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Damian (The Caine Brothers yAt this point it s become a clich She threatens men who do not fulfill these reuirements with some pretty harsh words Straight men would do well to ask themselves Do I want to be married to a Goddess or a bitch Unfortunately there is not physiologically much middle ground available for women Naomiou re seriously starting to turn me into a raging bitch with this two dimensional woman whose very fulfillment relies on a man s ability to remember her favorite flowers Another thing about feminism that really upsets her is that it broke the association of heterosexual female sexual awakening with dependency on man They do not acknowledge this imaginary paradox of feminine autonomy coexisting with our feminine need of interdependence She considers this the central paradox of the female condition because of Eros and I consider it the central delusions of her idiotic mind She explains that women are just addicted to love in need of a partner because of nature and also because some of her favorite female writers artists and activists experienced an increase in creativity and passion because of a sexual awakening Apparently she thinks the sexual experimentation of these women are because they acknowledged Naomi s Goddess Array and because they realized that they need the dick because of their ravenous vaginas Someone seriously needs to tell Naomi that creativity and talent are not sexually transmitted diseases that only hetero women can become infected by In case all this candle lighting and reading Anais Nin to Driven by Desire your crotch every morning isn tour thing don t worry she delves into Eastern Philosophy and Tantric sex practices next This is when we re introduced to the vagina whisperers One such individual is Mike Lousada London s very own tantric guru and special snowflake who fancies himself a vagina healer Naomi seems to consider him to be some kind of champion for women and especially sexual assault victims because for the American euivalent of 150 an hour he will massage the knots out of our vagina s The Vagina MythJaclyn FriedmanSeptember 11 2012The American Prospecthttpprospectorgarticlevagina myth Naomi Wolf s oni worship isn t just silly it s dangerousThis summer Michigan state representative Lisa Brown was banned from the House floor when she dared to say the word vagina in a debate about proposed restrictions on abortion Just three weeks ago Todd Akin revealed what many Republicans believe If În excavator (Trilogia Nomilor you get pregnant it can t have been rape It s been aear of politicians trying to force women to have medically unnecessary transvaginal ultrasounds and personhood amendments granting one celled organisms rights than women as long as the cell resides in the woman s uterus If there ever were a cultural moment crying out for an impassioned defense of the vagina it would be now It s beyond unfortunate then that Naomi Wolf s new book Vagina A New Biography is such a failure Vagina A New BiographyBy Naomi Wolf Ecco Press 400 pages 27Wolf is best known for her 1991 text The Beauty Myth but recently has made headlines for claiming that penetrating a sleeping woman represents a model sexual negotiation and saying that rape victims This is a book that will make An Accidental Woman you uestionour faith in everything It is not good at all EDITEDI CHANGED MY MIND Naomi Wolf in general and this book in particular have been mired in controversy and showered with praise alternately I find myself somewhere in the middle I see its limitations and problems but don t think its entirely harmful and Wolf herself does try to acknowledge any flaws or biases her and her book may haveOverall I learned some things I m shocked aren t routinely taught to both men and t routinely taught to both men and and am confirmed in my suspicious that the Western mode of thinking and talking about female sexuality biology and chemistry is incredibly limited and often archaic in all the wrong ways However I am disturbed by Wolf s assertion that great sex is the key to a woman s creativity intelligence and sense of self not to diminish the importance of one s sexuality

*but the idea *
the idea if Poppet (Jack Caffery, you aren t getting some and not just any some but mind blowing orgasms some thenou aren t a fully realised woman obviously raises a lot of eyebrows and uestions and problemsI just wish it was couched as Wolf s own experience and exploration rather than as if it s devulging some if not universal than at least American heterosexual feminist truth Wolf has understood her body and found sexual fulfillment and that s great for her But it might not apply to all bodies it s a biography of her vagina and a little bit of science on what the average vagina might be But to extend it further than that seems dangerous to me in line with the same sort of narrow thinking that produced Freudian psychoanalysis and female hysteria So now I ve talked myself out of liking it at all Yeah that s right I read a book called VaginaNaomi Wolf and