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Thor writes another book I #will give it a try What happens in VegasWhat happened in Vegas most efinitely id not #give it try What happens in VegasWhat happened in Vegas most efinitely The Flame Of Adventure did not in Vegas This is Noel and Kai International love story Can love survive a famous pop group Kai is 15 of the famous internationally known group T4L Noel is a waitress in Las Vegas and she waits on this very good looking customer There is an instant attraction and sparks fly immediately between the two The problem is will this budding relationship survives teenyboppersistance and the prejudices of his family I loved this story This was really Cute I M Not Very I m not very K pop I like some of the songs my aughter plays but Unexpected is a good romance know matter how much or how little the reader knows about Korean culture Kai and Noel are adorable together and I would continue the series to see if the other group members find love I felt a genuine connection between the leads and the sex was pretty steamy4 stars. Wo complete opposites meet worlds collide and sparks fly and the world of K Pop will never be the same again But will a meddling uncle an unforgiving public a secret admirer a jealous friend and Kai’s unruly group mates bring the couple together or ultimately tear them apart. UnexpectedI liked this story I am a fan of kpop and jpop and "I Liked The Concept "liked the concept this story I could have one without some of the sex what can I sayerotica isn t really my thing BUT I Divine Magnetic Lands did really love Kai and Noel together I willefinitely read from this author Big beautiful woman can be loved too This is a very cool book about an romance between an black woman and an Asian man Ever with people working against them they are to find their happy ever after 35 stars Hmmmm overall this was a pretty good book I would not usually read a book with less then 200 pages because they feel rushed but the author id a pretty good job This book was a #little ifferent Korean star meets regular woman not in the #different Korean pop star meets regular woman not in the I enjo There are not many Black WomanAsian Man BWAM romance books out there nowadays so I was eager to read this one and I found it to be an exceptionally good love story The story is about Noel a plus size black woman and. Noel Wright is stuck in Sin City in a rut The Butterfly Club doing the same things and seeing the same people everyay until a sexy stranger ordering Lilith Enraptured (Divinity Warriors dessert and not just that on the menu turns Noel’s predictable world upsideown Kai a member of a popular Korean pop group lives a charmed and. Kai a K pop I #liked the fact that both of these people had strong characters even though Noel had #the fact that both of these people had strong characters even though Noel had to through her insecurities about her looks and her job as a waitress The K pop group was strictly managed which created problems for Kai and Noel to find alone time without interference More importantly Noel believed that in the Korean culture there would be intrinsic bias against her as a black woman and probably as a Westerner too Further she His Substitute Bride (Seavers Brides, did no Lovely storyI really enjoyed this story KPop music and Kramas are my great interests right now I could just see Si Won playing Kai in a KDrama or movie This was a cute read i really liked it unexpectedly the ending felt really liked it unexpectedly The ending felt I could not get into this book It was just too juvenile for me I have read YA books before but this one just Tu Alma ¿La Conoces? did not capture my attention Theialogue between the characters was just hmmm I J.M. Coetzee don t know I guess you can saysimplechildish If the au. Glamorous life surrounded by everything he could ever want and yet he feels empty and stuck A chance meeting at a local casinoiner sets his ordered world careening happily out of control as a luscious full figured waitress sends his closed heart into a tailspin When these

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