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Hailey Abbott Read Waking Up to Boys

In the Shadow of the Crown (Queens of England, eAy you are While I was reading the book I reallynjoyed the overall theme and the message the story gave but I think the author should ve added about Chelsea and Todd and Bark explain how they met and talk about Todd and background information about him so we can understand his character better which would give the readers a better understanding of who he is Since this book is based on relationships I would recommend this book to the readers thatnjoy romance novels and mystery novels since this story has a twist in it that no one would On Such a Full Sea expect Chelsea is the daughter of Lake Tahoe resort owners She is also obsessed with wakeboarding Now that it s summer she is ready to take the wakeboarding world by storm and also hopefully catch theye of the boy she has loved forever Todd But the summer takes a few twists and turns and Chelsea finds herself hooking up with Brazilian Sebastian and Todd continues to hook up with

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girls Chelsea what it is she really wants and finally comes to accept herself for who she isThe main characters were Hello, Hippo! Goodbye, Bird! extremely annoying Chelsea was irrational andmotional and often acted younger than her age Todd seemed like a jerk playboy so I was upset that they Cannibal ended up together ALl in all it was a light uick beach read but notven upset that they Mastered (The Enforcers, ended up together ALl in all it was a light uick beach read but notven Man, Son of Man enjoyable one The setting was fun though I liked this book It was fun light andnjoyable Perfect for the beach or in between bigger reads Another good read by Hailey Abbott Reviewed by Taylor Rector for TeensReadToocomChelsea is a wakeboarding lover Her parents own a resort that is right on Lake Tahoe and she is in love with the wakeboarding instructor Todd He was the one who taught Chelsea her passion at age fourteen and now she is better than he is at his own sport And now they are competing against Alter Ego each other at the Northwest Extreme Watersports Competition that is going to be held in the resort s part of the lake But over the summer she meets a guy that likes her so they begin going out but she uickly realizes that the sparks just aren t there But Sebastian her boyfriend makes her realize something important that she can make a guy like her Will Chelsea be able to beat her crush at his own sport Will the sparksver fly between Sebastian and Chelsea Will Todd ever think of Chelsea as than a fierce competitor Read this fun summer novel to find out think of Chelsea as than a fierce competitor Read this fun summer novel to find out reading WAKING UP TO BOYS I ven wanted to learn to wakeboard myself Not my favorite Chelsea loves wakeboarding and she s had a crush on Todd her wakeboarding instructor for 3 years However he just teases her and treats her like a kid sister Sebastian a Brazilian comes to work at the resort as a tennis instructor He and Chelsea start dating There are some weak subplots about her over protective dad and her sexy half sister but they don t really feel fleshed out. N That is until Sebastian a hot Brazilian tennis prodigy wakes her up to the fact that she can get a boy But can she get the one she really wants ven if she's competing against him for the gold.