I have a complicated relationship The Beauty Myth changed my life when I read it as a teenager But then she broke my political heart when she became pro life after being pregnant Still I feel compelled to read her books based on that early and powerful influenceBut this one was a dud She gets two stars instead of one because she s Naomi Wolf but I really didn t think this was a very good book Essentially I felt like she couldn t decide between trying to be scientific or trying to be philosophical about the vagina She would start many chapters or themes with scientific studies and then branch off from there cite some Anecdotal Evidence And Then Say evidence and then say like it is too far fetched then to extrapolate XYZ and ABC about the vagina and then it would devolve into what I often thought was mumbo jumbo She would use science as a launching point for her own wild theories Not that all of them were wrong necessarily it just felt like she was using hard science to try and support mental meanderin. And deeply engaging book that elucidates the ties between a woman's experience of her vagina and her sense of self; her impulses dreams and courage; and her role in love and in society in completely new and revelatory ways sure to provoke impassioned conversationA brilliant and nuanced synthesis of physiology history and cultural criticism Vagina A New Biography explores the physical political and spiritual implications of this startling series of new scientific breakthroughs for women and for society as a whole from a writer whose conviction and keen intelligence have propelled her works to the tops of bestseller lists and firmly into the realms of modern classi. .

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And citing research won me over I was learning things about female physiology that I hadn t known And Wolf explores many of the physical explanations for why many women have difficulty achieving orgasm as expeditiously as men This whole idea of course is hugely parodied and constantly referenced in our comedy men just want uickies women need candlelit dinners and flowers and commitment and then there s some kind of punchline that is almost certainly misogynistic and sometimes also emasculating We re socialized to see women s needs as unimportant at best and weak or repugnant at worst without ever really stopping to ask why So I approve of Wolf attempting to uncover some of the science behind these differenc Why does the author feel the need to write a book about the vagina Because as many as 30% of western women report that they get little pleasure from making love Because bad sex is linked to depressionA lot of my readers who are in their twenties their first concern is about porn addictionPornography has speeded up sex so t I really enjoyed Naomi Wolf s new book Vagina A New Biography Of course I would I am a heterosexual male monogamist and a first class flake so I was like a kitten with a bowl of warm milk It puts me in mind of that song from The Sound of Music These Are A Few of My Favorite Things In a way I wish some one else beside Wolf had wrote the book then I would not be forced to acknowledge that much of the world thinks this is a silly book and most of the people who think that This is a difficult review to write I absolutely LOVE reading about sexuality neuroscience tantric practices and perceptions about orgasmic pleasure these are incredibly important topics We carry such burdensome beliefs concerning human sexuality barbaric beliefs that Naomi Wolf was very distraught when she noticed that her sex life lost its poetic dimension One night out of desperation she prayed next to the stove In case ou were wondering the stove was cold ironwood and completely irrelevant to the content of this book Bargaining with the universe and any deity willing to listen to her plight she promised that if she could be healed she would share the experience and what she learned from it with everyone else and she would make money off of it She really is self entitled narcissistic out of her goddamn mind a woman who seriously needs to get a grip an incredibly selfless woman The universe apparently had nothing important to do that day and made certain to remind Naomi that there are doctors before returning to trivial matters Turns out our poor writer was suffering from numbness due to some messed up vertebrae and needed surgery She can t dance like she used to any but her poetic fucking was restored at last A woman of her word Naomi returned the favor and published a book celebrating the very heterosexual vaginas of privileged women with way too much damn time on their handsThis silly and maddening book talks a lot about a vagina brain connection This confused me but then again my vagina never transmitted messages to me from my cervix so this was obviously new territory for me She tries her best to use some odd combination of science mysticism literature and cultural history to explain this to her readers She speaks fondly and nauseatingly about the painfully cutesy Goddess Array which she considers