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Grace is the perfect rich sister who can t have a baby Susannah is the gorgeous messed up sister who has already had two sons she put into foster care She cannot Susannah is the gorgeous messed up sister who has already had two sons she put into foster care She cannot herself When she comes home to London after a decade drifting in the US working as a tattoo artist the sisters decide Susannah should have a baby for GRACE CHAOS ENSUES WHEN SUSANNAH THINKS SHE WOULD PREFER Chaos ensues when Susannah thinks she would prefer keep the baby This book was pretty typical but I loved a few things about it First the attorney Grace consults is a crossover character from the author s prior novels I always enjoy that Second I love English novels bc the character are always lots wilder than the American chick lit characters For instance Susannah was totally whoring it up with her sister s BF s husband The BF barely even cared The spouses lie to each other when necessary and never actually come around to telling the truth which would only happen in an American book with a lot of soul searching In Britain it s like everyone knows the husband doesn t need to know everything and no one has to talkwrite about it There was a mom in a coma skulking around like an all knowing spirit I could have done without but she didn t show up all that often I also loved that the good smart sister wasn t also not that beautiful usually when one sister is supremely successful in a novel she has everything It was nice that the messed up sister had beauty even if it was totally marred by a million tattoos and piercings Awkwardly written Unbelievable plot Complicated family relationships and the obligatory misunderstandings lies and deceits Add a dash of the supernatural and ou are good to go Although they are sisters Grace and Susannah "have never really been close Susannah was always sickly as a child "never really been close Susannah was always sickly as a child conseuently had the constant attention of their mother much to Grace s chagrin Grace however worked hard and was determined to make her father proud of her She managed to do so and is now happily married to Tom and the pair have everything they could dream of Everything that is except a babyGrace resents Susannah for the way she has treated her own 2 children and the fact she s never been a proper mother to them Susannah sees the opportunity to get the power back from her wealth and successful sister by giving her the one thing in the world that she wants a baby But as they say The Defense (Eddie Flynn you can chooseour friends not Hai nhà your family What happens when the sisters start to clash again will Susannah keep the balance of power in her favour or is Grace determined to trump her sister once and for allI came across Tess Stimson s work when I first read her superb book The Cradle Snatcher lastear I loved how edgy and dark it was compared to some other chi. Like a princess in a fairytale Grace Hamilton has been showered with blessings professional success a happy marriage and she even lives in a beautiful castle What's Yours Is Mine

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Ck lit out there so when I was offered a chance to get a copy of this I jumped at it and eagerly sat to devour it one evening The gorgeous I jumped at it and eagerly sat to devour it one evening The gorgeous and black cover is incredibly striking and would definitely make me want to pick a copy up off the shelf and I think it looks a little different to other covers in the genre too As with The Cradle Snatcher some of the themes and ideas in this book are dark but they make for extremely gripping reading and I just couldn t put it down once I d startedThe story begins by introducing us to the sisters that are Grace and Susannah I really liked Grace at first she is successful happily married but desperate to be a mother I feel Stimson captures her despair at not being able to have a child perfectly and the way this is handled in the book is really good and uite touching in parts We aren t told much about why the sisters are on such bad terms until uite a way into the book so its a bit of a mystery but I enjoyed this because I was eager to uncover what happened between them to make the situation so bad Susannah on the other hand is a character I really didn t like but warmed to her throughout the book and by the end I really did like her characterThe way the relationship and the story between the sisters unfolds is really intriguing and I love the mysterious feel that Stimson manages to keep throughout the novel Just when ou think ou have guessed what is coming next something else suddenly pops up and has the book hurtling in a completely different directionWhat I loved a lot about this book was the writing style Stimson writes from the viewpoints of mainly Grace and although there are a couple of other chapters narrated by others too As well the alternate narration the two narrations overlap to show the scenario from both sides and this makes it so interesting because it puts such a different spin on it and I love this about Stimson s workThe whole feel of the book is very dark so don t be fooled by its beautiful pink and black cover It s definitely a wolf in sheep s clothing there are some dark scenes in there "And Theme Of Surrogacy And Adoption Isn T What You "theme of surrogacy and adoption isn t what Falling Through Clouds you be led to believe and I loved the twists and turns along the way I also really loved how my feelings for both Grace and Susannah change so much throughout the book according to what was happening and this is because of Stimson s fantastic writing By the end I felt like I d been on an emotional roller coaster with these characters and I think it all ended perfectly for how the book had goneIfou enjoy The Art of Acquiring your chick lit with a bit of an edge then make sureou get a copy of What s Yours Is Mine by Tess Stimson I loved the characters the story that kept hur. Ut the only thing she really wants her heart's desire is the one thing she can never have Her sister the beautiful Susannah has made a mess of her life Like Tling in different directions and the brilliant writing of Stimson which holds the "Thing Together With Ease "together with ease really didn t want to stop reading whenever I picked it up because I knew if I put it down I d be missing out on something exciting and often I was right The pink cover is gorgeous but don t think it s going to be a girlie love story because it certainly isn t it s much than that and I adored it As ou can "tell I highly recommend it and think it s a superb read "I highly recommend it and think It S A Superb Read Thoroughly Enjoyed This Page Turner s a superb read thoroughly enjoyed this page turner was a lot in depth than the blurb would have ou believe and involved than A Menagerie of Heroes your average bit of chic lit The story each chapter is told from the different perspectives of various characters givingou a rounded view of them It has enough twists turns to keep Mr. Fix-It you interestedI ll certainly be reading another of this author s books Chaotic read wow Very confusing and frustrating It s hard to like either one of the sisters because they are both so self centered and every time I thought one was learning a lesson something would happen that would put them right back where they started Which is where the book ended with the two of them right back where they started minimal changes It was very frustrating to finish this book but I was curious to see where it would go The first chapter of this book was terrific It painted a heart wrenching picture of a woman Grace whoearns for a baby and has just been told she can t have one even with IVF Then I got to the second chapter I simply didn t find her sister Susannah believable She was caricature than character When I discovered that the third narrator was their mother who was actually in a coma but had left her body to watch over her two daughters I really went off the story altogetherHowever I did skim and skip through the book because I was curious to see how it ended The answer is disappointinglyI got the feeling that Susannah was originally created to be the villain of the piece she s a moral vacuum she s selfish she s a nympho she abandoned her children and the ending view spoilerreflects that But during the course of the story we find out why Susannah is like that and we start to feel sorry for her and hope that she s going to grow up and build a new life with MichaelMichelle Instead only Grace gets a happy ending and Susannah is sent off back into limbo hide spoiler I found this to be an interesting and fun read All of the characters are flawed but that s what makes them real The story is gripping I m impressed by the author s ability to weave storylines around one another Definitely R rated but not in a terribly crude or unnecessary way A gritty convoluted story of surrogacy seen from several perspectives. Reverse Midas everything she touches turns to shit But the Fate puts Grace's future in Susannah's hands changing the balance of power between the sisters forev.