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Running Your Best yTyringham Park is the story of a rich family who is deeply affected when when of their daughters disappears Charlotte the daughter who is left behind is constantly reminded of what happened to heroung sister Victoria She feels guilty because she is still there when her sister is gone but there may She feels guilty because she is still there when her sister is gone but there may than meets the eye there It took me a bit to get into this book This book has been compared to Downton Abbey there It took me a bit to get into this book This book has been compared to Downton Abbey it is uite different Yes there is a little bit of the tension between the upstairs and downstairs like Downton but it really just focuses on Charlotte s story whereas Downton focuses on everyone in the household Charlotte s family owns a huge estate but while Downton almost feels like a character in Downton Abbey but Charlotte s family s houses Charlotte does have an interesting story that unfolded slowly but ends with a surpriseThe synopsis really does not begin to #TELL THE WHOLE STORY VICTORIA S DISAPPEARANCE IS THE #the whole story Victoria s disappearance is the beginning of this story I really felt bad for Charlotte She takes on so much as a child from the adults that are supposed to care for her Her mother and her nanny are pretty abusive which was uite uncomfortable to read I wish that the story had focused a little on her The Fall Of White City (Victorian Chicago Mystery Series Book 1) young life I also wish that we got to understand why she did what she did I don t want to give anything away about the mystery at the center of this book The storytelling in the book was ok I felt that there were some places that could be slimmed down a little bitI did like the setting of the book The book takes place both in Ireland and Australia two places that I love reading about I really enjoyed the armchair traveling thatou get in this book The story begins in the early 1900 s on a country estate in southern Ireland a baby girl goes missing whilst playing with her elder sister Charlotte Charlotte s nanny Nurse Dixon and her mother are forever berating Charlotte for being too plain and not doing as she s told however all is not what it seems I felt Charlotte suffered a lot of mental abuse from her mother as well as mental and physical abuse from her nanny and the story follows Charlotte s life as she grows up and tries to start her own life and family heartbreaking at times so many secrets in her family worth a read My review is at Reading the Past So I have become a little addicted to the book haul videos on Youtube Please Dont Tickle The Tiger you know the ones when avid readers tickleour taste buds with there monthly reading listsI purchased Tyringham Park by Rosemary McLoughlin on the promise of it being just like Downton Now as an avid Downton Abbey fan I think I was bamboozled into buying this book mainly by the big house on the cover and the uotes that stated if MTIV you love Downton Abbeyou will love this I can t stress enough how this is nothing like Downton AbbeyThere is no glamor in this book what so ever and no really protagonist the main character how ever is Charlotte Blackshaw who s father is the Lord at Tyrinham park her mother shows very little interest in her or her little sister Victoria and one afternoon her Ladyship for some unknown reason decides she will have an hour with little Victoria which is completely out of character during this hour the child disappears it is believed by most that Victoria fell into the river and drowned when her Ladyship was not looking but Lady Edwina believes she has been abductedCharlotte s tale really is a The country estate of Tyringham Park is the epitome of wealth and privilege Home to the Blackshaws it finds itself the backdrop to tragedy It is a beautiful day in 1917 and Tyringham Park is in an uproar after Victoria Blackshaw an innocent toddler disappears without a trace The feverish search for Victoria soon uncovers je.

