eBook

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The Dickens of Music fiction #An Amazing Book For Everyone #amazing book for everyone likes music and wants to know about the Swinging Sixties its history and what happened after all the hype A book for everybody who wants to know something about the deeper sense of music and about people who weren t thinking just about the next hit singleUnbelievable that it s a fictional character he invented and adapted into that part of music history It really feels like John Nightly really existed I was impressed by The Musical Knowledge And Depth musical knowledge and depth this book while it was still a damn ood read This debut novel by Tot Taylor explores 'extreme creativity' – at the level of 'genius' in this tale of a young singer songwriter from the 1970s With a painting by Bob Roberta Smith adorning its cover the book's 900 pages recount a life story from childhood to oblivion John Nightly b Cambridge 1948 finds his dimension in the world of pop music the art form of his time In previous decades he might have been a novelist or poet a painter or a playwright In previous centuries a Only a Whisper grand chef or gardener astronomer or plant hunter when these occupations were revered as highly as that of ‘Artist’ We follow his rise and fall hisrowing up and development as a musician the tragedy of his ambition and his success followed by his subseuent withdrawal from everyday life John Nightly’s c.

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The Story of John NightlyEs and who has particular liking for music from #the 1960s this tale of a fictional 1960s pop star cum musical who lived in the real life world #1960s THIS TALE OF A FICTIONAL 1960S tale of a fictional 1960s star cum musical Copper Lake Secrets genius who lived in the real life world The Beatles The Rolling Stones The Who and otherreat bands of that era was a fantastic read I REALLY liked this and found it even authentic about the music scene than Jennifer Egan s A Visit from the Goon Suad Although it could have been about someone super Brooklyn's Song gifted in any field Unlike anything else I have readAbout how too much talent can burn a hole in you and what happens after thatShine on you crazy diamon. Agnum opus the 'Mink Bungalow Reuiem'  a proto uasi rock opera cum pseudo reuiem eco mass which he failed to complete thirty years before Premiered in 1970 the 'Mink Bungalow Reuiem' still holds the all time record for the most performers on a public stage at any one time Just before his meltdown John Nightly toured the world with it backed by two symphony orchestras a thirty piece rock band a dance company three school choirs and sixteen articulated trucks Meeting this teenage saviour dude can the Master be brought back to life again A tangled love story the recording studio as creative hub the music industry as dramatic backdrop astronomical tables Methodist hymnals and surfer mags as well as some seriousardening notes also play important parts in this one thousand page novel. Good example for writing a clever book without being boring I loved it
thank you tot 
you Tot for that wonderful book And now I want to hear the Soundtrack The best *ROCK BIOGRAPHY OF A MAN THAT *biography of a man that was The book s characters are unbelievably complex with such a well thought out history and storyline that it seems impossible to have come from one person s imagination Definitely the best piece of fiction I ve read this year I m just sad that there isn t any accompanying musicMassive thanks to Netgalley for the copy For someone like me who loves music of many enr. Reative period his ‘spirit wind’ lasts a mere five summers John Nightly’s #ability is spotted early his LP 'Ape Box Metal'  becoming the third best selling #is spotted early his LP 'Ape Box Metal'  becoming the third best selling of 1970 But success turns out to have side effects and he disappears into a thirty year void of missed opportunities and unfinished projects We meet him as a child prodigy in late 1950s Cambridge finding fame in the Carnaby Street music scene of the mid 60s then supermaxed at various retreats in Los Angeles during the 70s John Nightly sleeps through the 1980s until after too many lost years he moves to his ‘saven heer’ at Carn Point on the coast of CornwallIn 1982 John begins a new life as a cultivator and exporter of exotic plants until his past comes back to haunt him via the rediscovery by a superfan of his
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