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[canadian literature Books] Kindle ePUB Until You Find Me By Amber Hart

Nd drama Instead you are dropped into an African rainforest and introduced to all inds of danger and suspense Of course there is still an opposites attract theme and a sexy leading man but it is so much bigger than two people hooking upRaven goes to the jungles of Cameroon to the habitat that her father devoted his life to saving gorillas She harbours a lot of resentment to the place that she feels stole her father from her and doesn t understand why he wanted her there He is dead and can t give her the answers but she is determined to find out Shortly after arriving she is attacked by the very animal that her father was determined to save and her resentment grows While recovering she meets Jospin and there is an instant attraction He is a native of the jungle and unbenounced to her the heir of a dangerous and powerful poaching clan that Agewise kills the gorillas that her father died trying to saveI loved the setting of this book and enjoyed getting tonow the characters The story is told from both Raven and Jospin s point of view which I really liked Hart s writing style flows nicely which made the pages fly by and I was able to finish it in a few short hours With the mystery suspense jungle gorilla s and the steamy romantic aspect I was glued to the pages I do have to warn you that there is a HUGE cliffhanger at the end that made me want to throw my tablet across the room I may have even muttered a few explicit words I want to now what happens next I need to now what happens next As far as I can tell from my frantic search the seuel is still untitled and expected out sometime in 2015 I can t wait to find out how the story will play outI thoroughly enjoyed Raven and Jospin s journey and I think I have found myself a new author to follow I am sure that fans of new adult will enjoy this story that digs a little deeper than what is typical of the genre LIVE 45 Beautiful StarsRaven s dad has spent most of her life in Cameroon working to rehabilitate apes after poaching attempts Her dad has been asking her to come visit for the summer but hasn t told her why when he is A Village with My Name: A Family History of China's Opening to the World killed by an ape attack Raven decides to move there for the summer and try to find out why her dad wanted her there in the first place Within weeks of arriving Raven is in the jungle and attacked by an ape She is seriously injured and out of commission for weeks but decides to stay and see things outJospin grew up in Cameroon and he is the heir to one of the biggest poaching packs in his area None of that matters when he hears a girl screaming he immediately runs into the jungle to try to save her When he finds Raven she is already being tended to by habitat workers and ape has been tranuilized She is badly beaten and bloody but Jospin is still attracted to the beautiful blonde Weeks later Raven and Jospin officially meet while Raven is trying to make weapons since they are not allowed in the habitat Wanting any reason to see her again Jospin offers to help Raven This is how Raven and Jospin begin to form a relationship These two are obviously from two different words and have nothing in common but their need to survive and attraction to each other Throughout the story Raven begins to find herself She has been so angry Angry that her dad choose the apes over her and her mom Angry that this love ended up taking his life early Angry that she was attacked during her first few days here and almostilled Multiple things contribute to her growth one being an ape who will only react to her Leahcim steals it from me after I ve taken a bite A smile plays on my lips He s hungry all right He s is just stubborn than anyone I ve every Anthropology as Cultural Critique known It s not that he doesn t want to eat It s that he doesn t wan to eat on their terms While Raven continues to grow so does her relationship with Jospin Jospin is hiding things and it is obvious but she gives him his space since she is hiding things too Jospinnows he shouldn t pursue anything with Raven he is the enemy and being with her would put her life in danger When the resistants becomes too much the two of them give in and allow each other to explore their feelings I think I m the luckiest man to be wanted by you I want you to be mine only because I can t stand the thought of anyone else touching you I don t Anyone know how to deal with that possibility I want you tonow that I ve never asked anyone to be mine and maybe that s not saying a lot to you but in my world it s everything I wasn t sure if this one would be a winner when I started it but I was pleasantly surprised I sat down and read this in one sitting it is told in dual pov It is a uick read with so much heart I loved seeing the development of both characters while struggling with their familiespast This one does have an open ending but the cliffy isn t horrible I highly recommend this one ARC indly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Going through my Kindle I have been trying to clear the old ebooks off it and I came across Amber Hart s Until You Find Me I remember reading her Before After series and really enjoying it Until You Find Me takes us into the African Jungle as Raven s father has died supposedly by the Full review at GenGen s Book Blog I received an eARC in exchange for my honest reviewI found a new love gorillas This story isn t only about finding love in a jungle It also includes how gorillas interact with humans and what they are capable of doing and I really enjoyed reading those scenesRaven travels to Africa to find answers about what had happened to her dad She lives in the habitat where dad worked and one day in the jungle she meets Jospin and he offers to show her how to throw nives They create a friendship but they Boggs know they have feelings for one another very forbidden feelings because Jospin is a poacher someone whoills gorillas and sells the gorilla meat and Raven is g When I discovered that Until