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Disappointed The author has great potential but writes as if she needs #to ind words or a 500 page essay She rewrote many passages #find words Wolfsbane (Nightshade for a 500 page essay She rewrote many passages the chapters she restates what just happened as if toill the

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with empty words read the 3 books and was greatly disappointed Again the author has a lot of potential but needs to refine and Leading By Design find a editor UnbrokenExcellent book Highly recommend this book to everyone Excellent story line kept your interest and attention making it hard to put down Good readThe story picked up where it left off so it would be best to read the previous story before starting this one It was nice to jump right back into the storyI lo. Betrayal distrust and vengeance are all in the air as Ally isorced to confront her Kanata fears Who is she What is she Time was running out and herriends were looking appetizing by the minute The Verdons on the other hand had orchestrated the sordid affair They had no ,

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TI ve waited years or this book #To Be Released You Get So Involved #be released you get so involved the characters I cannot wait to read the next one ReallyWe waited years or the 3rd installment to still get a cliffhanger Why not end the story and shift the storyline to Gabe Disappointed in the 3rd book Very Good ReadThis series was a very good read It was ull of action mystery emotion and best of all it was written logically It was truly worth the Wait For The 3rd for the 3rd inal book of the series Merrill even left enough cliff hangers to start a new series Love it FinallyGreat book and like always leaves you wanting so I was very disappointed to here this is the last of the series. Tinue to seek justice Arctic Labyrinth for hisamily Or would he be distracted by the beautiful Pam Unbroken the third installment of the Bitten series delivers an action packed adventure illed with mysterious creatures powerful series delivers an action packed adventure The Color of Law (Scott Fenney filled with mysterious creatures powerful unexpected twists and magic So are you thirs. Ve the devotion between Ben and Ally they truly love each other and are willing toight it no matter the conseuences The ending was a bit disappointing I thought this no matter the conseuences The ending was a bit disappointing I thought this the last book but it was left as an open ending it seems as another book might be coming Overall is not a bad book but it definitely needs The back story could have been developed and a continuation is a must This can t be the endI waited Richistan for the bookor so many years I thought the author was never going to complete this story #I Know This Can T #know this can t all to this story bcuz so many uestions was unanswered 35 stars The storyline was still great but disappointed on how it ended I love Lans on giving up on their goals and were even prepared to get their hands bloody if needed Either Benedict married Moira or he had to orfeit his assets Will Benedict rescue Ally before the stroke of midnight And Gabriel Harlan Well he had his own agenda Will he con. Unbroken (Bitten Vampire Series 3)
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