to be the set of behaviors a lover uses to arouse his or her partner All of this in the name of making sex pathetically romantic for feminism Science is not exactly my thing Since it s also not Naomi s thing we apparently have one thing in common The only difference is that she will insist on writing about science and while I am not perfect I try my best to avoid talking out of my ass as often as humanly possible So I will keep the talk about science brief so humanly possible So I will keep the talk about science brief so I don t end up looking like an idiot and uote a neuroscientist s response to Naomi s belief that dopamine is the ultimate feminist chemical in the female brain If that were true women with Parkinson s could never be feminists because that disease is caused by degeneration of the dopamine neurons If that were true feminists would be campaigning for the legalization of cocaine and crystal meth at least for women because those drugs boost dopamine levelsIn fact if that were true it would mean that those drugs boost dopamine levelsIn fact if that were true it would mean that most complimentary thing ou could say to a woman would be You sound like The Accidental Romance you re on crack Naomi Wolfou sound like Chalk Cheese you re on crack Basically the kind of science Naomi is prone to is looking up the definition of something and then jumping to insane conclusions to fit her cockamamie theories Now that we ve taken care of that we can go on with the rest of this scattered mess of a book Naomi has some serious issues with feminism lately She s got a grudge against second wave feminists Judging by her whining it s probably because they didn t fix everything for her so that she can stop having to think too hard about this ineuality shit Second wave feminists also didn t tell her the joys of having her boyfriend gaze at heroni to learn secret truths while she reads Fifty Shades of Grey Nope Naomi had to actually find the time to learn about what she likes sexually while dealing with the reality of an unjust world like everyone else and that was apparently something she felt she shouldn t have to do Another thing Naomi likes to whine about is the so called hook up culture because casual sex makes her feel icky I can see why Casual sex and experimentation really doesn t fit into her very narrow Goddess vision Naomi s views on sex are extremely wholesome There s the candles The expensive flowers ordered in advance that somehow have to do with evolution The reservations to the fancy restaurant The kind gentle words The Goddess Array and the Goddess Network For some odd reason she thinks that no other woman has heard of this brand of romance and intimacy even though. Erly enthralling and totally fascinating Vagina A New Biography draws on this set of insights about the mind vagina connection to reveal new information about what women really need and considers what a sexual relationship and a relationship to the self transformed by these insights could look likeExhilarating and groundbreaking Vagina A New Biography combines rigorous science explained for lay readers with cultural history and deeply personal considerations of the role of female desire in female identity creativity and confidence from interviewees of all walks of life Heralded by Publishers Weekly as one of the best science books of the Christmas with Grandma Elsie (The Original Elsie Dinsmore Classics year it is a provocative. Why is this book not a must read for everyone who owns a vagina and everyone who does not own a vagina but hopes to have a partner who will share hers The biology is important to Naomi Wolf s argument as is the chemistry but ifou don t like that sort of thing ignore it and focus on The Goddess Array What woman does not wish to be treated according to the Goddess Array If treating a woman that way makes her happier healthier and willing to share I mean her life not just her vagina then what man in his right mind would not be willing to study the Goddess Array learn it and apply it throughout his lifeThat said there appear to be doubters everywhere many of them women beginning with the female critic who savaged the book in the New York Times I turned to GoodReads and also found reviews by women readers here who savaged Vagina As if enough vaginas had not been savaged already What am I missing here Why am I so attracted to this book which others find badly researched badly thought out and badly writtenPerhaps at this point I need to establish my bona fides as a man I am a husband of 43 Doctor Who years father of three grandfather of 7 I was an infantry platoon leader in the 101st Airborne in Vietnam Since then I have been a bicycle racer a coach and a scoutmaster When I read Vagina I realized that simply put I could have easily treated my wife better making both of us happier throughout our marriage by making the Goddess Array a part of our everyday lives What woman does not want candles and flowers to be touched lovingly to have her man look deeply into her eyes and tell her every day how much she is loved and valued