You Find Me would be set in Africa I was thrilled because most of us are always on the look out for diversity in books Then the cover came out and I Battleground Chicago knew I was going to read it because it had an interracial couple in it While I enjoyed Until You Find Me overall there were some elements that I wish had been developed For one the characters We do get tonow the two main characters in the book uite a bit but part of me wanted I wanted to be able to form a emotional connection with them which never really happened I never understood their motivations which ended up hindering my enjoyment of the book Secondly the romance Because of my inability to connect with the characters I was also unable to connect with the romance in any way It was a little too fast for my liking felt a little too lusty and the secret eeping on Jospin s side was a little infuriating It s one of those things I have a hard time tolerating in books What I did love in the book was the implementation of the gorillas I actually loved the gorilla scenes than the romance and part of me felt like the gorillas needed spotlight on them I would honestly have loved to have scenes between Raven and this one specific gorilla because they were very emotional However that part of the plot got rather drowned by the romance were very emotional However that part of the plot got rather drowned by the romance book also ended in a cliffhanger it wasn t horrible but i felt It wasn t horrible but I felt whatever the author wants to explore in the next book could have been done through this book especially because it s short Nevertheless Amber Hart has a very intense writing style that grips you from the very start and I ll most definitely be reading the next book. Less black market that is responsible for the dwindling gorilla population   Their fathers may have been enemies but Raven and Jospin forge a bond that goes beyond blood a relationship that is tested as Raven draws closer to the source of her father’s death Can she and Jospin bear the weight of the secrets of the wild and the secrets of their pasts Or will the rain forest destroy them bo.

Amber Hart ☆ 3 review

Until You Find MeWow This book is absolutely gorgeous Everything from the writing the characters and the storyline just pulls you right in Raven is an American who goes to Africa after the death of her father Her father ran a habitat to save gorillas from poachers and was illed Raven doesn t like the apes and is upset that her father chose the habitat over being with her and her mother While out in the jungle she meets a hunter Jospin They form an unlikely friendship that develops into There is so much to this story the endangered apes the developing relationship between Raven and Joplin the situation with the poachers and also Raven dealing with the death of her father There is some mystery a lot of suspense and a great love I could not put this book down I was not expecting to be pulled into this story in the way that I was The writing is magnificent the descriptions brought out so many emotions in me while I was reading This story is incredibly uniue and I have not read anything like this I loved this book it was amazing and I can t wait for the next book in this series I have to Bitter Choices know what is going to happen Highly recommend ARC provided in exchange for an honest review JOSIE S 5 STAR REVIEW I am not even sure how to describe what I am feeling after reading this book It was powerful and the topic discussed is a topic that is real today I wasn t prepared to feel all these emotions while I was reading this book Yes I read the blurb but it doesn t prepare you for what you are about to read The author did an amazing job with the plot and characters in this story I actually felt like I was in the African jungle and experiencing and feeling the same things Raven and Jospin were Please take note that poaching of apes and other wild animals is in fact happening and you will feel an intense anger and sadness when reading this story Until You Find Me was beautifully and remarkable written It was refreshing and interesting and held me captive from start to finish Raven travels to Africa after her father s death She goes there in search of answers What was it that happened to her father She is angry and hurt that her father spent his life in Cameroon working on a habitant for apes What is it about Africa and the apes that she felt like she needed to be there instead of being with her mother After a few weeks there she is attacked by an ape Instead of going home she stays She is determined to find out why her father wanted her to come for summers Raven needs tonow why he died there has to be a good reason and she believes the jungle is hiding the answers Jospin is the heir to the largest poaching family in Cameroon Their pack is the largest in that region While out in the jungle he hears screams and he goes to see what has happened When he finally sees the source of the blood curdling screams he is captivated by the beautiful blonde Seeing that she is being tended to by workers of the habitat workers and that the dangerous ape has been dealt with he stays hidden Jospin s father is the pack leader he is dominant and to the point There is no room for outsiders or mistakes he Bill Veecks Crosstown Classic knows Raven would be in danger by being with him but he cannot seem to turn away Raven is given her father s journals and as she reads them she discovers there is something the jungle is hiding and just how truly dangerous the jungle can be Raven and Jospin begin to spend time together as Jospin helps Raven learn to survive in the jungle He teaches her how to make anife fight and how to shoot a gun They are both attracted to each other and find they will make up any excuse to see one another regardless of the dangers surrounding them I m going to touch you It s the only way to explain us together Okay I need to touch you We can t talk here now that someone s spotted us I need to tell you something And when I tell you I need you to remain calm Do not run Do not scream We are bit the