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Tyringham ParkAd one abused by her nanny #Hated By Her Mother As She Grows #by her mother as she grows through the the conseuences of such a horrific emotional neglect play out and affect Charlotte as an adult and she struggles to believe that she is worth than nothing As the reader we are supposed to feel for Charlotte in her darkest hours but it is hard to feel for a character that is so self destructive and eventually I lost interest in the out come of her character It is also hard to read a book when there is no one to root for we follow Charlotte s story but I m not sure if I wanted her to win in the end as a reader she tested my patience For me Lady Blackshaw is the most interesting Character because she is such an appalling mother and human beingAll in all Tyingham Park is written okay but there is know real flare I would recommend it to people who don t mind not falling in love with the characters they are reading about or at the very least liking them most of the characters in this novel are highly despicable and I m sure that was the point but for me it was all a bit like hard work To see reviews and things check out my blog 35 starsA country estate in Ireland Tyringham Park is the home to Blackshaw family The disappearance of baby Victoria has left an empty space in the hearts and minds of many Sister disappearance of baby Victoria has left an empty space in the hearts and minds of many Sister is haunted by her memory while mother Edwina is sure that a missing staff member is the key to the missing child The dark shadows of Tyringham Park hide the chilly atmosphere of the house and its residents A tale of clear division between landed gentry and their staff secrets and lies and the need to keep up appearances against all oddsI was a late comer to this novel Published in 2012 it was a bestseller here in Ireland and was shortlisted for the Bord Gais Energy Irish Book Awards The past six or seven International Organizations years has seen a surge in historical fiction based in grand country homes and we can thank Downton Abbey for this However this novel is set in Ireland just after the War of Independence and the Lord of this Estate is a British army man with no interest in the Irish Estate preferring to spend his time in London This leaves Tyringham Park and Lady Blackshaw to its own devices A harsh woman she has no interest in either the house or her children She is obsessed with her horses and cares for their ability to hunt well than anything else in her life When Charlotte her daughter shows promise as a rider Lady Blackshaw is horrified Jealousy consumes her and leads to disaster All through the book we get a glimpse of servant life mostly through the nanny and housekeeper Nurse Dixon is the evil element and we get to follow her story along with other staff membersThis was a funny read I wasn t really sure how I was feeling as I was reading Amused baffled curious and uiet simply hookedBy rights I shouldn t have liked this It is over the top unrealistic and full of bizarre characters that seem almost theatrical But I devoured it in two sittings It was addictive A bit like Downton Abbey it has that guilty pleasure thing going for it I am actually really looking forward to the seuel Return to Tyringham Park which is due out in March Now pass me that bell so I can ring for my maid The first half story really sucked me in but as the story went on I found it harder and harder to enjoy it The strange thing was I couldn t stop reading I could not like any of the. Alousies and deceits that both the upstairs and downstairs inhabitants of the grand estate have fought forears to keep hiddenAs time passes Victoria’s disappearance casts a long shadow over all of their lives Charlotte the Blackshaws’ less favored eight ear old daughter finds herself severely impacted by the loss of. Characters and found the whole story very depressing It could have been a lot better Tyringham Park is an epic family saga about the wealthy Blackshaw family who live on a large estate in Ireland The story begins when the oungest daughter a oung child named Victoria goes missing As the story unfolds the personalities and motivations of family and servants within the household are slowly revealed as the family structure begins to fall apart At the heart of the story is Charlotte Ignored by her cold unloving #mother she suffers horrendous abuse by her nanny I love historical family #she suffers horrendous abuse by her nanny I love historical family and this book provided me with hours of pure enjoyment I love how the characters changed andor interacted with each other They were unpredictable each with their own faults Although the novel is uite long and at times a little slow in no way did this take away from my enjoyment I continued to be interested in the story With an unforgettable surprise ending I definitely recommend this book to all who love family drama and epic stories of great depth A wonderful re Tyringham Park is an unusual novel The cover review euates it to the Last September meets Downton Abbey which is what initially drew me in While it s set in Ireland during WWI and deals with the aristocracy like Last September and while everyone is particularly nasty to one another and there s upstairsdownstairs drama like Downton Abbey that s where the comparisons ends The novel centers on the psychological life of Charlotte Blackshaw the wealthy daughter of landed gentry There s insight into other surrounding characters but the star of the show is Charlotte For all her wealth and social status she does not have it easy She s at the mercy of many an abuser her nanny and mother to start with from childhood upwards and despite the respites in her life she never manages to recover from the traumas of her childhood As the story spins out it s clear that Charlotte cannot get anything right SHE S THE SOUL SISTER TO ALEX CLARE IN s the soul sister to Alex Clare in Delafield s Conseuences Both women are prisoners of circumstance and personality unable to crawl out of the misery of their lives So many avenues of escape are unavailable for these late Victorian women anything from education or work or anything else that fosters a positive self esteemTyringham Park follows the dark days that result from a woman s traumatic childhood and it unflinchingly follows a lifetime of hopelessness and depression There are bright spots in Charlotte s life and the book is ultimately a page turner with this reader racing to know what would happen next to Charlotte There are some flaws such as we re repeatedly told how bright and interesting Charlotte is but we rarely if ever see the proof I also skipped uite a few pages and didn t feel the lack But overall the novel is unusual in how it combines readability with honesty exploring the life story of the woman s body and her mind A bit of a darker twist on the Downton genre but one I actually enjoyed nonetheless McLoughlin did an excellent job of making these characters so very full of flaws to the point there there really is no single character that is really all that admirable Nurse Dixon for example scared the hell out of me Talk about creepy unfortunately it seemed to me that everybody turned into selfish self absorbed people by end if book and I didn t much care what happened to any of them. Her sister Charlotte’s greatest wish is to escape the con­fines of the estate but Tyringham Park and its many mysteries may never release their hold on her Like all those at Tyringham Park she is caught in a web of passions and secrets trysts and betrayals that seems to ensnare everyone connected to this once great house.

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