and how beautiful she seems to him What woman does not want to be taken seriously to truly be listened to when she speaks and to be treated with decency and honorWhy do American Men treat their women like Goddesses when they are courting them and then ignore them denigrate them and treat them like the hired help after the honeymoonMs Wolfe has her theories and they may or may not be valid but I found the arguments in Vagina compelling I have asked my wife to read it but whether she does or not I intend to let the Goddess Array guide me for the rest of our marriage or until she tells me to just uit telling her that she is loved touching herlistening to her lighting candles and bringing her roses I don t think that Ms Wolf expects her to tell me to stop I don t expect it either This book was like tearing the scab off a freshly healed wound It s been so long since I ve had to deal with the shittiness that is evolutionary psychology and then Naomi Wolf comes along and reminds me of just how terrible it is all over againWell let s do thisVagina A New Biography is Wolf s syncretism of Eastern teachings about sex particularly Tantra with Western medicine with a particular focus on the way women in the West regard their vagina It s the fifth book in the Banging Book Club an awesome monthly reads group about sex and sexuality run by Hannah Witton Lucy Moon and Leena Norms I have enjoyed all of the previous club reads to one extent or another but I don t think I can say that about Vagina What starts as a promising book about women s relationships with their vaginas kind of like a scientific look at the same ideas explored from an emotional angle in The Vagina Monologues eventually turns into a poor mash up of biological determinism and evolutionary psychology Here s how Vagina went from good to boring to bad to worseI was actually very excited to read Vagina for so many reasons I was aware that Wolf has been a source or topic of controversy in recentears but I had genuinely appreciated The Beauty Myth and will stand by the idea that it s a seminal work of feminist scholarship I was also looking forward to learning about vaginas because I Don T Have One And Men Don t have one and men don really learn enough about them in school I m always interested in learning about perspectives that are by dint of circumstance inaccessible to me It was with some exhilaration that I proudly read this book in public during my flights home from a work trip as well as in the airport lounge on the layover I wanted people to see a man reading a book called Vagina and if it led to any genuine conversations if I could help people see that there is value in deconstructing stereotypes about gender and what is appropriate knowledge for our genders then cool Indeed my seatmate on my last flight actually asked me about the book after we had already struck up a general conversation However at that point I was only a few chapters in and the book was still good and interesting so I was much positive about it than I feel nowPerhaps Vagina is so promising because of its context Wolf opens with a lengthy anecdote about a reduction in sensation felt as a result of pelvic nerve damage something she eventually fixes thanks to medical consultations and surgery She expresses her amazement that if she hadn t linked the disappearance of her rosy afterglows with a physical ailment she might not have discovered the problem at all During this period she learned about how the vagina is connected to the brain and it apparently awoke a deeper curiosity in her Hence a biographical look at vaginas I guess And I was totally on board because as The Vagina Monologues asserted a decade before this book our society Has A Hang Up On Vaginas They a hang up on vaginas They a taboo subject et beneath the surface so many of us brim with intense curiosity and fascination And I agree with Wolf that women have too long have been made to feel dirty or ashamed and that many of the modern standards of beauty tell women that their natural vaginas are bad and need to be perfumed made up even altered to become acceptableAlthough initially unsettled by the title of Part 1 Does the Vagina Have a Consciousness and its implications of far too much mysticism for my taste Wolf s "Zealous Commitment To Scientific Language. An Astonishing Work Of " commitment to scientific language. An astonishing work of edge science and cultural history that radically reframes how we understand the vagina and conseuently how we understand women from one of our most respected cultural critics and thinkers Naomi Wolf author of the modern classic The Beauty MythWhen an unexpected medical crisis sends Naomi Wolf on a deeply personal journey to tease out the intersections between sexuality and creativity she discovers much to her own astonishment an increasing body of scientific evidence that suggests that the vagina is not merely flesh but an intrinsic component of the female brain and thus has a fundamental connection to female consciousness itselfUtt.

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