only ones in the jungle today Although Raven is trying to figure out the real mystery of her father s death she finds comfort and love in Jospin Jospin Blood, Milk, Ink, Gold knows he should stay away from Raven but he feels this overwhelming power to claim her as his and he will risk it all to have her I need tonow Tell me Tell you what Have you been with anyone else A Habitat worker Or anyone else No Be mine Raven Be yours As in belong to you Only me I wanted you for so long Raven So very very long From the first day I saw you Maybe that s wrong because you were injured but even then I saw how beautiful you were Are You took a piece of me then beyond just my weapon I wasn t sure where the author was going to go with this story but as I read on it only got interesting We see Raven s character grow throughout the story She develops relationships with the apes one in particular Leahcim When the truth behind Raven s father s death is revealed it is than Jospin and Raven can handle Raven and Jospin are both left to deal with the betrayal and dangers of the jungle Can Raven survive the truth about her father s death Will Jospin and Raven s love be able to withstand the dangers of the jungle or will the jungle claim two As I stated in the beginning of this review the author did an amazing job and I loved every facet of this book All the dangers of the jungle the excitement the self discovery between Jospin and Raven I loved the relationship between them and how their relationship progressed over time I can t wait for the next book to come out I want to see What Other Dangers The other dangers the of Cameroon hill hold This was an incredibly grown up NEW ADULT book I have read uite a few NA books lately that have just made me feel old with the way the characters talk and act UNTIL YOU FIND ME is unbelievably mature and intelligent I m not sure what I was expecting but I was pleasantly surprised with what I foundRaven finds herself in the jungles of Africa searching for answers as to why her father literally gave his life FOR THE GORILLAS WHO TOOK IT FROM HIM RAVEN the gorillas who took it from him Raven only in Africa a few days when she is viciously attacked by a Silver Back one of the largest and meanest gorillas in the area Determined not to give up her life to the jungle that took her father from her Raven begins looking for help and answers to what went wrongJospin is a poacher and heir to the largest poaching empire around From afar he witnesses the gorilla attack on Raven A few weeks later when she returns to the jungle Jospin can t resist approaching her Although he doesn t divulge his identity and secrets Jospin begins helping and trusting RavenThe jungle holds many dangers the least of which is the animals Jospin s father is a ruthless man who will gladly murder rather than let someone stand in the way his making money Rival poachers have been seen in the area causing trouble and stealing some of the animals That Should Belong To Jospin And His FatherFor Raven The should belong to Jospin and his fatherFor Raven the danger is losing her heart to a boy who is everything her father stood againstSo why didn t it get 5 stars Well it was written in first person present tense and it is just not my personal preference It became confusing when Raven would have flashbacks and they were still in the present tenseUNTIL YOU FIND ME has the heat of a New Adult novel and includes the thrill of mystery and danger It is thought provoking and I highly enjoyed it 4 I am a collection of broken pieces StarsI absolutely loved this book if you are looking for uniue characters in an unusual setting with a writing style that borders on lyrical then you are really going to enjoy Until You Find Me. Amber Hart pushes contemporary romance to its wildest limits in this heart pounding novel the story of a girl who travels to Africa to protect the legacy of one man and stays for the love of another   Raven Moore a twenty year old college student from Michigan feels out of place in the beautiful treacherous jungles of Cameroon staying in the habitat where her father gave his life to help Amber Hart is a new author on my reading list but after reading the first part of Raven and Jospin s story I am pretty sure that won t be the case going forwardShe is different where everything else looks the sameI didn t really have any expectations going into this book the synopsis offered something completely different the characters aren t your average young twenty something s and the setting namely the Cameroon Jungle is certainly not somewhere I have visited in person or my imagination before Raven is staying at the Heart for Habitat Gorilla Sanctuary trying to come to terms with and ultimately understand why her father dies Dealing with her grief a vicious gorilla attack that has left her scarred and scared as well as trying to understand just what it exactly was that Mikhail Bakhtin kept her dad from her life and from missing her childhood yearsYou canind of see where parts of this story is going to go as it develops Jospin epitomizes everything Raven shouldn t want and Raven is everything that Jospin should avoid but it is so beautifully written that you can t help but get lost in their adventure With them both Carnival keeping secrets from each other andnowing only the basic background information their time together focuses purely on the now and the stolen moments that they manage to spend with each other as well as the uniue circumstances that they find themselves in It seems I ve grossly underestimated your determination This book is full of suspense surprising twists and a really good plot line the diversity of the characters and the location that everything takes place in offers a refreshing and unusual read I am a total sucker for animals in my book so Leahcim the gorilla and Raven s interactions with him added even enjoyment to my overall reading pleasureGreat news is I have the second part of this couples story lined up to read next Captured by You promises to be as exciting as its predecessor what with the tables turning on pretty much everything