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[PDF] Through Thick and Thin author Gok Wan

Through Thick and Thin

Gok Wan È 0 Summary

Ry and that his childhood and teen to early ADULTHOOD YEARS WERE BLIGHTED BY OVEREATING BULLYING AND THEN years were blighted by overeating bullying and then by self controlled starvation and anorexia What is interesting about the tone of the book is that Wan doesn t come over all maudlin I d been curious about this book or ages ever since I read an interview with Gok and he was asked about a memorable moment in his life He said the most recent memorable moment was inishing this book He #had been in a hotel room in Thailand wrote the inal pages #been in a hotel room in Thailand wrote the Landscapes of Communism final pages was so elated he went outound a bar and bought everyone in there a drink I love that story that s just what I want to do when I NORJAK finish mine The book itself is uite an easy read with simple and sparse prose but surprisingly moving He s been through a lot and is unflinchingly honest about those experiencesrom being an obese teenager at the mercy of local bullies to drama school in London and the battle with anorexia that ollowed to inding his niche and the ups and downs of being a household name In the book as he does on television he comes across as very genuine and wanting to help others through times of adversity to ind their own version of happiness and their place in *the world There is also a lot of love or his Loving James (Surviving Elite High, family and closeriends that just shines *world There is also a lot of love Bedford Square (Charlotte Thomas Pitt, for hisamily and close I See Rude People friends that just shines in his words A nice read Wow GokI didn t realise he d been through so much to get to where he is today The bullying certainly brought back awful memoriesor me and i know where he s coming HVAC Design Sourcebook fromBrilliant book and such a warm lovely man I especially loved the way he mentioned a little about each important p Really good book A really interesting guy So sad to hear his continuing struggle with Anorexia but what an interesting life he s had to date and he s only 37 Shame the book didn t really touch on his relationships but I guess he wanted to keep that part of his life private Brill book though Loved the recipes too lo. Ng this time helped him bounce back to become a stylist to the stars every woman's bestriend and a national treasure In this intimate memoir Gok tells his Melvin Menchers News Reporting and Writing full story in his own words Whether he's recounting the horrors of childhood bullying or riotous anecdotes about his lovingamily behind the scenes in the The Far Dawn (The Atlanteans, fashion world or TV shows Gok's voice jumps off the page with all the honesty wit and warmth we've come to know and love himor. ,
Erview with him but since then I am obsessed It just goes to show don t judge a book by it s cover because you never know how much it could change your perspective on things It has honestly inspired me so much and made me want to start living the life I want OK I actually listened to the audiobook version rather than read this but I think it still counts I am a bit of a Gok Ormen i Essex fan I love the way he seems so comfortable with himself and with the women he works with and Iound this really enjoyable I knew Gok Wan had been a big kid but didn t realise how deep his eating disorder had gone to THE POINT THAT HE WAS CLOSE point that he was close dying at one stage For the msot part this book is a very modest account of Gok s struggle with Bare It All (Love Undercover, food and determination to make a nameor himself in the worlds of drama and ashion and it works Very Well Towards The End I Did Find The Endless well Towards the end I did ind the endless dropping a little annoying but I guess if I was working with such An Elusive Victorian famous people I d probably do the same I actually bought thisor my mum who is Gok mad but decided to read it before I gave it to her P I managed to devour this book in one day It s simple writing makes it a nice easy read It s amazing hearing about Gok s life growing upThere are some points that made me cringe his acting capabilities or shall we call them Gok s life growing upThere are some points that made me cringe his acting capabilities or shall we call them of dishonestyBut everyone has A Bird in the House flaws and if that s the only one that made me cringe then good on him He is an inspiration Everyone benefitsrom a good uick read every now and again and this book is no exception It took me the best part of a reading day to get through it and I enjoyed it as a light and interesting autobiographyGok Wan is infamous in the UK and beyond Staging Tourism for his prowess in sorting outashion issues and The Last Imaginary Place for helping woman of various guises and sizes to embrace theirigures and dress accordingly You learn rom the book that this body image knowledge and positivity comes rom Wan s own personal histo. Gay as well Gok Cassidy Harte and the Comeback Kid (Outlaw Hartes, felt lonely and out of place He was an easy targetor bullies and suffered terribly at their handsIn a moment of inspiration he decided to reinvent himself with his Jean-Paul Sartre first style makeover and a larger than life personality to go with it But his next move was to lose a devastating ten stone in nine months In Through Thick and Thinor the irst time Gok reveals all about that life changing periodThe lessons Gok learnt duri. This book has inspired me at times to realise that I #may have aults but to remember there are people in my #have aults but to remember there are people in my who do LOVE AND APPRECIATE ME GOK WAN and appreciate me Gok Wan of my avourite television presenters The Erotic Motive in Literature fashion guru s and beauty stylist is someone I look up to in my life and can relate thoughts and experiences with He describes his struggle growing up being accepted and theeeling of self hatred and worthlessness that makes me cry and The Detour feel so upset reading about He also discusses how he raised to hisame The Crime Trade (Tina Boyd from becoming a Body Shop worker into a nations phenomenon within theashion world A really good book with a lot of healthy messages that will encourage teenagers and even older women to carry on through struggle with their life It taught me something What a joy it has been to see behind the Gok persona on tv and meet the real Kowkhyn This is an honest genuine walk through th Really enjoyed this book I like Gok anyway but this seemed to be written very honestly and he comes accross as such a lovely guy Interesting to read about his early life and what he has been through to get where he is today and I loved the letters he included to his parents etc Couldn t put it down I just The Adventures of Rusty finished this book and I loved every page of it I have never seen any of his shows or read his other books but after seeing an interview of him when he was in NZ I instantly regretted not going to meet him at a live show He sounded so down to earth and knew what he was talking about So since them I needed to read his books and decided to start with the autobiography I was so excited to read it that Iinished it in two days This book is so inspiring and is a book that will make you look at things differently Throughout the book you read about all his struggles and how he got to where he is today I Loved Seeing How Much seeing how much cares or his amily and Mamá friends I don t think I would have picked up this book if I didn t see the int. With his infectious energy and charisma Gok Wan has an incredible gift of making womeneel confident within themselves but it's not until you read his own inspirational story that you When Mutants Attack! (Rise of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles find out where he got that giftromGok grew up on a Leicester housing estate with a loving Fearless (Nashville Nights, family who ran a Chinese restaurant For his parentsood meant love and Gok was so well loved that by the time he was a teenager he weighed 21 stone Being Asian and. ,

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