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Virus Hunter Thirty Years of Battling Hot Viruses Around the World (Pdf / Kindle ePUB) author C.J. Peters – Kindle eBook & PDF

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A memoir told by one of the giants in the infectious disease containment lab and viral hemorrhagic fever space Overall an enjoyable read The chapters varied in their pace so I found myself skipping through some of the dull parts but overall I highly recommend to those who want the real story about some historic outbreaks especially those related to early Ebola and other hemorrhagic fever outbreaks Covers the Ebola Reston outbreak but without the hyperbole in other books on the subject Great coverage of the inside story of the first hantavirus pulmonary syndrome outbreak in the US caused by Sin Nombre virus Peters is first and foremost a scientist and keeps to the facts while injecting portions of personal narrative and light humor I found it the complete opposite of The Hot Zone which fuels fear with gory outright lies about Ebola victims liuefying in their beds and leans toward Hollywood script than factual account In particular Peters ACCOUNT OF THE DEMISE OF DONATO WAS BOTH A of the demise of Donato was both a recounting and an important lesson about safetyAt times the writing can be a little dry especially later in the book when Peters talks about former time at USAMRIID but this wasn t entirely unexpected of science nonfiction workAfter so many mentions of events happening up to the early 90s I couldn t help but wonder why Peters was fixating on this When I flipped to the publication date at the front of the book I was surprised that I flipped to the publication date at the front of the book I was surprised that first printing was in 1997 My bad I assumed I was getting something newer when I first purchased this but it ust goes to show that one should never Happy Family judge a book by its cover no matter how nice the graphic design That said the science in the book has obviously aged now and significant advances forward have been made including development of the first Ebola vaccines I am not suggesting that Peters book isn t worth reading but if you do want to delve into the world of hot viruses I would start here and then move on to something recent such as Spillover by David uammen which effectively predicted the Ebola outbreak circa 2014 Overall an interesting and informative read for those not already familiar with the topic I received this book as a gift many years ago and have had it on my shelf It was a timely read Dr Peters does a greatob of descri. A New York Times Notable Book   The man who led the battle against Ebola in  The Hot Zone teams up with the bestselling co author of  Mind Hunter to chronicle his extraordinary thirty year career fighting deadly viruses  For three decades Dr C J Peters was on the front lines of our biological battle against “hot” viruses around the world In the course of that career he learned countless lessons about our interspecies turf wars with infectious agents. Bing his early education and Experiences As A Virologist Eventually as a virologist eventually in Level 4 laboratories at USAMRIID and CDC and working with a variety of deadly viruses from hantavirus to ebola I recognized many of the folks named at CDC because of my years in CDC Atlanta and my work in the Public Health Practice Program Office Here is the last two prescient sentences from the book Maybe no deadly pandemic will occur But I wouldn t want to bet my life on it This book is a good account of what it s like working for the CDC and chasing after viral outbreaks around the world It can be a bit tiresome to read at time because there is a lot of prose but if you can stick it out you will learn a lot about the field experiences that come with this type of work as well as the hazards of being exposed to deadly viruses I ust wished he had left out of the stuff about his personal life and stuck to his professional life For people who want to know how the US used to go about finding and fighting disease this is a good read It is an autobiography so there are some dull spots where one wades through failed marriages and the pain they cause But that is the price of being a type A person who is a workaholic Work that has led to a lot of good science on how to handle hot viruses Peter s also goes into some of the politics that goes on behind the scenes that has led to infighting between CDC the Army State and municipal public health authorities He also looks down the road from printing Unfortunately his imagined scenario does not have the resources that he had in his last days in the CDC The scenario would not be known in the States until either the French or English r This book reads like a classic thriller at times interspersed with reminiscing from a top notch scientist who has seen some hairy things and dealt with amazingly dangerous viruses A great read that feels so fresh but was written over 20 years ago Some of what CJ Peters dealt with was so new and scary is still so unknown that it should scare the pants off of most who read this book I enjoyed this one and liked how he slowly built up to the ebola outbreak on US shores While we know so much about viruses and can seuence DNA this stuff is still so incredibly complex and we have much unknown to discover and Called in to contain an outbreak of deadly hemorrhagic fever in Bolivia he confronted the despair of trying to save a colleague who accidentally infected himself with an errant scalpel Working in Level 4 labs on the Machupo and Ebola viruses he saw time and again why expensive high tech biohazard containment euipment is only as safe as the people who use it   Because of new emerging viruses and the return of old “vanuished” ones for which vaccines do not.

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Virus Hunter Thirty Years of Battling Hot Viruses Around the WorldXplore in the world of virology I ve read this book nearly Every Year Since It year since it published and I still enjoy it The science in this book is somewhat dated but you still get an accurate account of what it s really like to work in this field I wish Peters would write a follow up to this bookIf you liked this book you might also enjoy Level 4 Virus Hunters of the CDC written by Epidemiologists working in the field The Coming Plague Newly Emerging Diseases written by a ournalist with a BS in Immunology Garrett is currently by a ournalist with a BS in Immunology is currently Senior Fellow for Global Health Back the Devil On the Front Lines with the Disease Detectives of the Epidemic Intelligence Service written by a ournalist who spent a year with the EIS Panic in Level 4 written by a Arvyndase (Silverspeech) journalist facts are sometimes exaggerated The Demon in the Freezer written aournalist facts are sometimes exaggerated Awesome book I have achieved a whole new level in my Bubble Girl secret identity This was a good book The book follows the author of this book a young man It shows how he eventually became head at USAMRIID When he was young his mother battled cancer and died a slow and painful death Though Peters didn t know it at the time that would soon inspire him to look into the medical field Peters decided to do work in Panama as a college student and became fascinated with tropical diseases A cool connection between this book and what we re doing in English is that Peters was in college at the begging of the Vietnam war He needed to make sure he had a The Magpie Lord (A Charm of Magpies, job set for once he finished the year so he wouldn t be drafted as a surgeon He started working for USAMRIID after a fried started there and when he was hired he knew he was going to stay He had some close encounters with very infectious diseases but in the end Peters was safe He felt it was important to keep helping the US battle with illnesses for as long as people are sick in some areas has a lot detail than The Coming Plague often too much ie the author s car they transferred the dead monkeys into in the parking lot in Reston Virginais red the details though are obviously from someone who spent 3 decades working right there in it less biology than The Coming Plague logistics and bickering between organizations both books reach the same conclusion. Exist there remains a very real danger of a new epidemic that could without proper surveillance and early intervention spread worldwide virtually overnight And the possibility of foreign countries or terrorist groups using deadly airborne viruses the poor man’s nuclear arsenal looms larger than ever   High octane science writing at its best and most revealing Virus Hunter is a thrilling first person account of what it is like to be a warrior in the Hot Zo.