Raven and Jospin have been through together and their lives in general so farARC generously provided via Netgalley and it was an absolute pleasure to provide the above honest review I received a copy of this from the author in exchange for an honest reviewReview can be found hereI really really enjoyed Before You by Amber Hart so I was super stoked about reading this I love that multiracial couples are an integral part of her stories because you don t find many of them in books or maybe I m just reading the wrong ones I think it s a good thing indeed And this was so goodRating 4 Wild StarsThis book was told in double POVs which I absolutely love when it comes to my contemporaries Actually this is a bit of a romantic suspense book too as the jungle holds many dangers and secrets The two characters a girl from America and a boy from the jungle are forced to face truths they don t want to hear and left to reexamine what they thought they Citizens and Paupers knewThere is something uniue about Amber Hart s writing style that I love I enjoyed both of the main character s voices even though it was a stream of consciousness pattern sometimes that just doesn t work But it worked very well and it wasn t hard to switch back and forth between the twoRaven Moore hates the jungle She hates the gorillas at the habitat and she doesn t like the people who work there She s bitter angry determined to find whatever it is her father wanted her tonow She has a lot of built up frustration and rage She hated how the habitat and the gorillas stole her father from her She didn t get as much time as she wanted with him and Raven s too late to change anything But throughout the story Raven starts to realize that maybe she d been too uick to hate the gorillas and the habitat Maybe she d been too angry to understand why her father wanted to protect them too bitter because they stole his time and she didn t have nearly enough I thought Raven was a strong character and I didn t think she was misguided I understood her anger and resentment her determination to solve the I understood her anger and resentment her determination to solve the her father left her She had such growth as a character and I loved thatJospin Tondjii was born in the jungle Bargaining for Brooklyn knows the ins and outs of one of most the dangerous places in the world Henows its secrets and how to read every sound He s been brought up in an illegal organization that hunts the gorillas and sells their meat on the black markets It s a sophisticated organization that is run by the most ruthless businessman in Cameroon his father That s all he s Come In and Hear the Truth known and he understands that he ll take over the business someday But he doesn t count on meeting an American girl who trips his world upside down Through Raven Jospin starts to uestion his life and all he s evernown She interests him intrigues him this girl who can make weapons and doesn t fear the jungle Jospin is a little rough around the edges and secretive but he s protective with Raven He also had great character development as evidenced by his decision in the endThese Two Characters Came From Completely characters came from completely worlds yet they formed a bond that was as strong as the jungle They had such great chemistry Their relationship was a little bit slow burning a little bit steamy and a whole lot of fun to read about It was a focus of the book which I loved because this is a contemporary romance They both had preconceived notions about the worlds in which they live both were Carson Pirie Scott keeping secrets from the other But they developed a strong and genuine relationship even after everything that happenedThere were uite a few secondary characters but only a couple of them that had developed backgrounds which was okay The romance had a lot of the focus but I didn t mind I loved Jospin s relationship with brothers Clovis and Mattius You could tell that they were best friends and hadnown each other a long time Jospin and his father had a complex relationship which is left hanging with that ending There were a few people at the habitat but only one who routinely talked to Raven which wasn t for lack of trying Raven had a great relationship with her parents as evidenced by the many flashbacks and present day phone calls she had with her mamaThis plot was really really interesting I adored the gorilla scenes especially the one with Raven and Leahcim He helped her overcome her anger at the animals and was the reason she could finally understand why her father built the habitat At first I wasn t sure how realistic and likely the plot of this story was I Black Nationalism know nothing about Africa gorillas and black market hunters It was a different story line for sure but so very good And it felt authentic But hello cliffhanger Inew that Raven s and Jospin s story wouldn t be finished by the end of this but what a horrible way to cut off the book It just makes me want the seuel right now Until You Find Me was an intriguing and wild ride full of danger romance and steam It explored the jungles of Cameroon and brought to light the fight to save gorillas from becoming extinct But it was also about a passionate love that defies the ordinary with characters who had to learn that the lines between right and wrong are not so easily identified Original review can be found at received an ARC from Random House Flirt via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank youAnyone that reads my reviews nows that the new adult genre is my guilty pleasure reading I have to say that Until You Find Me breaks the mold a little bit You will not find a college dorm setting with brooding students and pasts that create angst Rotect endangered gorillas He left home years ago; now Raven refuses to return home until she unravels the truth about his last days   Raven certainly doesn’t count on crossing paths with a handsome young hunter especially one as charismatic and intense as Jospin Tondjii Instantly she’s hooked But Jospin is hiding a dark truth He is the heir to a powerful poaching empire part of a ruth.