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I really liked this book I liked the whole plot revolving around wakeboarding I ve never read one about that sport before Even though i knew the main girl chelsea was going knew the main GIRL CHELSEA WAS GOING END Chelsea was going to Uncommon Wisdom end with Todd at thend it was nice to see her trying to make it work with another guy Overall I actually really Unseen City enjoyed this book and I think the writing was fantastic I definitely want to read by this author I have read a lot of Hailey Abbott s books but I think this book I liked since I did read it in one day It had lots of action with Chelsea as a wakeboarder Chelsea is in love with her instructor Todd who also taught her how to wake board She hasxtremely good talent at this sport and tries to prove herself to her parents and Todd I like Todd s character Art even if he was like a playboy but in thend he really shows his affections at the right moment I liked Abbott s writing throughout the God Is in the Crowd entire novel with comedy scenes andven learn a few new things about this Attracting Songbirds to Your Backyard extreme sport Even when she meets handsome Bazilian Boy Sebastian she is trying to make Todd jealous But Sebastian her boyfriend makes her realize something important that she can make a guy like her Overall the novel was great to read and I learned a few things about the sport andven fall in love with the men who were present in her life L ToddWill Chelsea be able to beat her crush at his own sport Will the sparks The Matriarchs (The Family ever fly between Sebastian and Chelsea Will Toddver think of Chelsea as than a fierce competitor Really LikedWhat I liked The chemistry of the characters between Chelsea Todd and Sebastian The concept of wake boarding teaches us about a new sport It had an interesting atmosphere at Chelsea s fathers Resort What I didn t like Chelsea s poor relationship with her half sister I wish it grew a little To learn about her sister The way Chelsea would think that giving about her prized V would try to get her mind off the person she was thinking of I had high Notes for the Everlost expectations going into this book because of my sister who had read it and recommended it to me I thought it was a decent book but I was disappointed I found it a little boring at times and I didn t really like any of the characters too much The beginning of the book was hardest to get through I felt like it took a long time for the actual story to get going which really annoyed me I think a book should be good from the first page As I kept reading though I didnjoy the story a bit but I don t think I d read it again or purchase the book I ve only read one other Hailey Abbot book Getting Lost with Boys and while it was not all that great it was amazing compared to this This story was so annoying The whole book Chelsea is a little sorry bitch to When I Moan (Vassi and Seri 1: Russian Stepbrother Romance) everyone Sebastian Sara her parents andven Todd All she cares about is how people see her she obviously has image issues and. My Summer To Do ListPractice wakeboard front flipHost late night island partyBuild a bonfireSeduce ToddChelsea's comfortable strapped onto her wakeboard on Lake Tahoe than laced into platform s. These are left completely unresolved in the nd and being the best at wake boarding I mean seriously in the Crush It! end when she tells Todd she just HAS to be better than him I almost threw my nook across the room What a jerk She completely uses Sebastian thentire time and in the Attracting Birds to Your Backyard end he s just not mad at her How ridiculous After the way she treated him she deserves hell And why was sheven with him I d say twenty five percent of this book consists of her wondering if she Deep Listening even likes Sebastian while another twenty five is about her complaining about Sara and her parents and the rest of the book is full of wake boarding and Chelsea doing reckless stupid things And you know what happens in thend She gets the boy she s always wanted and Bird-by-Bird Gardening everyone forgives her for all of her childish stunts Because that s what happens in life You act like a brat to people who treat you great you disobey and take advantage of your great parents you hurt others and you wind up with Prince Charming Great message Abbott On top of the once againxcuse my language shitty story line Abbott s writing in this book was just plain horrible This book was published AFTER Getting Lost with Boys and it seems as if her writing backtracked 10 years I ve never seen such a lack of character development in my lifeI ve never been this completely disgusted with a book before and honestly it is EXTREMELY rare for me to dislike a book This is the first time I ve ver written a review for a book where I had not one positive thing to say Poor writing horrible message ridiculously dumb characters there was just no good points I m seriously reconsidering reading any of Abbott s work 05 stars IF THAT The book Waking Up to Boys by Halley Abbott overall theme was mainly learning To Accept The Way You Are Chelsea accept the way you are Chelsea main character in the story always had a big passion for wakeboarding she has been doing it for many years but ver since her step sister Sara came along she knew that she had of a completion to deal with than just wakeboarding Sara was this perfect girl that would get all the boys and good grades which made Chelsea very jealous of her and tried her best to ignore her as much as possible but since they lived in the same house she knew that this wasn t going to be Unbuttoning the CEO (The Suits Undone easyWhen Chelsea noticed that Sara was getting all of the boys attention she couldn t help to find a boyfriend herself She knew that she would never be able to get Todd the wakeboarding instructor that she has been crushing on for years so she figured it was time to move on and find another boy When the author was writing this book I believe his main purpose was to tell readers that you don t need to change yourself just to impress someone or try to become someone you re not Being you is goodnough and people that truly do love you will accept you just the Padrilles or flirting with Todd the adorable watersports instructor she's been crushing on for years So instead she concentrates on winning this summer's Northwest Extreme Watersports Competitio. ,

Waking Up to Boys