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[Gail Gibbons] Transportation [nairobi Book] Ebook

This book had fun drawings and interesting information for your littlest transportation buffs but to me it lacked organization and the pages were a bit busy your littlest transportation buffs but to me it lacked organization and the pages were a bit busy know I m not alone in loving Gail Gibbons During my first library job when weeding the nonfiction 500 s I made the mistake of thinking that her books were out of date and my manager uickly set me straight They re the perfect books for late pre school through kindergarteners and maybe even first raders to Blindsided get better insight into the world around them This is areat example There s At Land great primary text for if an adult is just reading to a child on her lap But each picture You always know what you reoing to Get With A Gail Gibbons Book A Clear And Fact with a Gail Gibbons book a clear and fact introduction to a topic Aptly subtitled How People Get Around this book features bright detailed watercolor and ink illustrations filled with labeled vehicles of all types Vehicles that travel by road air track and water Vehicles that carry single passengers or many Vehicles for family work or recreation Clear explanatory text accompanies the illustrations iving a nice overview of the subject Besides being used for showing the many types

Of Transportation Available This 
transportation available this also serve nicely as a vehicle picture dictionary for those just learning English Wish there were real photos Decent Gail Gibbons sort of fell into writing and illustrating children s books Over 170 books later she is still meeting a need for our kids with her simple books and illustrations I love this updated version of Transportation How People Get Around Every year teachers ask for a ood book about transportation this is the uintessential book for introducing and exploring the world of vehiclesMuted colors watercolors with pastels that add texture are reat Not too overpowering nor too tame Gibbons Gail Transportation How People. GAIL GIBBONS takes readers over land sea and air in this fascinating introduction to diverse methods of transportation From planes trains and automobiles to biking scooting and boating people all around TransportationId offering from Gibbons wish it had been organized a little different to avoid a repeat of all the types of transport when it oes into depth Always like how the illustrations are labeled with the type of vehicle Fans of Gail Gibbons are familiar with her style of nonfiction She pairs colorful illustrations with labels and explanatory text to introduce all sorts of topics This time it is transportation in All Its Many Forms The Opening Spread Shows A Plane its many forms The opening spread shows a plane the sky a ferryboat off the shore a train and lots of traffic on a busy the shore a train and lots of traffic on a busy The text explains that people choose what works best to Russian Winter get from place to place A brief introductionroups cars and other vehicles that travel on roads trains aircraft and boats Then each roup is explored in detail Everything from bicycles and double decker buses to RVs and stretch limousines are shown traveling along roads and highways Subways elevated trains or high speed passenger trains all transport people along tracks The variety of aircraft ranges from helicopters to corporate jets and the airport is neatly labeled to show the runway and control tower Boats include a canoe yawl and cruise liner There is even a section on transportation in space with the ISS And the final page on navigational aids is also organized By Vehicle Type Everything vehicle type everything GPS to wind socksFor any young reader who is vehicle crazy or even mildly interested in transportation this title has plenty of visual detail and helpful labels to accompany the text Highly recommended for elementary school libraries and classroomsI received a review copy from the publisher Lots of different labeled vehicles the format reminds me a bit of busy town but the people are not animals The book includes some simple facts and a huge variety of vehicles from subways and monorails to planes helicopters boats busses pedicabs and. Nsportation choices over land sea and air to young readers Various types of vehicles are clearly detailed as are as concepts such as carpooling and commuting For young readers on the o this is a must hav. .


Get Around 32 pages Holiday House 2017 1795 NONFICTION PICTURE BOOKVarious scenes of transportation are illustrated and labeled in the author s recognizable style She begins by introducing different modes of transportation with simple sentences that identify the means by which people travel on roads on tracks in the sky or on water while labeling the scenes as cars trains aircraft and boats She then oes back and repeats these categories She includes illustrations of each kind while offering a few simple facts through her sentences and labeling She concludes with a page about transportation in space three pages of scenes depicting a combination of transportation vehicles and one page pages of scenes depicting a combination of transportation vehicles and one page important signs signals and navigational aidsI found the book s formatting confusing Many pages have an obvious heading but the pages without headings do not always fit under the heading that came immediately before Some of the spreads work as one large scene and some depict two separate scenes though it is not always immediately apparent which it is Some of the pages are split in half or uarters by white spacing between panels but at first lance the white spacing just looks like part of the illustrations especially in layouts with roads or tracks My other complaint is that the sizes *Of The Vehicles Are *the vehicles are not to scale even within the tracks My other complaint is that the sizes of the vehicles are often not to scale even within the scene For instance a station wagon is depicted as longer than a shuttle bus a motorcycle as longer than a van and a compact car as taller than a station wagon That being said the pages are full of well crafted detailed illustrations of loads of vehicles that some kids will be thrilled to studyEL K 3 OPTIONAL Reviewed by P K Foster MLS teacher librarianhttpkissthebookblogspotcom2017 Informative but very busy Too many pictures and too many words Too much to see and conceptualize at once Another sol. He world have developed many means and methods of moving to and fro In this fascinating exploration of transportation GAIL GIBBONS employs her signature colorful artwork and accessible text to explain tra.